MiniTek Programming

I have Pure Micon 7 HA’s and a miniTek remote control. I have recently started to adjust them using Connexx 8.2.
I do not have the option to ‘enable program change coupling’ in the e2e wireless 2.0 coupling.
Also I only have Bluetooth reception (music & phone) in one ear.
I have discovered that there is an option with the miniTek to only transmit to one ear but I cannot find a way to change this in Connexx 8.2.
Resetting the miniTek only resets the Bluetooth pairing.
Restoring the firmware did not change anything.
Does anyone know how to initialize the mini-Tek completely and then reprogram it correctly (with e2e program change coupling) ,

On second thought I don’t see anything in Audiology Online that refers to miniTek. They talk about easyTek instead.

Thanks for the fast reply.
But I have a pdf of the Connexx 7 tutorial and they do not tell you how to program the option for Bluetooth to 1 ear or both.
It also doesn’t tell you how to program the selection of inputs which according to the mini-Tek user’s manual have to be programmed by the audi.
Connexx 8 doesn’t have the same screens layout/options as Connexx 7 and the documentation for Connexx 8 (that I have found) only talks about new features.
I will however investigate the Free Education and sign up although that might not be detailed enough like the tutorial that I already have.

Yes easyTek is the remote control for the current HA’s and whilst miniTek is ‘supported’ in Connexx 8 it is now old hat and not likely to be a topic in new educational material.

Check out this thread about Programming the easyPocket remote for clues.

Also, Accessories for primax, binax, and micon Signia Hearing Aids.

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’ Programming the easyPocket remote’ included the following warning : Attention: If you program easyPocket the first time, then “easyPocket basic” becomes an “easyPocket advanced”. There is no way to undo this change!.

It is likely that the same applies to the miniTek.:angry:
Once programmed it cannot be unprogrammed.

Since I don’t have the same programming screens in Connexx 8 as in the Connexx 7 tutorial I have decided to look for Connexx 7 and try to at least get the e2e program change coupling to work.
Your link gives Connexx 8.4, do you still have a valid link for Connexx 7?

There is the link to Siemens/Signia Connexx6.5.5/SiFit6.10 for older/legacy.

I don’t know if 6.5 has the update feature that will take you to Connexx 7.n?

I will try some testing with 6.5 to see if I make it update???

Can’t update 6.5. I think the Updater was added with Connexx 8.

Thanks for trying.
I’ve been going through my backup files. I had previously installed Connex 7.4 (but never used it due to not having programming cables/pills) and then disinstalled it and removed it from my PC when I installed Connexx 8.2 and bought cables/pills.
However I am a maniac for not throwing anything away and after wading through backups I have found it so I will reinstall it and see what I can do with it.

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I installed it but it is the Rexton version and it installs the Rexton fitting data. In another thread I read that you could also link to the Siemens fitting data if it was installed on the PC. But to install the older 7.4 version I had to remove the Siemens 8.2.
Then when I launched the Rexton 7.4 it automatically updated to Rexton 8.2 and only with the Rexton fitting data.
Hence : Back to go, don’t pass start, throw the dice again!

I also have Connexx 7.0 with Siemens fitting data but when I tried to install it under Windows 10, it came back with ’ not compatible with Windows 8’ !
It appears that I really do need version 7.4 or 7.5.

But first I am going to dig out an old PC running XP, install Connexx 7.0 and at least see whether I get all the options I need to program the miniTek before continuing the search for 7.4.