Moment aids 110, 330

This may help-

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Thanks for your reply and the PDF!!

The 440 sounds the best but I can’t afford to buy two of it!

Also, I’m not sure if these high tech levels will benefit my poor hearing in the left ear! A specialist once told me that the nerve is almost dead so nothing could help! I’m not sure if that was true and there’s no hope with the left ear!

I’m confused and can’t make up my mind! I have only two weeks as a trial and I’m not sure if I can feel/hear any difference during this short time!

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If it was me I would ask them to check with Widex technical support if they foresee any issues having different level in each ear. You could say you have been told it may not work & would appreciate checking. I personally would advise against but that’s from my own personal perspective. Dispenser knowledge varies as with all professions. This should help you decide how to proceed.

Thank you so much for your replies! I really appreciate it. :slight_smile:

I have sent them a message just now asking them to check Widex technical support about this point.
I’m afraid they might not provide honest feedback. I already asked the technician about that and she said this won’t be an issue at all!!

May I ask you what kind of aids do you use? In both ears or only one?

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Happy to try and help, it can all be very confusing-a supportive dispenser should be happy to handle any queries and get advice as necessary. Technical support have always seemed happy to support dispensers with any queries whatever they may be. It’s bespoke-no two case identical. I wear two Moment 440 customs & have also tried the RICS. Hearing starts at about 50db down to 80 db in middle & back up to 60db apx, similar in both ears. I would notice the difference in tech levels with my hearing. Widex have been the only brand for me able to make sound beautiful & get excellent speech clarity too. The fit matters a lot, along with getting the set up exactly as the Widex set up prescribes.

I got their reply. They said there could be a “tiny” difference that I might hardly notice!
I have no idea how tiny is tiny for them!

I used to wear BTE in my left ear but that recommended moment 110 is RIC. I don’t know if this would be an issue.

I think I will decide after checking my savings and whether they still have the discount offer.

I also believe I need to educate myself more on my hearing loss and all that stuff.

Thanks again!

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Sounds like a plan & if you try them & like them, I have usually had a 6 month supported period where adjustments can be made to the custom tip or custom aid to make sure it’s right for you. You can note down any questions & then have them ready if you look to proceed.

I wasn’t able to make up my mind so I made an appointment with an audiologist. I kept waiting for more than three hours but in the end, I got some info.
After, having a hearing assessment done, he recommended BiCROS hearing aids. I will be able to know the prices by Saturday as Friday is the weekend here.

This was what I did. I wrote all the questions before going to the audiologist. I will do the same when trying the hearing aids.

Thank you a lot. : )

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Glad you are making some progress & sounds like you had a positive appointment today. Very happy to help, it can feel complicated and I think you did the right thing to take a step back & seek further advice.

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Oh yeah, I see that L-R difference! I can understand the thinking behind the two different models. But then again… did the option of a BiCROS come up. That might be even lower cost.

DOH! I just caught up with your update. One thing about BiCROS is the additional broadcast delay. Worth a trial!

What do you think of BiCROS option? Is it worth looking into it?

So a negative side of BiCROS is the additional broadcast delay? How much is the delay?

Back again to the different models and the poor discrimination in L ear, is it still a good option to have two similar tech levels?

I’m sorry for asking many questions but I’m trying to understand more

Oh don’t ever think there’s such thing as too many questions! That’s what the forums is for and why were all here, to learn and share.

The main application for BiCROS is patients with total hearing loss in one ear. The biggest benefit it lowers cost, it’s just doing sampling and transmitting. Though how much savings between a 110 might not be a lot, and maybe not worth it when you’re essentially giving up on that ear and the trade-offs…

You loose ‘stereo’ hearing, and sounds on that side you hear in the other. It’s a little weird and can be annoying. Each of us is going to experience that and adjust to it differently.

How does it sound? I’ll be honest, it wasn’t for me. The initial sound passes the open dome and goes direct to the ear. Then there is the first hearing aid’s processed sound that has it’s processing lag. The sound sampling/transmission delay sound from the BiCROS is a third copy of the sound. All that makes for a smearing, which I found particularly noticable at the sibilants end of the speech banana so people sounded like snakes and the closer they were the more the effect. Your hearing loss is an extra 20dB down than mine at the sibilants ends of the speech banana, and the BiCROS I had was Phonak which has notably longer processing delays than Widex, so your experience of that smearing/snake effect may be lessened.

The other concern would be, without an HA restoring sound levels on the left ear, you’re increasing the chances of neural/processing degrading and/or increased tinnitus, all of which is well worth avoiding.

After typing all that, I find I’m agreeing with the audiologist 330/110 as a best cost effective approach.

Thank you a lot for your detailed reply!

As for the 330/ 110 aids, they are not Bicros. I don’t remember if I mentioned that I tried them in-store and couldn’t tell any difference (no more clarity, pure sound etc).
I need a longer time and different environments to decide! But only two weeks are offered as a trial.

Another point I’m concerned about is that, both Moment aids are RIC. What I could understand is that BTE would work better for my left ear!

Here are some more questions! :wink:
If I use Bicros, then would this be like giving up on my left ear!
I’d like to have a try with Bicros but again, the issue is that I might not have enough time to try it.

I read somewhere that Bicros is when one ear is deaf or has bad/asymmetrical hearing loss. I thought my case was like that!

Last but not least, I asked the audiologist about the cochlear implant yesterday. (earlier, only on FB, some HAs wearers told me I should check that option). He said that I might be qualified for a cochlear implant but. Of course, there is always a “but”. It would be difficult/ complicated in my case because I already had surgery in that ear (repairing a rupture in the left eardrum in 2013). Also, there should be a lot of tests and examinations done first to check whether I can have it.

I can’t afford to pay for the surgery and I’m not sure if I can have it done with medical insurance (everything is complicated here and it’s easy to cut corners). Just thinking of having another surgery gives me the creeps!

Depends on your android phone. They said my andoid phone might not work with Widex Moments 440, but they did. Big fan of Widex. Not sure mixing the two levels of technology is advisable.

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Sorry for the late reply. I’ve been away.

Yeah, BiCros is the preferred solution for one sided loss or near enough. You can expect a good amount of recovery with a power solution on your left. A power RIC is capable for the left side.

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