Mysterious beeps with my Phonak hearing aids

I got these Phonaks as a trail and then because of the quarantine have kept them without completely understanding how they work. Every so often, seemingly randomly, I hear three chimes. They are not the same as the two tones you hear when its time to change the battery. And I have tried changing the battery but it doesn’t help. I have not found anything in the user manual to explain it. Can anyone help me? Thanks.

I get three chimes when I close the battery door (to turn the hearing aids on). Sometimes the door gets caught in my hair and opens and then closes again and I get the chimes.

I have BTE Audeo Q by Phonak.

Do the beeps come pretty regularly?

If you have demo devices, the demo only lasts about 6 weeks and then they start beeping incessantly. It’s the hearing aid’s way of telling you to bring them back to the clinic.


Google search phonak manual (the space is intentional). You’ll get a long series of manuals depending which model you have been issued. Also, if you haven’t gone through the proper installation procedures to so.

Then visit/install the MyPhonak app to exercise all features and functions.

BTW: Three beeps indicates you are back in program 1. One beep program 2. In the event you you a third program additional tones.

Thank you. Would the programs just change on their own with no input from me?

The “trial or demo” aids will start beeping 3 times at 6 weeks. Member Droo did the test a while back. This could be your beeping issue. The signal for different manual programs and then AutoSense can be a couple things, default is melodies. I will take a look in Target to verify.

A copy/paste from Droo post.
Today my left aid has stared making 3 descending tones every hour.

Thanks. This sounds very likely. Is there anything I can do about it? I don’t know when I’ll be seeing my audiologist again.

If they are demo aids they need to be connected to the Target software to reset the 6 week timer.

Is it the same sound as the 2 beeps low battery?

No, it’s more melodic sounding.

I have sent Droo a private message to see what sound he got. Dusty has trial aids too but not phonak, asked him what he thought also.
We will see hopefully.

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If they are like my new Naidas, they beep when I close the battery door, they beep when I change the volume and they beep when I select a different program and it beeps when the battery is getting low. They also beep when they connect to a bluetooth device and they beep when the phone rings. You’ve got to understand that it is the way your hearing aid communicates that something just happened about which it is alerting you. It doesn’t always mean that you need to respond to the sound, just take note of it and respond if needed.

Three beeps for program one is is not accurate for the Marvels. On startup, they chime do-do-do-do-dooo. They will be in Autosense unless you/your audi have changed the default. If you press the button to access program one, you get a single beep (ding). If you press again, you’ll get two beeps (ding ding) for program two, and three beeps (ding ding ding) for program three. Then, a fourth button press goes back to your default (again, typically Autosense) with (ding da ding ding).

Ann - Find and read the user manual! Search phonak manual and select your make and model.

If you are really brave and curious get the ever changing MyPhonak app on you cellphone.

You have to do some reading.

Guessing you’ve got Audéo Marvels; the literature can be found here: Phonak Audéo Marvel Literature | PhonakPro

Direct link to the Audéo Marvel user guide:

If however you don’t have those you can find other guides by going to this site: Phonak for Hearing Care Professionals | PhonakPro

and clicking “Products” and then your hearing aid family and then “Literature” at the top right of the resulting product page. Once you get to “Literature” you’ll scroll down until you see files called “User Guide”.

Phobos - I too am learning about these Marvel 90s. I am about three weeks in. The Audis I use are jammed right now and my only appointment is in June. I have spent time however with Phonak Support via telephone. The questions asked by Ann are similar to those I had w/Phonak.

Question is: The TARGET program - is it sponsored by Sonova? Curious why Phonak did not offer it to me. Regards.

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Phonak Target is THE programming software for Phonak and KS9 aids. It is is only given to audiologists and licensed fitters.

Another source to get answers is on Facebook. Search Phonak to get into their messenger.

The forum has a self programming area that you might like.

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I’ve had mine since end of Feb; happy to help answer any questions if I can. I devour all the info I can find. Giant nerd. :slight_smile:

If you are a Facebook member try searching Phonak. Once there you can use Messenger to ask your questions. They have gotten back to me usually within 24 hours.
Good luck

Thank you. Will do!!!

Thank you to everyone. Raudrive, you are right. I called Phonak customer service and learned that these beeps are to remind me to bring the demos back. Apparently the frequency will increase as time goes on until they are chiming every 20 minutes. Yikes. The man at customer service said he could not reset them and he wasn’t even sure it could be done remotely. That seems unlikely but I am unable to get hold of my audiologist; her voice mailbox is full and the office is closed. (She is in NYC). Does anyone have any information about how this feature might be reset?

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