New superpower - Oticon Dynamo!

Oticon will release a new superpower - Oticon Dynamo with frequency composition.
In my opinion the rotary volume wheel without binaural sync is a silly atavism!!!

thanks for the heads up.

Yes, I agree that these features from Bernafon and Oticon are similar. You can see it today in Bernafon Oasis fitting software which can be downloaded from here . All parameters of frequency lowering can be tuned.

Widex mix all sounds into one great cacophony (and Phonak’s Sound Recovery too), so this is not a best solution.

I hope this is not from hearsay, if it is you owe it to yourself to confirm that’s this is true.

It is true that Widex just takes the frequency range and lowers it. But its efficacy is very subjective. Even according to Widex. Some people will love it and some people will hate it. And in MOST cases, you wouldn’t want to use it anyway if it is avoidable, but it is a tool in the box for those occasions when it will benefit.

New press release:

I hate these volume control wheels!!! They look very strange at modern hearing aids, overall design looks as dinosaur.

Dynamo has a less power at high frequencies than Chili… Very frustrating! It seems that Resound Enzo(2) will be a better choice for me but not Dynamo.

That won’t matter. The sound processing ability will make a bigger difference than a few dB of high frequency amplification.

Agree, but new shortcoming found - when Speech Rescue turned on in Dynamo SP10, many features do not work at this time (Spatial noise reduction, Power bass, Music widening, Voice priority and sudden sounds suppression). So when Speech Rescue is turned on, Dynamo 10 become same as Dynamo 8, and it lost its extended (and expensive) features. Very strange solution besides of analog rotary volume control…

The research showed that “speech rescue” or frequency lowering is only worthwhile for a small percentage of people, and all of those things you just mentioned are no longer beneficial when you lower sounds out of those high frequencies. So if you are one of the people who would benefit from frequency lowering, then you won’t miss those things. But you will have Free Focus Premium, Youmatic Premium, and access to 2 additional DSE personal profiles and one additional fitting band.

No, Justin, I found a different answer - it is because of “significant resources are used within the instrument to drive this advanced algorithm”. Read here page 14, answer 24

Just on the point about the volume wheel. It might look like a throwback to older designs, but where the patient is either too young or incapable of setting their own volume it’s a lifesaver for the carers involved. Just because you happen to be sufficiently compus mentus to set your own volume level with buttons, don’t assume that all patients are so lucky. Manual dexterity issues with buttons aren’t as rare as you might imagine.

Do you think that all people who have a dexterity problems are only superpower hearing aid users? Who are the target audience of Power Plus hearing aids (with “seesaw” double volume control button)?
I will be defeated when I will see a MFI (or any other Bluetooth compatible) hearing aid with volume control wheel :smiley:

It’s not that, but don’t forget the sorts of market where the NHS buys a high volume of one product type. V/C wheels are often preferred in that case. I’ve just bought a set of the push-button ones for a customer - I agree its a better option.

The two answers don’t appear to be mutually exclusive.

I agree that it makes no sense to turn off binaural noise management and impulse noise reduction because you’re using frequency lowering. It points to a lack of processing power in Oticon’s platform. You see this with Bernafon and Sonic products as well since they use the same chip. Turning on reverb reduction disables impulse noise reduction and vice versa.

I’ve just placed an order with my audi for a pair of Dynamo SP10’s. I’m currently wearing a set of Phonak Q90’s and previous to that had the Oticon Chili SP-9’s. I’m really hoping the speech rescue / speech guard technology helps me catch those words I miss (and then scramble to try to reconstruct sentences with missing words).

I’ll be the first customer with Dynamo’s at my Audi in Canada. Are there any suggestions for programming hints or options I should make sure are on (or off)? I’ll also be getting a streamer pro with the aids. There is certainly a metric ton of features in these aids!


I am oticon safari aids (dont ask me why NHS in the UK supplies us deaf adults with pediatric aids!)

Anyway I am happy with my safari aids. I am wondering if anyone ha the new dynamo (or sensei!) superpowers on the NHS yet?



Yep, you and Russian are right, and it makes sense. My information has been updated since the product launch, as I had been going on quite outdated and general info provided during product trials. They don’t always give us all the accurate technical details prior to product launch. They just give us a pile of devices and then answer our questions off the cuff as we come up with them.

Live and learn.

This forum was very helpful for me 4 years ago, especially some folks like Um Bongo. This time around, I have found Rasmus and Justin’s posts to be very helpful.

Back then I purchased a set of Agil Power Pros. They were good but have been less helpful recently and an audiogram shows my hearing has worsened: it is now severe to profound. The numbers in my signature are old; I hope to post new numbers soon.

I have a long time Audiologist but she has been a bit distracted a bit. I have tested three hearing aids:

  1. Resound Enzo - Absolutely fantastic with the iPhone, in a car, for TV, and in outdoors/wind. Lousy in noise. Only decent in quiet.

  2. Oticon Dynamo - Lousy in everything above but very good in noise. They were adjusted for me and got better but the sound quality is still raspy and the volume wheel seems prehistoric. It does not provide the precision of digital buttons

  3. Oticon Alta2 Pro - They seemed incrementally better in all areas from my Agil Pros. But my trial got cut off because my Audi convinced me that they just did not have enough power for my probable continued hearing deterioration. So, returned to trialing the other two. She said my audiogram results show that I qualify for insurance for a cochlear implant. But I want to push that off if I can.

Any thoughts?

Are the Alta2 Pros the best I can do for now? Will the Oticon OPN come out in power BTE any time soon?