Myphonak app and bt connection problem phonak Naida M90 sp

Okay here is the situation. I got my Naida M90 Friday. No big deal been wearing ha for more than ten years. I have two phones and you can install the app on two phones. My active phone is the pixel 3xl and paired the ha to the phone and installed the app no problem. The problem lies in that the aids do not stay paired. App connect to the aids but no bluetooth. The pixel phone has the Android 11 up to date. This pixel phone was introduced in 2018 has had a lot of bt problems. I have another bt device that I have syncing problems with too. Now on to the second phone which is inactive I mean cannot make phone calls or text wifi and bluetooth work great. This phone is a Samsung galaxy s8+ introduced in 2017. Myphonak app does not connect to the ha but they are connected bt. The Samsung phone has Android 9 so I was wondering if anyone with Marvels has run into this problem.


The Phonak Marvel aids can only connect to two devices at once.
For me I only have one device’s Bluetooth on at a time. This has stopped all issues with Bluetooth.

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You are right about one device at at time but if you check you can have the app on two phones. And the app only works with the pixel but no bt. The bt works with galaxy s8 but not the app. So go figure. It looks like if I want bt aids then I need to activate my galaxy but then I would not have the myphonak app.

I only have one phone – Pixel 3aXL. App & BT and phone work in harmony 90% of the time.
FYI - Since the Pixel, unlike some other phones, can’t be set to automatically answer after 1 ring or 2 rings — I use an app to auto answer at the 2nd ring. Name of app is “Motoanswer”. I just leave phone in pocket, don’t have to touch it.

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Just to make sure, you did two pairing per phone, once in BT settings (that’s for streaming) and once in the app (that’s for using the app)?

Also, when doing pairing with one phone, kill the bt on other phone.

All pairings should stay, it is connection to regular BT that is limited to one. So, before all this, forget aids from all phones and be sure that only one phone has active BT when you try again.

Using the samsung galaxy s8+ today. Bluetooth working great no app though. Not sure what to do except maybe uninstall the app and reinstall it. any ideas??

Sorry got the app working now took a little finessing.

MyPhonak doesn’t find my Audéo M90’s on Android 11. They function well with streaming, though. So it has little to do with BT.

Is there a setting in Target that I have to enable, before myPhonak can find it?

I do wonder whether it has to do with the Google Services: My Hisense A5 pro cc doesn’t have the google apps installed, because of the embargo. The app doesn’t give a warning message, though.