New Resound Linx2 - 9

Hello I am new to all of this and was hoping you all could help me out, I was informed by the VA that my hearing has gotten bad enough that I need HA in both ears now, they previously gave me a Phonak V90 in the ear model years ago for just my left ear but I got so frustrated with it that I hardly ever wore it. this brings us to now which I was informed that they would be giving me these new smart HA from Resound ( Linx2 - 9 ) in both ears so my question for you is when I go to see the Audi and get them set up what are the major questions I should make sure I am asking as I would like this to be a good experience with these new HA’s and want to come out of the gate feeling confident that I have asked the correct questions and gotten them set up the right way in order to get the best use out of them. thanks for the information you may have for me, also is it worth my money to go out and get the Iwatch to control the HA’s or just stick with my iPhone?

The initial settings will be based on your hearing test. This is the manufacturer’s setting and vary from one to the next. You should then keep notes on what you like and dislike. A good audiologist will make further adjustment to attempt to provide you with that. At that time you can ask for additional programs for noisier situation, auto, and possibly phone.

The iPhone will do a good job of controlling things without needing the watch.

thanks for the information, do you know if the app will allow me to add setting ( ie Motorcycle) so I can adjust them based on the different activities? I don’t get them until 11-22 so I am trying to study up as much as I can now. I downloaded the app but its in demo mode so it wont allow me to do much without being paired from what I gather.

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If you are riding a cycle, I would suggest you turn them off and wear earplugs so you don’t damage your hearing further.

Interesting… how much effort went into trying to get your first aid to work for you?

They called you out of the blue or you had a visit with an AuD and a new battery of test?

Would be interesting to see your new audio-gram.

Remember, same as most private providers you have a 90 days window in which you can ask to try another brand/model.

I went through a very similar experience with the VA (minus the motorcycle) just a few months ago. I got plenty of help in this thread: I don’t know if it will help you, but there it is.

The VA will also provide you with any of the accessories you might need. I highly recommend the Phone Clip+. Among other things, it has one button on the front which will allow you to cycle through whatever programs the audiologist puts in for you. Another button will mute the microphones on the aids. If you don’t wear earplugs on the bike, you can at least use this button to effectively turn off the aids.

You will be going back to the VA audiologist for follow-up adjustments. They may not tell you that, but they’ll give you an appointment any time you call. Expect a two plus week delay in appointments. For one thing, initially they probably won’t program the aids to give you all the gain you’ll need. This gives you time to adjust to them. You will know when it’s time to ask for more. It may take two or three follow-ups before they get you up to full levels.

As Ken said, keep good notes so you don’t forget to tell the audi what you need and to point out any problems. I recommend you be especially picky about comfort. If your aids are uncomfortable, you probably won’t wear them as much as you should. I wear mine anytime I’m not asleep - 16 to 18 hours a day.

The VA actually allows 180 days.

That must be new… anyways if you dont know in 90 days are really going to know more in 180?

The VA back in 09 is when I got my first one and no follow up was done as trying to get an appointment at that time was a 6 month wait. I called and got an appointment 3 weeks ago do to tinnitus and loss of understanding in meetings or when there is background noise I have to wait until end of November before I actually go back in and get the HA’s. in 2012 I had left ear drum replaced and a k-helix crown put in as well but this was done by the doc who invented the titanium spring as I do not trust the VA to do any surgeries on me

Hell, why trust them to give you $6k+ aids, accessories and supplies?

Am I reading what you wrote wrong?? I am trying to learn about what I should ask the VA so I can ask the right questions. There is a difference between getting surgery and getting HA’s.

Cue, the VA probably won’t schedule you a follow-up visit. You’ll have to do that yourself. Only you will know something’s not right. The trick is getting in and explaining the problem to the audioloist.

It really pisses me off when I hear or read about some of the crap the VA has been pulling. I guess I’ve got it pretty good. I could make the drive into Dallas to visit the VA hospital there, but I really don’t want to go into that neighborhood, much less deal with the massive operation there. Instead, I make a slightly longer drive in the opposite direction to the Bonham VA facility. It’s a much smaller operation and everyone I’ve come in contact with has been very friendly and willing to help. I’ve even exchanged pleasantries with a guy who was just emptying trash cans. He also was all smiles.

It takes about two weeks for me to get an appointment. When I find something I want to address with the audi, I make the appointment. I’ll invariably come up with a couple more items before the appointment.

Initially you said your first aid was a Phonak V90 however they did not come out until late 2014/early 2015 so I think yours must have been a much earlier model.

Just ask about the follow up process at your fitting. Keep note of any problems like the others said.

I googled the phonak when I wrote this today because I couldn’t remember the model and that one looked closest to it sorry for the confusion it was an in the ear model.

You can ignore Doc. He makes a hobby of antagonizing new users on this forum. Actually, he makes an effort to antagonize everyone, but he does seem to have a special penchant for the new user. You’re absolutely correct, there is a world of difference between getting free aids and being cut open with a knife.

Thank you. I was actually shocked and had to refrain from snapping back. Obviously this is a new world to me and I am hoping that once I get these HA that I will finally be able to have a conversation with someone at a restaurant with out saying sorry I didn’t catch that or having to turn my head so my right ear can hear what is being said in a crowded bar. Earlier I was told to use ear plugs on my Harley couldn’t I stream music on these while riding and that would buffer out the wind noise?

I agree the VA in Salisbury was a nightmare to visit and you used to be treated like a second class citizen they just opened a new clinic closer to my house in Kernersville and I was very pleased with the people there. The Audi actually spent a fair amount of time explaining the resounds and encouraged me to you tube them and find forums to get a better understanding of them so a 6 to 7 week wait I shouldn’t complain about especially if they do what is advertised.

Hey Blueballs… its simple if they have all these problems with the VA they can buy aids wherever they like. Also call BS on it taking 6 months for a follow-up visit. Glad to know where you are picking up your aids and even the date… good luck :slight_smile:

I don’t see any reason why you shouldn’t be able to achieve that, but of course we need to see your audiogram numbers. Do you have your last audiogram? Doesn’t matter too much how old it is. The crowded bar is always a challenge, but a good audi can give you a program that should make it tolerable. You’ll probably find that you need to face someone directly to hear what they are saying, but at least you’ll hear them.

Earlier I was told to use ear plugs on my Harley couldn’t I stream music on these while riding and that would buffer out the wind noise?

You would need a program that shuts the external mics off. And even then your not getting much protection. Depends on whether you go with domes or molds too. My audi told me how much db reduction I get when muted, but I forget the number. My workplace runs around 80-86 db. Sometimes I stream, which doesn’t shut off my mics, but does turn them down about halfway. Sometimes I just mute and that works out ok too. Don’t know how well it would work with a Harley. You may just have to switch to Yamaha. :wink:

Thanks skunkweed I appreciate your help call BS all you want because based on your limited knowledge of the VA you obviously have no clue.