Music on the iPhone adjusted for your hearing loss

EQu is a 1,000 band equalizer app from ElephantCandy for the iPhone. It allows you to select frequency gain for listening to audio that mirrors your audiogram. It is the most realistic and full sounding music I have heard in years. It is simple to use and works with Airplay.

Thanks for the tip, Strat.

I downloaded it for my iPhone. Maybe now I won’t have to listen to muddy music.


PS. It works great! I shaped it to my hearing loss and I can hear the highs again.

Not compatible with iPhone 3G though (will be 3 years old), but it will be replaced with iPhone 5 4G or Verizon (US) 4G iPhone this coming year 2011.

I am the developer of the Equalizer iPhone app:

(Equalizer does work in a slightly limited version on older devices (2nd generation iPod and iPhone 3G). The limitation is basically a reduction from 7 parametric bands to 4.)

I noticed that you are posting your hearing loss levels (sorry if I use the wrong terminology) for both left and right, and they are different from time to time.
So I was wondering if it would be beneficial for you to modify the frequency response of your music/podcasts differently from left to right channel?

I ask this question because I am in the process of redesigning Equalizer and adding in different curve adjustments for left and right channels.
However, outside of hearing loss corrections I could not find a need for that. I would still like to include this feature if it means I can bring a benefit to you.

More info on Equalizer on my web site:

Yes Tibor, that was be extremely welcome.

In my own case, I have unequal loss and so my iPod sounds unbalanced with the sound stage off to the right and also I have to choose between muffled on the left or sibilant on the right.

Please post when the new version is available :slight_smile:

Hi Tibor,

I really like your software. I find it very useful as is.

As I was using it, I did wonder if a left and right channel were possible, it would be most appreciated.

Thanks, Jeff

Hi Tibor,

Thanks for your program (I’ve downloaded it from iTunes) and for asking this question.

Yes,it would be helpful to be able to vary the frequency response left/right. My hearing loss is different in each ear, so this would be great when listening via headphones.


So I was wondering if it would be beneficial for you to modify the frequency response of your music/podcasts differently from left to right channel?

Any chance you'll develop the same for Android based phones?  We both use Blackberries now - but my wife is willing to switch to an Android phone.  We both are addicted to listening to Pandora for our music.   (I'll borrow her phone to listen to music if it had your app.)
 As you probably know, Android will (if not already) surpass the iphone fairly soon in usage.


As you probably know, developers for the android os are having a heck of a time testing their apps on all the devices, and the tools that Google gives you to manage all the various screen sizes, resolutions, hardware futures, etc aren’t enough. It was OK when there were a dozen or so Android devices with similar specs. But now, handset manufacturers have completely fractured the Android marketplace. There are too many disparate Android devices running too many versions of the OS with too many hardware variations.

I doubt Android is going to be as successful as you say it will be, but the handset manufacturers and carriers are sabotaging themselves. Unlike Windows, where Microsoft remained in control of the OS, here we have dozens of manufacturers and carriers tweaking the platform to death.

Thanks for all your answers.
I am currently working on adding stereo settings to my Equalizer app.
Any chance somebody in here would like to beta test for me?
I would love to get my app to be as useful for you as possible.

As for the Android and Black Berry request: I am currently not interested in those platforms. Not so much for economical reasons. My driving force to build apps is not earning money. My driving force is to build stuff that people can use. That’s why I value the feedback and dialog with you guys so much. And of course I want to enjoy building apps. Right now, iOS provides me with easy enough tools to do that. I do not see Google or BB providing me the same caliber of tools. (sorry for the rant)

So, let me know if you are interested in helping. You have to be willing to work with unfinished user interfaces and stuff that crashes alot though. PM or email me.

As it turns out, I work in the Android group at Google; if I can find the time, I’d enjoy working on this kind of app for Android phones…


 Getting a little off topic - but I had assumed that an Android OS 2.2 on a Moto would be the same as on an HTC.   Unfortunately I'm addicted to a BBerry and altho all BB phones are alike when developing apps, the user base isn't large enuf for anyone to create apps for music listening since most BB users use them for business purposes.  I am an exception as I listen to Pandora and other stored music on my BB when in car.


Android and iOS (Apple) represent opposite sides of the spectrum in terms of philosophy. You can argue that Android’s open nature leads to issues for developers, but you can just as well argue that Android’s open nature is a huge boon to consumers, who don’t have to crawl to a single manufacturer to get this year’s approved hardware configuration and feature set at Apple’s price. There’s no “right” or “wrong” here; for my money, I’d go with what’s best for consumers rather than what’s best for developers (and I say this as a long-time developer). Developers will accept Android if the market is there; the fact that it’s a little inconvenient to work with varied hardware (like dealing with the Apple Store isn’t a PITA) isn’t very important, IMO.


LOL, and you thought fiddeling with 16 bands on a high end instrument was a pain…

Here is a pretty fair and in-depth look at the situation

for your interest page one

Equalizer has now support for adjusting both channels independently.

Let me know how it works.

PS: search for Equalizer in the app store


Have you considered developing an app for the MAC?

Not thought about creating Mac apps at all. I am having so much fun with iOS apps and the mobility factor. I can test and use my apps everywheres.

Mac OS X Lion might make it easy to adapt your app for the Mac.

Great one! i will try it myself too!