Not sure I need hearing aids - Audiogram shows Mild Loss


This is a copy of the Costco Hearing Test. He said that having flat hearing loss is uncommon.

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As I said a while back in this thread…you could probably get by with simple amplifiers $ rather than full-on prescribed hearing aids $$$$.
But I’m no expert.

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I have a slight astigmatism in my eye sight. Still I can legally drive without eyeglasses. Do I ever drive without eyeglasses? Never. Not only do I feel safer driving with eyeglasses, its more fun to see with 20/20 vision. I feel the same way about my hearing. Its important to participate effortlessly in conversations. I also love the sounds of birds, crickets and tree frogs. I can’t hear these these guys without hearing aids. Your hearing is not as bad as mine, but maybe its crucial you can hear everyone at a company meeting…or maybe you have a job interview with a woman that is soft spoken. Maybe you go on a date with someone that is soft spoken. At times like these you can’t always be asking people to repeat themselves. I’d say if you can afford them get them. You can also learn about buying 2nd on eBay. I only buy mine 2nd hand or gray market so I usually get them at 1/10 of retail. I also do my own programming.



I don’t believe for a second that your hearing will deteriorate if you don’t wear hearing aids. There are several causes such as age (it is normal for hearing to get worse as we age) and damage caused by environment (working in a very loud factory, or listening to music with ear buds turned way up.) Tell you what jakthebomb, cite your source. Many audiologists are simply trying to push aids whether you need them or not, At least get a second opinion before spending that much money. If possible, go to an Audiology department at a large medical center. They tend to be honest.



The theory as I understand is that with poor hearing we can lose our word recognition in noise ability. This is a loss of learning by the brain. Again the theory is that once you lose that ability it becomes hard to learn it again. The hearing aids elevate the word volume relative to the noise to preserve word recognition longer. Have studies been done to verify the theory? Don’t know…

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Over the air firmware upgrade (via Bluetooth connection)



Your hearing loss is more noticeable than you think based on what your friend said. Since you are working, I’d get HA so that you perform at your best, including ability to hear hallway conversations, in large meetings, and side conferences. Even offices can be noisy, and conference calls are difficult even with mild hearing loss.



The first question is: Are you struggling to understand?

That is where you begin. If you are, regardless of what value you place on the issue, it is an issue.

It has been my observation, and this is all empirical, no scientific study to quote or give you stats from, that most people want to wait til “it’s really a problem.” The problem is, if you wait til it’s really a problem, it’s really a problem.

I have probably heard from hundreds of people over the years:" I was doing fine, and it’s like in the last month, I can’t understand anything."

I believe the reason this happens is when that switch flips, and the auditory nerve begins to check out is when the “All the sudden I can’t understand” thing happens.

Hearing, under normal conditions is only going to shift downwards at 1 to 3% per year. Speech discrimination is something else altogether. When it starts down, it expands exponentially, like a snowball rolling down a hill.

One study, I believe it came from Johns Hopkins, stated that people with untreated hearing loss lose on average 12% of their speech discrimination per year.

I tested a gentleman recently who was last tested in 2016. At that time, he was told he needed hearing aids, and declined to take action. Now, a little over two years later, all the sudden he can’t understand anything. When he was tested in 2016, his discrim scores were 76% R, 72% L. When I tested him, his discrim scores were 44% R, 36%L. That’s almost 40% of his ability to understand speech gone in just over two years.

I guess my point is this: We sell a product that no one really wants, and most have convinced themselves they will never need. Don’t allow pride or ego to keep you from caring for your self and your hearing the way that you should be cared for. If you let your hearing go for another 3 to 5 years, the chances of success with hearing aids is reduced, and whatever benefit you get will most likely be less than what it would be if you take action before it “Became a real problem.”

Good luck.



My right ear is around 20-25 db from 200 mhz (?) up to 4 khz and dip to 80db after that. they said I didn’t need hearing aid, some of them did say that I needed it but their opinions are divided so I went for the option that saves money.



It is worth 5 times what you are paying, and I believe the results are speaking for themselves based on what you posted.

The benefit of acting on hearing loss in the earliest stages is that the hearing system, the ears, the brain, and the nerves that connect the two, are still healthy. Typically people who treat hearing loss early take to hearing aids like a fish to water. It seems you fall in that category.

The other side of the coin is that if you let it go, you will get a long fine for several years, missing things here and there, but mostly doing ok. But there will come a point, whether that is in a year or 5 years, where you will wake up one day and realize: “I am really struggling to understand words.”

I have heard it hundreds of times over the years from potential patients. " I was doing fine, and all the sudden in the last month or so, I can’t understand at all if there is any other noise in the room." I believe that phenomenon is the point where the auditory nerve has begun to check out for lack of input. Auditory Deprivation is what it is most commonly known as.

Good for you for at least being willing to try before it got really bad. If you keep after it, within a month you will lay down to go to bed, and realize your hearing aids are still on, or get in the shower and remind yourself you cannot wear hearing aids in the shower, but mostly you will realize that you would much rather wear them than not, because they help. Keep up the good work, and keep your hearing aids, you will be grateful you did in the years to come.

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