Programming the easyPocket remote

I have access to an easyPocket remote but I believe it needs to be paired with the hearing aid. Is it a DIY capability or do I need to get an Audiologist to do it?

Take a look at this:
My take is if you want full function, it needs to programmed by somebody with Connexx software. The basic function I’m not so sure about.

Thanks for the pointer to the web page, it served it’s purpose perfectly. Out of the 3 USB cables that I had that would fit, only one would connect. There was a mandatory update to the firmware button waiting to be clicked before I could get the remote synced. which I promtly clicked. It wasn’t so hard to actually do the programming. All that was necessary was to press the transfer button. Yes, you do need the Connexx software to activate the remote and to also transfer the data. This automatically gives you the advanced features. I now have a fully functional easyPocket remote.

Very Neat!