My Oticon Real experience

I was fitted with the new Oticon Real hearing aids two days ago. I am definitely hearing better than with my 8 year old Signia hearing aids. I tried the music setting today and it had a pleasant sound. So far, the sound using the TV adapter and my IPhone is sounding very unnatural with very sharp unpleasant sounds. I used the companion APP to turn the high pitch way down and adjusted the volume with no improvement. I am hoping this can be improved in two weeks at my next appointment.
I am planning on getting an Apple watch but I thought I saw on Oticon Real description on Oticon’s website that there was not a check mark by the watch indicating compatibility. Can anyone weigh in on this?

That should ease as your brain gets used to the new sounds. I have been going through something similar with the More. I was supposed to exchange them for Real 1 last week but one was defective.

You will need the connect clip to connect to the Apple Watch. The watch is not compatible with MFI.

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I will work on that for that until my next appointment. I have never heard my washer and dryer in the laundry room running before and now I need to close the laundry room door.


I did not know that. It seems cumbersome with too many devices to carry around. I will probably pass on the Apple watch then.

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I would wait a week or so.
Perhaps they need to adjust the comfort level? To that of a new HA user to ease the changes.

I have worn aids for 20 years. When I first got my More 1 the audiologist had them set for new user comfort without trying another level. After a week, the slightly annoying sudden sounds did not bother me but I felt I also lost some of the features that helped me with speech discrimination. When I got my reprogrammed More 1 last week, they were set for an experienced user. I noticed sudden sounds again for a day or 2 but my brain is starting to adjust to the new aids.

WhanI get my Real aids, I will be moving from power domes to custom power molds, so that will be a further adjustment for me. Fortunately, getting the Real starts the 60 dat refund period again.

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I have the basic Apple Watch and use it all the time. With the Oticon ON app the watch gives me a good remote control for my aids. Now the new campaign app doesn’t have Apple Watch compatibility.


The TV Adapter and iPhone each have programing adjustments for sound quality, volume, etc that need to be made in Genie Software by your Audiologist. It is a separate step in the hearing aid programing. The TV Adapter defaults to your P1 program. The TV adapter has excellent sound quality when properly programed. The iPhone & iPad - you are able to select which Program sounds better while you are talking on the phone, for instance - but the Audi still needs to program.
My experience thru the years, is the Audiologists tend to skip programing the accessories, or not pay a lot of attention to it.
Maybe you can get a “Remote adjustment with your Audiologist thru the Companion App” for TV Adjustment and iPhone before your in person Appt. It may take several adjustments to get it perfect. And you want it perfect! Test your iPhone sound quality in person in the Audi office.
Thank you for starting a new thread and sharing your More Real Experience.
Hopefully it will stay on topic. I am very interested in your journey.

Two days seems a little quick to judge hearing aids, one way or the other.


It can take weeks to a month or two to get use to hearing aids when you haven’t worn aids before.


Any hints on where? I asked about separate adjustments for streaming and was told there weren’t any.

Since the OP had 8 year old aids I assumed they had been wearing them all that time.


I missed that but the first time with the Oticon paradigm which is definitely different. And I agree that there are a number of adjustments that can be made in the Gene2 software to help the issue. And I would say it can take a few days to up to a month to get use to the different sound from different hearing aid companies.


Disclaimer - I do not program my own (DIY) - I believe the menu for programing the accessories is located in the End Fittings.
This is an example - previously posted by Volusiano on a thread I started.

You can see the adjustments available for the individual accessories.

Prodigyplace - good you changed to an Audiologist with Oticon experience.
There aren’t many adjustments - so perfect for Remote if you are in the same State as the Practice, which I know you are not. I suggest you take your TV Adapter to your appt and find a TV to test the settings. FYI The 2 little circles between the right and left uncouples the aids to enable different adjustments for each ear.


This setting is very good @prodigyplace for phone streaming.

Phone volume can be raised by 9 dB.
Microphone can be lowered max of 12 dB.
Phone streaming sound can be made Fuller or Brighter.
Max Fuller just reduces highs by 6 dB.
Think max Brighter is lows -3 dB and highs +3 dB but not 100% sure.

Very good setting @Mago


The Oticon are definitely a change for me. I have worn Seimen/Signia hearing aids for 25 years exclusively. The sound was very natural. Before my EasyTek broke, when I listened using the TV adapter it sounded like someone was sitting right in front of me speaking. My audiologist is very good and experienced but she does not carry Signia hearing aids. I know this will take some adjustment on my part.

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My audiologist did add separate programs for the TV and IPhone. I will address the sound issues at my next appointment. I watched the Oscars last evening and the clapping was so loud but I still missed some of the speech. I think the initial one hour appointment is not a lot of time to set everything up.

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Your brain has likely not yet adjusted to hearing the new sounds from the hearing aids.

I am so bummed about this. I am tempted to ask for the More1 so I can use an Apple watch. What was Oticon thinking to remove this benefit. Carrying around the connect clip so I can use the Apple watch is a no for me.

I believe Oticon currently says to use the ON app until Apple Watch is added to Companion. Some people here have been able to use the beta watch support in the Companion.

It would have been foolish to delay the whole product launch for a feature used by a minority of users.