Naida V90 UP vs Naida M90 SP


I’m currently using Naidas V90UP which I bought from Rick few years ago - they’re still going strong, thank you again! :slightly_smiling_face:

I really like the Bluetooth option which Naida M90 has, so I’m thinking about upgrading.

Are M90 SP even similarly powerful as V90 UP and is the upgrade worth it beside Bluetooth option?

I have Phonak Sky (Naida) V70 UP and Phonak Sky (Naida) M70 SP and I get better sound with the UP but I still wear the SP every now and again, more so when I want to listen to a lot of Pod Casts.

So you would say M70 SP isn’t as powerful as V70 UP?

Sell it to me if you have a new one . LOL

of course Sp is not strong UP. Super power vs uP… UP more than sP

I’m aware of that, I was looking for real-life experiences and comparisons…

If I had a new one I wouldn’t ask questions like this, I could test it myself :slight_smile:

Don’t think there is a vast difference in power output, to be honest @nidjo, I have Naida V90’s in pristine condition, I have very rarely used these! I also have Naida M70 SP’s, and Naida P90 UP’s, M70’s are backups they are powerful aids, but P90’s have much more features, so I predominately use these aids… IMO, I believe, the Naida P90’s are by some distance, the best hearing aids available at present for severe/profound loss, they are most certainly the best aids I have ever used… Cheers Kev :wink:


Thank you, I’m thinking the same about power output!

I agree with you - P90 are the best by far but I couldn’t possibly afford them… I’m actually looking at M90 SP in case I could find them for affordable price :slight_smile:

Thank you for your response!

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Yeah tis always a challenge when finances are limited, especially if you are in the severe/profound threshold… Sadly work wise, it is a documented fact, in studies over the years, you are more likely to be paid less than others, and highly likely to be overlooked when promotions come around your workplace! For some obscure reasoning, most folks tend to regard you as stupid, just because you have a severe /profound hearing loss… Although, I tended to buck that trend, by showing bosses over the last 30 odd years of hearing loss, I was as good if not better than my fellow workers, in nearly every job, I was promoted, perhaps I was just fortunate to be employed by fair-minded employer’s? Here in the UK, we are most fortunate, we have unfair competition from the NHS, probably the largest dispensers of hearing aids worldwide, these are free at, “point of service”, but in truth we pay for these via our, “National Insurance Contributions”… But, this drives down the price of aids from the private sector, if you shop around, you can get some good deals, I paid £2.4K UK pounds for the pair (Interest Free, payable over 2 years) for my Naida P90’s fully fitted, with custom moulds, by a fully qualified A.uD, tis probably less than half price in the states? NHS do dispense some excellent aids, but the actual waiting time is horrendous!!! Good luck in obtaining new aids @nidjo, cheers Kev :wink:



They only have 4 dB difference from my understanding but even tho they have the exact same settings on mine, the UP is a bit clearer.

Couldn’t tell you why tho. I actually have 2 x pairs of SP as I got them super cheap, brand new and sealed on eBay. They both don’t sound as clear as the UP.

Are you able to trial the M90 at all?


Sadly, i’m not able to trial them, but I don’t expect any surprises since i’ve been using Naidas for 10+ years now, this is my 3rd pair so far (V90 UP).

How did you found yours, by regularly checking Ebay i guess…?


Where are you in the world?

Yea I type Phonak in to eBay and check twice a day. Got 4 x SP for roughly £350.


Croatia, EU…
Sadly, most aids are based in the US.

That’s a great price! I’ll do the same and hope for the best

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I just changed my eBay to Croatia and I see as you’re saying that most of the Aids listed are from the USA.

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I see there are some Audeo M90 R models in UK and Germany but they’re almost exclusively RIC models, I don’t understand why there aren’t any classic BTE…

I don’t know much about RIC models but they don’t seem practical as you need to change receivers yearly, domes, wax protectors… lot of expensive hassle!


My friend bought from this place and they post around the world.

Although more expensive, it might be an option?


Thank you, but it’s out of my price range… I’ll go visit my audi tomorrow to get her opinion on RIC, if it turns out to be suitable for me i’ll check ebay for something affordable.
Luckily my V90s are still working great so it’s not an emergency, but it would be nice to get an upgrade.

I did get a Naida UP from them last December close to Xmas, they did 10% off if I recall :+1:t2:



What’s your hearing loss?

I assume it wouldn’t fit into this fitting range?

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looks like this in target