My experience with Oticon Xceed 2 demo

Hello everyone, yesterday during my audiology appointment, I was on Oticon Exceed 2 demo for one hour to see if I like it or not. Be honest with you, it’s the best ever and huge different than Phonak Naida B90 because the sound is like way more advanced digital. It’s like I can talk very well and hear clean bass at same time, music on iPhone by Bluetooth sounds beautiful and natural.

I have read another post saying that it doesn’t have enough power but I disagree. It’s very strong than Naida B90. Let me think of what I can describe the sound between Oticon Xceed and Phonak Naida. What I did hear on Oticon Xceed, it is like 100% pure and natural digital. For instance, someone drops the box on the floor, I can hear natural sound like clean bass of dropping box on the floor. Awhile talking, it’s natural and smooth.

Now with Phonak Naida B90, the sound feels like stereo and sometimes hard to hear good bass in music. I assume that Phonak rather to focus on conversation more. I am not sure if my explanation is clear but if you try to test on Oticon Exceed, you would say it’s kind of natural and smooth with conversation and of course clean bass too.

My audiologist is working onto get it approval for me very soon. It’s kind of sad to let Phonak Naida B90 go but let’s see when I get it, start wearing it and hope I like it a lot. :+1:


Could you show your audiogram .


Yes, if you could share bit more info on your loss, that would make your review more useful to others.
However, thanks for sharing: now I’ll go and take a look to the Exceed2 specs :slight_smile:

I am interested in the Xceed too. I was thinking of buying a Naida B90 UP. Please post your audiogram.

I’m interested in the Xceed! hopefully I’ll try them after 12/30

I’m interested in the Xceed too! Can’t wait!

You can still hear music ??
One of my biggest gripes about the Oticon chili’s I used to wear and these Oticon Dynamo’s is I can no longer hear music.
When music is playing, I can hear the beat, but cannot hear the music. I could not tell you the name of the song that would be playing.
If the Xceed will allow me to hear music again, I would be in heaven.
I REALY miss music.
Thank you for posting

Have you tried separated music program? It may help you.

My best guess is that you’d need a cochlear implant to hear music. I don’t think any hearing aid is going to cut it.

I had cochlear implant in the past and it didn’t work out due to infection and had it totally removed. It was really good experience but lack of bass. Most hearing aid companies prefer to focus on communication. That’s why I’m surprised Oticon did something new with this kind of bass on its Exceed line. I don’t know how they do that but the sound feels like I am at movie theater with Dolby Cinema.

:astonished: whoa! (now I can’t wait to try that hearing aid!!)
feck it, I need a new one anyways LOL!!!

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Tried that.
Still cannot hear music.:cry:

That’s what I have been told, but sometimes I read experiences from others who’s hearing is slightly worse than mine and they hear music. So I always question this. Cochlear implants are out of the question right now, but I still miss music, so I’m always looking. I keep hoping that someday, a hearing aid will be available that will allow me to hear music again.

I started a trial of the Xceeds this past Monday.

So far my initial impressesions

  • streaming for calls works very well. Most people can hear me even if my iPhone is on the table next to me.
  • streaming of audio from iPhone is mostly flawless. I’ve experienced some dropouts, but this could just be due to a poor connection from the source (noticed it when streaming one of the WS games
  • Clip on remote mic works amazingly well. My wife wore it on a 25 mile bike ride yesterday and I could hear her perfectly even with the wind.
  • Battery life is excellent. With the 2+ hours of remote mic use, plus a few hours of streaming I’m still at about 80% (according to the Oticon app).

Negatives? While voices are great - everything else sounds/feels muffled. I think it’s just too much compression, but not entirely sure. It’s things like - I’m not hearing cars drive by. Some impact noises are a bit to harsh, other sounds just feel/sound dull. Hard to describe.

On my old aids (Unitron Stride P) the only way to get me what I wanted in terms of sound quality was to turn off most of the automatic processing. As a long time aid user my audiologist figured that my brain was just used to everything all the time. I’m hoping with the Xceeds there’s a happy medium.


glad you’re loving it!!! (I am putting the Xceed on my Christmas/bday wishlist since my birthday is over the holidays)

There is another way but you might don’t like this idea. I usually create my own audiogram for my another hearing aid and to put x on flat line by 100 dB according to my serve to profound level then use it for movie theater or hearing some music only. It’s kind of annoying to make switch on my hearing aids. Most audiologists won’t do it because they will say “Why are you using this idea of your hearing aid to be similar to sound from brand headphones and you could miss some important sound.” I only use it for movie theater and then switch back to my primary hearing aid.

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Let us know when you trial the Xceed and how it performs in noisy situations. Does Oticon give the user the choice between rechargeable and throw away batteries? And if so - what size “throw away” battery is required for the Xceed. Also does aid connect directly to iOS smartphone or do you have to wear a “clip” for a connection? Last I checked I didn’t see much different with the Oticon Xceed and the Oticon power aid it was replacing. Hopefully this new aid is an upgrade.

I’m a little confused. Are you saying you use a different set of hearing aids when you listen to music ?

Not loving them yet. Let’s see if tuning tweaks resolve my concerns first.

Size 13 batteries. As I understand it there are no super power aids yet available that are rechargeable. The next round of Marvel (available in the spring) may have a rechargeable version. Due to insurance I couldn’t afford to wait.

The Xceeds link directly to the iPhone for streaming. No clip required, but you can use one if necessary. The Xceeds, unlike the Marvels, don’t pick up your voice directly when on phone calls. The iPhone mic does. In my experience, so far, I’ve had no issues with people hearing me on conference calls with the phone next to me on my desk.

The clip is a “bonus” in that it can be used as a remote mic, for phone calls, or remote volume/program adjustments.