MyPhonak App - renamed programs revert to original

Anyone else experiencing this problem?

For example if I rename “Automatic” to “Auto” after a day or two it changes itself back to “Automatic”. See example pics below.

I’ve had this issue for years now.

Latest app version (has been happening over many versions).

Latest IOS version (has been happening over many versions).

Lumity 90RL

I use a Roger On and connect to a music app and listen via BT etc.

Called Phonak - they don’t have a clue.

Nothing much on this board about it that I could find.

Curious if others have had this issue?

Some features in the app can only be permanently changed by your audiologist. That’s what my audiologist told me.



As far as I know, you can not change the original programs from the app. That has to be done in the Target software. You can, however, adjust one, and then save as a new programme, which can only be accessed from the app.


Ty Jordan and Peter.

I am referring to simply the ability to rename an existing program as can be done within MyPhonak…


Mine only gives me the “save as new” on the programmes set up in Target. I can amend those that are only in the App, like Restaurant though.

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At least on what I’m seeing MyPhonak app gives me the option to rename existing programs here…

Devices/Hearing Aid Programs/choose a program like Automatic/type in a new name and click Save.

If I rename Automatic to “A” it appears on the Main screen like this…

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The problem is that, randomly, the “A” reverts back to “Automatic”. That is what I’m asking if others have experienced as well. Seems like a bug in the software to me.

I did that; used the saved program and rechargeable battery life was attrocious. I had to recharge my hearing aids mid-day.

I guess it was something like a constant bluetooth connection.

To be honest, if a main program needs adjusting, I either reprogramme it myself (Marvel), or get my Audiologist to made adjustments (Paradise). I generally only check the app to see what programme I’m in


I haven’t had this problem. A few weeks ago I replaced the original names on all of the preset programs to icons and they have stuck. The only one I didn’t modify was the Automatic one, but I may change that to just A - this way I’d be able to see all of them at once.



Oh - that’s a brilliant idea. I just did the same. Hope the icons persist. Thank you for that suggestion.

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You’re welcome, glad it helped.
I like your ATM icon, thank you for this suggestion :slight_smile:

Here we are the very next day and sadly those changes have all been lost.