New Firmware Update for ReSound Quattro's

Cant start with a fresh battery…its the rechargeable version :slightly_smiling_face:
Lynx Quattro 9
Uninstalling and reinstalling achieves nothing…tried many times :frowning:

What does that aid do when you put it on the charger?
Have you tried holding the volume toggle up or down for 5-10 seconds to see if anything happens? Then put it back in the charger.

The aid behaves normally when its on the charger in that it has a blinking green light.
Yes tried the volume toggle/hold trick…still no joy :frowning:

I am not familiar with your aids, just thinking.
Will the aid power up or down?
When you hold the volume toggle will the aid power up or down? LED change color?
Have you tried holding the toggle while aid is in charger?

That stinks! I once used ReSound Assist with my audiologist to receive an adjustment. I wonder if this update or fix would be something that the audie (or ReSound) could push to you through Assist?

I am would go with the uninstall and reinstall suggestions after you charge the batteries. If you’re under orders to stay home this isn’t a major concern right now. I wouldn’t think

Actually we we’re just discussing how this couldn’t happen in another post!

So it stops blinking when fully charged?
This confirms it’s not hard bricked but soft bricked, understandably not much use to you though if you can’t use it.

Can you connect it to the app while it’s still in the charger?

Yes it stops blinking when fully charged
Uninstalling and reinstalling the app achieves nothing (Other than passing some time whilst in isolation!)

When I view “status” via the app it shows right aid connected but not left aid.

Resound in Australia have been, as expected, useless without even the courtesy of a response!

So can you confirm that you can connect to the app “while” the HA is being charged in the charger.

Yes indeed…I can connect to the App whilst HA in charger

have you tried a reboot of the HA’s by pushing down both volume control buttons and holding until they shut down… and then reboot them up by doing same process… turn on your app and you can watch them turn off and then back on

So can you force a firmware update on it while it’s connected to the app?

pjmbarlick did you try to reboot the way Ureout has explained? As this is mentioned in the smartFit software as well.
Hold down the instruments button for 5 sec and then release, then press again for another 5 sec, to reboot them.

Thanks guys. Yes I tried the reboot along the lines suggested…and it made no difference.

And no I cannot force a firmware update…it wont work because it doesn’t recognise the left HA.
In desperation I downloaded the APP on my wifes iPhone and tried a brand new setup. It worked until got got to the “Recognising Your Aids” part and then said it could only find the right HA, and wouldn,t progress because it couldn’t find the left HA.

Its now 3 days since I reported this to Resound and still I have not had even the courtesy of a reply or acknowledgement.

I appreciate these are very difficult times for companies, but if they are going to push out a FW update, they should surely have some support capability to deal with the situations caused.


Does seem the firmware update to 1044.4400 for my left HA has brought the battery discharge indication more in line with the right HA (still no firmware update for right). Previously, the left would appear to discharge 20% charge about one half an hour to an hour earlier than the right (20% charge is ~6 hours of use with my HA’s).

The other thing that’s happened about the same time as the firmware update is that the left HA doesn’t always start having its LED light blink in the charger and the Smart 3D app also shows the charging LED lights being steady instead of blinking - presumably not charging. Removing and reinserting the left HA in the charger fixes the problem and then both the HA LED and the Smart 3D app will indicate charging is in progress. Don’t know if this has anything to do with firmware update or my charging case is just starting to crap out (dirt on sensors at bottom side of charging well? Very hard to see down there and do anything about it if it were gummed up).

Sorry your HA’s are not reliable, I got mine in February and like them. The only issue I have been dealing with, is that the custom molds are not comfortable to me. I even got them replaced, but still dislike them and can’t wait to take them out at the end of the day. Besides that, I find they make my ears feel itchy!

It has been hard for adjustments, as the office closed due to covid shortly after I got the aids so only ‘curbside’ changeout was the option. I think I am going back to open domes like I had with previous aids for comfort, and to get rid of the occluded feeling I have especially on one side (even with vents).
I do love the app, however.

Can you take your JodiVac to the charging well? How long have you had the Quattos now? How long do you think you’ll keep them.

The needle on the Jodi-Vac is too big to go into the microphone openings: it can only graze the surface of the mic openings. The audi said that gentle blowing of the mic openings with clean compressed air was OK - I’ve tried that with no luck.

Another weird thing is that fiddling with the left HA while on my ear will often temporarily bring high frequency microphone input response back - I think that was the same with at least one of the previous left HA’s that went south. Perhaps that suggests a loose connection in the device?

If I could get an HA replaced while grocery shopping, no big deal. Part of the complaining here is at least two round trips to the audi, the wait for ReSound’s processing of the problem, and the thought that asking for a replacement of a Li-ion rechargeable to be shipped in Texas summer heat given how hot the back of delivery vehicles sometimes gets is probably playing Russian roulette with long-term Li-ion battery longevity.

I’ve had the Quattro’s ~20 months and would like to keep them until at least until HA’s with Bluetooth Low Energy Audio are available and I also decide to get an (expensive) new phone with BT LE, too (probably not before 2023)-want a phone with great “universal” 5G, too, built into the phone chip, too. As I mentioned, the Quattro’s are great HA’s when they work properly!

I guess my last hang-up is having to ring up the audi and be the guy who’s managed to break his third HA in 20 months. My audi is actually a pretty understanding person but I just feel I’m going to the “what is this guy doing to his poor HA’s?” person …

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I’m impressed with the plan to wait until you’ve had hearing aids for 5 years. I’ve had mine a little over 3 1/2 years and am hoping to wait until KS10 comes out, but may give in in the next few months knowing I could return KS9 and get KS10 if I wanted to. I’m hoping phones with LE BT start coming out next year (maybe even end of this year–Pixel 5 looks hopeful) Alas, I’m likely overly optimistic.

I guess one pessimistic point of view is that with the end of the COVID-19 pandemic nowhere in sight, I am not in any big rush to go out and get new hearing aids and make possible multiple visits to an audi or even count on an audi being available (my current audi is old enough to be in the high-risk age group for COVID-19 and same with me). My hearing is good enough to get by totally without HA’s if I have to.

Perhaps I learned with Quattro’s and ASHA that it doesn’t always pay to be the first on the block to try something new out. I like large high-end phones with excellent cameras, high performance, etc., particularly Samsung devices (almost all smartphones I’ve ever owned going back to 2003 with the original Windows Mobile have been Samsung devices). And I don’t feel like buying a $1,000 to $1400 new phone just to support new HA’s. For me, the time to get a new phone will be when 5G and BT LE audio have been reasonably perfected and also when some newer HA models have a proven track record of doing great with BT LE audio. Until then, I will be enthralled to read everyone else’s report on this forum of “experiments” with the same … :smile:


Would you happen to know what you were fiddling with when sound came back?
Aids are not to terribly difficult to take apart for inspection.