Not happy with Beltone

I’m wearing a Beltone Bold and it was supposed to be a power BTE aid as I have severe/profound loss in my left ear. The audiologist and I have been tweaking this for over a year and I’m just frustrated with the sound quality: watery muffled sounds is what I hear.

The audiologist used the Solar Max Pro program to tweak my aid and I’m getting more frustrated not being able to describe exactly what I’m truly hearing. I’m about to throw in the towel and get another hearing aid, but I don’t think I can possibly get it as my health insurance will only cover hearing aids every 4 years. I’m in one year with Beltone. Am I stuck with it for the next 3 years??

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Beltone hearing aids are made by Resound and they are good hearing aids. Clarification: Do you wear just one hearing aid? Sometimes the really bad ear can be tough to “fix” and having the other ear get some amplification can be helpful. Two possible approaches I’d try: 1) Ask the audiologist to start over. New audiogram unless done recently and new fitting with REM. 2) If that plus any tweaking is unsuccessful, as if they can bring in a Resound/Beltone representative to help troubleshoot. Next time around I’d suggest avoiding Beltone as you’re pretty much locked into them as other audiologists won’t program them.

REM? Not familiar with that term…

Real Ear Measurement. This video gives a great explanation.

When I have more time I’ll look at this video. Is there a listing of audiologists that does REM in Oregon?


there is no hearing aid that will get you anywhere close to normal hearing with the amount of loss that you have. It may give you recognition that there is sound on that side, but that is about it.

I would strongly consider getting a Cochlear implant. Most insurances will pay for it, or at least the majority of CI surgery now, and with time and effort, you could be hearing again.

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Please ask your GP for a Cochlear Implant consultation.