Moment aids 110, 330


I’m changing my aids after more than six years of using hearing aids. Moment 330 and 110 were recommended to me in the right and left ears.

Any feedback or reviews on them will be really appreciated!

P.S. I’m based in Egypt. I don’t know whether this info will help with anything! :smiley:

Mixing models left/right like would save a lot of money on programs that aren’t needed. Personally, I preferred Moments over the Oticon and Phonak models I tried… but anyone’s recommendation is going to be anecdotal and personal preference. I know mine is. I gave up Phonak’s better speech in noise for the clarity of Widex, a rare choice.

I think of hearing aid as like shoes - everyone has a personal preferences for the style, fit, feel, etc. Their functionality is where the audiologist makes them work as well as possible for your hearing needs that you have. As you’re already in the price bracket of Widex, trial Phonak and Oticon if you can. Which brand/model comes down to what you like and what works best for you, and that takes trials of options.


The Moments are great hearing aids, very natural sounding with excellent speech clarity and music sounds great for me. If you are planning to have the 110 on one side & 330 on the other I am not sure if this would work. They have different features & the 330 will be offering more-they may then not synchronise with sound classes etc. The 440 gives speech in noise (this is automatic when you go in noisy environments) and wind noise reduction. Different levels will work well for different needs depending on your listening environments & preferences.


The Moment 330 can store more Widex prebuilt programs than the 110 can.
I use the Moment app on my iPhone smartphone to control my two 330 HAs so it is possible that the app will get confused by the mix of 110 and 330 HAs.
Why has the audiologist recommended the mix of 110 and 330?

I have tried these aids in the aid store but I couldn’t feel any obvious difference (more clarity or asking for repetition less etc). I was told I could only feel a difference after some time (a few months maybe).

Doesn’t 330 provide noise/wind reduction as well? Unfortunately, I can’t try the aids for a longer time or have word recognition tests wearing them unless I “buy” them.

Actually, it was the specialist in the aid store who recommended them. Maybe she wanted to make sales because they are expensive! I have no idea.

I don’t have iPhone so if only the app will get confused, this wouldn’t be an issue. What really matters is that I don’t feel confused wearing them!!

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Would definitely recommend against wearing 2 separate tech levels on each ears if that is what the clinician has recommended - you will miss out on the binaural processing i.e the two aids communicating with eachother to maximise noise reduction features, will also potentially mean that programming the hearing aids may need to be done separately by the clinician rather than together which makes for more difficulty in balancing the devices against eachother. Also if you are only trialling in-clinic will make it really difficult to tell the benefits in such a short space of time, as well as not being able to properly test in your regular listening environments. If you are going to purchase you would want to make sure you have a return period in place so that if you do purchase and are not happy you can get your money back within a certain timeframe if you are not happy (1-3 months)

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Thanks for your reply!
It is the technician who recommended them, maybe because mainly I can’t afford pay to two 330!
So what other options would be better?

I told them the same that I needed to try them for a longer time and in different contexts but again, I have to pay for them first! And the trial period is only two weeks!

Is it worth trying to get a deal on two 330’s-there is sometimes room to discount particularly if it means you then commit. Two weeks isn’t long but when mine were set up I knew straight away that I loved the sound. It can take weeks, if not months to adapt fully to hearing aids.

The hearing and discrimination are really poor in my left ear. I was told it is not worth it to spend more money on it (as it’s a hopeless case in their opinion!)
If there will be a deal, I would consider buying two 330 but also I want to make sure that 330 would benefit my left-ear hearing, and not just spend more money on sth that a cheaper aid could do!

There is no option here to attach photos, otherwise, I would attach my hearing assessment. Maybe this could help members with feedback!

To upload a photo, select Reply (1), then klick the upload button (2) and select the picture file you want to share.

Then klick Reply (3)

see this screenshot:

Photo showing browser view on a PC , i don’t know how it look on a mobile phone, but there it should also be possible to upload a photo in the reply window.

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Thank you! :slight_smile:

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If price is an issue you could make an enquiry regarding a matching pair of 220 level devices (which is the tech level in-between the 110 and 330). Alternatively you could look at different provider options. I’m not sure about the options in Egypt regarding hearing care, but mismatched aids with only two weeks before you can’t return them doesn’t sound great to me personally.


The prices of aids (and eveything in Egypt actually) are going up every month because of inflation and lack of dollars. If I don’t make use of this deal, I will have to pay more for the same devices or other ones!


Is it only about Bluetooth capabilities or there would be other features missing?
My phone is Android so I will probably not be able to connect them on my phone unless I get an external device!

You should be able to use the TONELINK app which changes volume or programmes. I believe streaming can be via Com-Dex or Sound Assist.

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So it could work well with two different tech levels (330 - 110), or I will miss out on some features?

Each level has a different number of “channels” to adjust-for instance I believe the 110 has 6, the 330 has 12. If you have one of each, each ear will be behaving differently in sound environments. They automatically move between sound classes to give best acoustic performance. I believe the 220 has 10-so if you have 2 of the same they will be in unison. The 440 has 15.

What if the hearing level in each ear is different. The left ear has very poor discrimination. Would having the same tech level still matter?

I believe I have posted my hearing assessment in one of the previous comments, if this might help with anything!

I think it’s a case of only you will know when experiencing it. However aids with different specifications will act in different ways. Your gain requirement is different either side-I suppose it’s a bit like having a different engine size in each ear. You could also say that the weaker ear may benefit more from higher specification. I am not sure if they can be paired in this case. I personally have never had someone recommend a different specification for either ear. You could ask them to ask Widex technical support if there are any issues they foresee.