new here, how do this work?

Hey everyone. im sander and im new in this world. im 15 yo and i have had hearing aids for my hole life. for fun i searched up all hearing aid bc i was bored and found out there was a hole community. never would have thought that. i have about 50 decibels loss in both ears. i have the SKY M50-SP, they are nice. its the first time having bluetooth and its realy nice. i got a few questions

  1. what do all the terms mean?
  2. is phonak a good company?
  3. is there anything i need to know?

Thanks everyone!


Make a list of terms that you don’t understand. One term you see a lot is HCP, hearing care professional.

Yes Phonak is a good company. A lot of folks like them because they use Bluetooth classic for hands off use of their phones.

If you are interested in hearing aids and general audiology, sign up for free course work at audiologyonline. You only need to pay if you want continuing education credits.

Otherwise understand that there is no best hearing aid for everyone, and the person adjusting the hearing aid is probably more important than the brand of hearing aid.

Keep reading and let us know what you think as a young person, as most of us are in the other end of our lifespan.


Regarding #3. Is there anything you need to know? It’s largely up to you. One can make good use of hearing aids by working with your audiologist and giving them very little thought or one can become a hearing aid geek like many of us and learn everything you can. Who knows, maybe even become an audiologist. Or one can choose anywhere in between. Lots of different ways to successfully use hearing aids. Welcome to the forum.


I am a mother so I must advise you that:
hole = an opening in he ground
whole = entire, which you should be using

Sincerely yours


thanks, seems like a fun community. even tho most people are older here XD


Is your hearing loss about 50 decibels across all frequencies or does it slope? I see you have the Sky Marvel. I have the Phonak Audeo Lumity, which is similar to the Sky Lumity. The Lumity allows you to connect to two bluetooth devices at the same time (plus the tv connector). I really like mine.

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Hi Sander (note the use of capitals in names),

Welcome here! Yes, mostly old, grumpy and nasty people in this Forum with a tendency to be bothered by sloppy writing (read lots of books to improve on this, or good online stuff like Wikipedia). But we are also here to help!

You will indeed need to learn to deal with your hearing loss, great you are in the process of doing exactly that! I recently got Phonaks and, yes, the Bluetooth is awesome- you wouldn’t believe the awful HAs I had to deal with when at your age- you lucky guy.



I can’t say much about hearing aids myself other than that I’ve also had Signia (previously siemens) since I was 3 (am 26 now) and that I’ve been supported by government support for the hearing aid selection and adjustments. I am just starting to enter independent hearing clinics and have also heard that Phonak are good too.

From what I have found, everyone’s hearing is different and so experimenting is important to find the right fit for you in terms of convenience and comfort. Best of luck.

Bluetooth has been amazing for me too. Ever since I got the Streamline Mic I have been listening to podcasts while out and about a LOT, and before I have always watched Youtube with Marley branded in ear earbuds with volume enhancement software. I am hoping with my next hearing aids I can transition away from accessories but I am not averse to them as long its convenient for me. Things have definitely changed from induction loops, personal FM systems and audio shoes \ boots.


Phonak has an Educational Systems Division that provides support for students and teachers. Phonak is a GREAT company.


You might want to check out the DIY section, it’s at the bottom under muted categories.
Do your research on general areas and then look at the product information for your aids.
Sky M are good aids ,identical in spec to the adult version with more interesting colours.


Stay in this forum for a couple of months. You will have all the answer. A lot of question ans answer in this forum. You are still young!


Welcome to the forum. You might want to post your Audiogram to get better advise from some of the more informed users here. Saves some of the questions above. LOL

Hi Sander.
Yes, I am older (71) but I received my first hearing aids when I was 15.
I presently have hearing aids from Phonak, which I love.
I will tell you that I only had one boy in high school that teased me about wearing hearing aids but it wasn’t much. All of my college life and working adult life, I never had anyone say or treat me negative for wearing hearing aids.
The important thing is to wear your hearing aids. They will help you in school and also help getting along socially as you can participate in conversations.


Older people were once younger people. They just have more wisdom and experience now. Take advantage of their wisdom and experience.


We may be older but that doesn’t mean we act our age. I consider myself a 25 year old person in a 76 year old body. I still hike the forest l trails, ride my motorcycle and travel as much as possible. Age is a state of mind, not a death sentence. Actually in the 10 years I have been retired I have traveled more and enjoyed life more than any of my working years other than my military service years, 8 years, which was my favorite and most enjoyable and educational years.


Age is just a number! Enjoy whenever you can…


Yes Dan, you are 100% correct :smile: I was out playing Lawn Bowls last night at my local bowling club, it was pouring down with rain! At the moment, I only play once a week, I am going to step it up, I certainly feel all of my 67 years today… Soreness! But, I managed 21-15 win, after a long drawn out game, mostly made up with singles each end, 15-15 before managed to peg the last 3 ends, with a 3, 2, & 1… Yes age is only a number, but unfortunately, it doesn’t come alone :rofl:


We cannot introduce you to everything in one topic. You need to read more about all the threads here and read the experiences of others and that way you will know more about hearing aids.

The Phonak you have is a good hearing aid, I also wear phonak hearing aids. You must know that if you change the brand of hearing aid, it usually requires getting used to a new, different sound. Each brand has its own specific sound. For some people, it is a shock to change brands and get used to new changes.

There are some things that are universal in all hearing aids, but there are details that are not the same.
Phonak SKY is a bte hearing aid, bte is the designation for hearing aids that use a classic tube and mold. Otherwise, you can also use RIC hearing aids, they are more discreet and nicer compared to bte. But I think RIC is more expensive to maintain, receivers those small speakers I don’t know how in your country but usually you buy a new one if it breaks. and new receivers are not that cheap. In some countries it is free and in some countries it is paid because it is like a consumable part.
Ask about a Ric hearing aid like the Phonak Audeo Lumity or a future series to come.


I do find fascinating how we carry on. OP hasn’t posted anything in 10 days and we’re still at it. :>)


Good point, I only saw this thread this morning and was thinking of contributing :grinning: