New Rexton hearing aid coming out at Costco

I guess this is the Signia with the new AI technology.

Looks good, any takers?


Yes, I’ve ordered a pair. No AI technology AFAIK. They have what Rexton calls Multi-Voice Focus technology, which Signia calls Real Time Conversation Enhancement. The processing is different but the benefit is supposed to be the same as the new technology in the Oticon Intent. Here is a white paper from Signia, which explains it:


Hey Billgem. Sounds like you ordered the Rexton Reach from Costco. May I ask the location of your Costco? Thanks.

The Hearing Club just released this on the Rexton Reach! Released 1 hour ago.


So that’s a price drop as well! man the clinics are getting squeezed!


I’m in Connecticut. There are 8 Costcos instate. Some gave longer wait times than others. I’ve gotten very good service at the Manchester/South Windsor store.

“Rexton Reach Launch Postponed Until Further Notice”. See The Hearing Club’s latest video

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Tell me more. I have an appointment to be fitted with my new Reaches tomorrow and I haven’t received a phone call to postpone that appointment.

Great review, @RSW. I was surprised to hear him identify connectivity issues with the app on the previous generation Bi-Cores. I have a really crappy phone and I did experience connectivity issues repeatedly during a 60-day Phonak trial. But I did not experience that problem during my trial with Rexton Bi-Cores despite the crappy phone, and my Costco HIS tells me that 70% of the hearing aids they sell and fit are Rextons. It doesn’t make sense that they would be doing this if they had the level of problems which he describes with the Bi-Cores. I’m not disagreeing with Brian, but I am questioning whether the problem was wide spread.

It may depend on which operating system your phone uses, and how up-to-date it is. Plus, if one is using Android, having the background battery usage off for the app make cause some Bluetooth connection issues.

I don’t know what the breakdown is at my local Costco, but when I bought the Philips the fitter didn’t mention the Rextons. You don’t read much about them here. So either Costco doesn’t sell many or they are that good.

She did say that they where having issues getting support from the Jabra folks.

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Yes, @user990, I have found that different Costco stores seem to favor different hearing aids. When I first started wearing hearing aids about 8 or 9 years ago, one Costco near me favored Phonak while another was pushing Bernafon.

Rexton reliability seems very suspect

In what way, they are rebranded Signia models, so should be as reliable as any others.


Certainly as reliable as Signia, given that they are in fact a Signia hearing aid, just with a different name printed on the side. As a part of WSA, they should be as reliable as Widex, which is another branch of the same company and built to the same standard.

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The reviewer stated that Costco sell only premium devices, so would their model be the equivalent of the Reach 80 that retails for ÂŁ2995 ($3800) a pair in the UK?

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Yep, premium only, which is a good thing!


I confirmed with a local Costco that the Reach has temporarily been pulled. They have been told that there is a programming error in the software and they are waiting for the fix.

Brian’s speculation on his Hearing Club video that a problem was detected once people at Costco started to fit them doesn’t make any sense. First, Costco employees weren’t even able to order them until last Wednesday and it takes 3-4 days for them to be received in the store before they can be fitted. That makes this past Saturday the earliest that they could have started to fit customers. But many Costcos are backed up for months, so only a small percent of the stores could have begun fitting them. Despite Costcos volume, the actual numbers are fairly small.

Second, the Rexton Reach is not new on the market; it’s just new at Costco. It was launched in Europe back in February, literally 4 months ago, and it was launched here in the US to private audiologists in March, 3 months ago. It has literally been available all over the world for months now. So, if there was some kind of bug or design flaw that has recently been discovered, it’s not being discovered because they’ve been released at Costco. There’s been plenty of time for a defect to have shown up elsewhere.

There is no doubt that there’s some issue which needs to be addressed, but this happens with electronics all the time. I don’t believe that it says anything about Rexton’s reliability.

Here’s the Hearing Club video announcing the postponement:


From this site. Just search “Rexton Problems”…

When I searched Rexton problems, with one or two exceptions, everything was at least 5-10 years old or more. And the few which were more recent were either issues which could be fixed with adjustments by rather Audi or connectivity issues which is true for almost every hearing aid, depending on the phone.

Then for the heck of it, I searched “Phonak problems”, I came up with an equally long list. I’m sure if I searched every brand, I’d find the same thing. Why do I think that? Because this is where people come when they’re having a problem.


You’re reaching here mate [pun intended].
Also, all manufacturers have their problems.

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