Mimi hearing test

I just used the Mimi hearing test while wearing my Phonak Audeo Paradise P90R’s that are 2-1/2 years old.

Interesting. Slight hearing loss.

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My version of a hearing test while wearing my hearing aids. That’s with my most recent audiogram which is displayed below my name.

Using my hearing aids I have considerable difficulty understanding people who are far away. I have considerable difficulty in noisy, or even quiet environments.

I know; everyone’s case is unique. (If I went to COSTCO and bought hearing aids that performed like mine, I’d return them for a full refund.)

The most important choice is finding the right person to buy from and get your hearing aids setup.

How can you perform Mini hearing test? I mean, you have wore hearing aid, how can you still put Airdrops pro on? Just curious.

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You can’t use your hearing aids since they are amplified to counter your hearing loss. You need to use regular earbuds to get a valid audiogram.

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I assume that you are experimenting.
Can’t remember if you have sound recover on or off?

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Sure I can. It worked fine

I used the mimi test using my hearing aids. I don’t have earbuds.
It was an experiment and frankly I learned from it. I did it twice. The results were the same

I could buy earbuds. I could put my hearing test in. Then I could use Mimi to see how it worked.

Frankly the Mimi test was far better than the short speech in noise test I had a month ago using my hearing aids.

Yes. Just experimenting.

I think there’s a place for hearing tests we can do on line with our hearing aids.

Our family members know before we do that our hearing aids aren’t working. Our hearing is worse and we need adjustments. Or we buy new hearing aids because we can’t hear the way they are set up.
I wish we could check our hearing using HA online

Hearing aids are medical equipment. But are they?

If you have found a good hearing care provider the system works.

Edit. Restaurants have health inspectors. How come noone checks up to see if our”medical equipment “ hearing aids are working?

Setup is the most important step. Good Audis know and check


Sound recover 2 is on
Whistle block moderate 13
Noiseblock weak 8
Windblock moderate 16
Soundrelax weak 8
Microphone mode real ear sound 4
Speech enhancer moderate 14
Soft noise reduction off 0

Fromfitting report

Edit. I got this from my hearing instrument specialist. If my dispensing Audi had shared it from first setup it would have prevented years of bad hearing and stress

It may be worth increasing sound recover to see if the high frequencies get better.
As you can’t do it yourself if you hear high frequencies ok then possibly not worth it.

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I truly appreciate your suggestion.

My practitioner does settings. I really want to know what can be changed

I have an iMac and little computer knowledge.

What does Sound Recover do? Does it boost mid and high frequency?

It’s certainly interesting. In my experience, the Mimi pure tone test (unaided) was pretty close to my audiogram. But if I’m remembering this right, the noise test was pure tones against a background of other pure tones or cricket-like chirping. I’m not convinced this is useful for guessing how much trouble a person would have distinguishing speech from a babble of other speech.


I found it interesting. I’ve used it 4 times.

First was two years ago.
Then again last night.

I’ve used hearing aids for over 20 years.

In frustration I’ve thought a number of times. “I wish Steve Jobbs had invented a product for those of us that are hard of hearing. “

What would Apple have done?

It would have been different. It would have worked. It would be expensive. And google too.

Come on! Someone give it a try❤️.

We need a feedback loop.

Otherwise for many of us hearing aids are the emperors clothes.

My experience has been a bad joke.

I would go to the dispensing audiologist. I’d have a test. And REM. I’d go home and say, “That’s much better”

Family would say. “Don’t yell!” “You can’t hear!” And “he doesn’t know what he’s doing!”

I’ve always wondered why aided hearing assessments aren’t a more common way of checking whether HAs are set up properly and doing what they’re supposed to be doing. I (think I) understand the value of REM, but many audis don’t offer it. And measuring what the HA is spitting out isn’t quite the same thing as measuring what the person is hearing. The latter is supposed to be the ultimate goal here, right?


I saw a video on YouTube

Man says. “I just bought state of the art hearing aids!”
Second man says,”what did they cost?”

First man looks at his watch and says,”it’s 10:10!”

I’m first man.

That’s been my experience for a year and a half. Thank heaven I’ve found someone new.

I’ve had REM many times with the dispensing Audi I had. Stilll couldn’t hear.

I haven’t had REM with new hearing aid dispenser.
He confirmed my hearing was much worse than the Audi had tested. 10 to 20 dB

Sound recover is Frequency lowering, so it simply “shifts” those higher frequencies down to into the lower frequencys that you hear better, but if it gets too strong a setting it can produce audible artifacts and other strange sounds.

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