New Phonak CeruShield Disks still difficult to use

My va audiologist told me that the cerushield wax guards from Phonak had been upgraded. I recently got the upgrades which have more indentations to grab onto spin the wheels. But it takes much forcebmore than I have. Possibly the only way to use them is to split the disk into the two parts, and manually line them up. I did that with an old version one and it worked. Any suggestions? I can’t get to my audiologist because of the current coronavirus situation because I am 86, have still somewhat mild Parkinson’s, etc.

Try using less force rather than more. If you press the disks together too firmly they don’t turn as well. If you have trouble with the thumb/finger shearing motion, try putting the disk down, making a V (peace sign) and turning it with the V (pointer on one set of indents, middle on the other).

Sometimes ripping them apart and clicking them back together a few times loosens them up.