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I am 38 years old. I am about to purchase a new hearing aid for my left ear (I wear only one hearing aid). For the last 10 years I have been using Widex Senso C18+. I have tested a few models and the one I like best is Oticon Agil BTE Power. Could you advise me whether it is appropriate for my level of hearing loss or, if it isn’t, recommend something else from the BTE models.

My audiogram is:

Freq L / R

0250 70 70
0500 85 75
1000 90 78
2000 80 80
4000 75 90
6000 75 95
8000 NR NR

Lots of thanks!


Since you have used a Widex HA in the past you might want to consider sticking with a Widex HA especially if you’ve been happy with it. They just came out with the Widex Super that might be worth trying.

I’ve had good success with the Naida SP and UP’s but going from a Widex sound processing scheme to Phonak might be a pretty big switch.

I forgot to mention that I am from Bulgaria. I have tested Widex mind440 m4-19 but they told me they didn’t recommend it because it may turn out to be too weak for me at a certain point. I have been recommended Widex Super; however, it isn’t a BTE model but has an SP RITE (receiver-in-the-ear) of the largest variety. I don’t think it would be comfortable for me.

I would like to test Phonak Naida S but here in Bulgaria these models are hard to find.

Isn’t Oticon Agil BTE Power appropriate for me?

BTW, unfortunately here in Bulgaria customers can only test hearing aids for a maximum of half an hour, which makes it extremely difficult to evaluate them.

Looks like you could use two hearing aids. Why only one?

The first reason for not wearing two HAs is perhaps my personal sense of aesthetics. But also, I have never used two HAs and I am used to doing very well with just one. I feel it’s better to get one good HA than two of a lower quality. Unfortunately, in Bulgaria the health coverage for hearing aids is in the amount of only EUR 240…

Attention please!

Ask any Audiologist. You MUST wear 2 Hearing Aids. Expecting one ear to do it all stresses the system.

If you think the sound of the Agil Pro is best out of the options you’ve tried, then why doubt your choice? It has a reputation for a great sound quality and you are fortunate to be able to wear it.

Folly of this age is to try to get used to two hearing aids.

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Здравей Надя!
Както виждаш сънародници сме:). Моите прагове са с 10 дб по-добри от твоите. В момента нося един Agil MINI RITE и съм доволен. Купих си и втори апарат, но не можах да свикна да нося двата, голяма дандания е :eek:. Не ти трябва втори, излишни пари са. Опита ми е само с апаратите на отикон. Първия апарат беше среден клас, средна работа. Втория висок клас, но с граница на диапазона само 10 дб над моите прагове, пак не се получи :(. И последно с агила се родих :). Мисълта ми е, че агила е доста добър апарат, но от моя опит знам че не трябва да си на границата на възможностите на апарата . Мисля, че трябва да вземеш апарат с граница поне 15 дб на твоите прагове. Още повече, че като носиш един апарат той трябва да е малко по-силен за да компенсира другото ухо.

Аз съм напълно несъгласен с облечен само един. Освен това не изслуша, както бихте могли, той причинява другото ухо, за да намали способността.Имате ли нужда от очила и просто носят monocle?

Здравей и от мен :slight_smile:

Почти се отказах от Oticon Agil, защото когато го тествах имаше микрофония, която според специалиста се дължи на старата индивидуална отливка. Притесняват ме и техническите параметри на апарата, точно както каза няма резерв.

Наскоро тествах Phonak Naida S V SP , обещаха ми да ми го дадат за седмица тест, нямаше микрофония и е по мощен от Oticon Agil. За съжаление Widex, с които съм свикнала нямат подходящ апарат за мен :frowning:


Разбирам доводите, но икономическата ситуация е такава, че не мога да си позволя два слухови апарата от висок клас. А и ще стои грозно, не желая да се вижда, искам повече дискретност. За щастие се оправям достатъчно добре в живота и само с един.

Interpretation please!

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Maybe a better hearing is advisable to carry two devices, but such a hearing loss not convinced? And my personal experience is that my hearing in the ear prosthesis deteriorate faster than others which do not wear a hearing aid. And hopefully corporate interests in this business (two more than one):wink: is not at the expense of our health:mad:.

Your brain uses a signal from both ears determine the source of speech in background noise and the location of sources of danger etc. Wearing one aid reduces this function and increases likelihood of system atrophy in this respect.

You will also get a 3dB listening improvement by simply having both aids at the same level, which means that both aids can be set lower (with less distortion) and achieve better results, which may be quite critical if your aid is operating near it’s MPO limit.

A pair of ears seems to be a good idea according to evolution too.

It’s your hearing and choice though: but a cheaper set of binaural aids will invariably out perform even the most expensive high technology single aid in empirical studies.

kakaov писах ти лично съобщение, ако можеш го погледни.

I tested Phonak Naida V SP, the sound resounds. Is this normal?

You can have the resound feature turned down, your Audi can adjust it. The resound is a feature of the Naida.