MyPhonak App Update -

Yesterday Oct 18, 2022 the IOS App updated itself. Seems to be just bug fixes.

I notice that when the update installs itself that any program names that I have previously edited (Eg Automatic to “A”) revert back to the default name.


Thank you! Much appreciated.

I just installed this update and I cannot get it to work with IOS 16.

Seems odd. I’m on iOS 16 and haven’t had any issues. Maybe try uninstalling and re install the app?

I’m using it with iOS 16 and Lumity. Works great.


It looks like my issue is not with IOS 16 then.

You have to pair the hearing aids twice with Phonak. Once with Bluetooth LE and once with Bluetooth classic. Try deleting them from the Bluetooth list, rebooting the phone and then go through the pairing process again.


Found I had to delete the APP to simplify pairing with my hearing aids.

That made me nervous…Phonak deleted the app for my Copilot 2 several years ago.

It worked for me several days ago–downloading myPhonak app again.

I haven’t had any issues since the app update. If anything it made me come to the conclusion that before the update it can’t of been recording my average daily use correctly under health

I hadn’t realised the Health stuff had been introduced for your Nova as that’s Marvel 70 tech.

@zebras it only records the average amount of wearing time a day and not the rest of the health information that the newer models offer and that appears under the health tab on the app.


Ah okay. That’s been around for a long time.

Just before the App, the software told the audiologist.

Called DataLogging.

The Junior App does the same.

Looks like Version sneaked into my iPhone recently. I only noticed because I made a change in Target and when I saved it the standard extra programs of Music, TV and Restaurant did not reappear, but stayed deleted as I had previously edited. In 6.2.2 they would always reappear and require an edit to Delete again. Unfortunately, even though I had edited Automatic down to “Auto” (to save space on the main screen), it still comes back as “Automatic”. Still, progress is being made. Not sure what other changes they may have made but I’m glad they are still continuing to find ways to improve the app. It is pretty good overall IMHO.

Problems continue with program names. When connected to music streaming via BT if I change the output of the music app from my HAs to another external speaker MyPhonak App loses all custom program names and defaults back to the original name (eg “AI” goes back to “Automatic”. I like short names so it is easier to see them along the top of the screen).

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For some reason any customized names (e.g. Automatic changed to “AI”) do not persist for more than a few hours.

Only correlation I’ve noticed might be whenever I Bluetooth my music app to an external speaker. Lord knows why that would upset MyPhonak. There is something going on between the two though. Now and then the music will jump from the external speaker to my HAs - hands free.

As I mentioned above, another “bug” or “feature” is when playing music from my iPhone to an external BT speaker sometimes, randomly, the music will jump from the external speaker to the L90’s.

Only way to prevent this seems to be to disconnect the L90’s from the iPhone (in BT settings).

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Updates seem more often than not to damage the app or cause problems with other apps then I like to think about. I will admit that updates have gotten better because there were times when updates could absolutely destroy your phone. Consequently I never let an app update automatically and I try to hold off on an update to see if there are problems with the new update. For instance on this forum, right now. An example was my phone updating automatically overnight so in the morning it was a disaster. Verizon replaced the phone. But when it was turned on it automatically started updating again. Control your phone. Don’t just update apps automatically and see if there are problems regarding the new update before you install it. Just a word of caution

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NEW as of February 28th, 2023:

MyPhonak for iPhone updated to version 6.3.0

Lumity Life HAs (Mine are Audeo L90-RL) FIRMWARE UPDATE to

Target software updated to


Thanks for the notice!

Anyone know the latest firmware for Audeo Paradise?


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I just updated the myPhonak app on my iPhone 14 Pro Max running iOS 16.3.1.

Works great. Might be my imagination but it seems to connect to my Lumity L90-RT hearing aids much quicker. Anyone else notice this?

The slow/long connection time was annoying so this is a big improvement.