Microphones cutting out on Signia Pure Charge&Go 7X

I am a new user of Signia Pure Charge and Go 7x hearing aids. I’m on my second pair in several weeks as the first pair would not maintain mic volume and were sent back. Now on my second pair and I’m still having the same problem. The streaming continues to work so I can definitely hear through them, but without the microphones, they are not amplifying any external sound. I cannot adjust them via the accessibility setting on my phone, through the Signia app, or through the little buttons on the aids themselves. I’m getting so frustrated! I have tried disconnecting them and reinstalling them and reinstalling the app but nothing seems to work. I did notice that they seemed to work fine for a few hours but then after about 3 hours they crapped out, despite being at 80% charge, I’m seriously at my wits end. Does anyone have any suggestions? I’m beginning to think I am the problem rather than 2 faulty pairs ina row.

@spattenaude330: Welcome to the Forum. Sounds like you are having a frustrating go of it!

May I asked where you purchased your Signias, and who fit them? If from an audiologist, what are they saying is their theory?

Good luck. We have some tech gurus here who will undoubtedly have more information for you than I …

I purchased them from an audiologist connected to an ENT office. I have not brought the problem with the second pair to their attention yet as the problem just started on Friday. I was hoping I might be able to troubleshoot so I don’t have to keep going back there. My husband thought maybe it was because I had paired them to both my phone and iPad but everything I read about MFi devices seemed to suggest I could do that. But just in case, I disabled them from the iPad.

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I hate to say bad things about normally good aids.
Is it time to move in a different direction?
Try something else?

This won’t help you much, probably, but my Oticon More3s won’t operate properly when paired to both my phone and our iPad ( even with the iPad Bluetooth disabled).

I’m not “connectivity-literate” really, but there are multiple members that are.

I’m sure that one of them will help you …

[IMO, defective hardware is probably not close to the top of the list of potential problems. Today’s manufacturers are putting out some pretty high-quality stuff.]

[Edit: I have tried several times to connect with something more than marketing babble on Signia’s website, to no avail. If you have a technical link, or even instructions, would you please post it?]

I just reread the troubleshooting section of my manual, and it says that my devices will issue warning beeps to indicate that the microphones require servicing.

If I can’t resolve this issue, I will probably have to.

I do not. Their website is pretty useless. I unpaired from my iPad a few hours ago and so far so good, so we shall see if that’s the fix.

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An update: I think it was the iPad. Since I disconnected the aids from it, they’ve been working fine.

That is great news. I’m happy for you!:grin::white_check_mark::+1:t2:.

Hi, I’m new here but know a little bit in BT. I have a pair of Starkey Livio’s that also BT pair with my iPhone. I also have a BT headset I use with my laptop. After some head scratching it became apparent you can only connect the phone with the app on it. If I turn the BT on my laptop for use, everything goes sideways, from my headset somehow trying to connect to my phone while the HA lose big time trying to pair to both phone and laptop at once.

I think you have it right. Pick the single BT phone and sync with that. If you start turning other BT devices, from an iPad to a pc it becomes a mess And of course if at any time you disconnection and attempted reconnection fails, a reboot of the phone can resurrect connection.

Oh, and keep your iPhone up to date with patches. I don’t know when your app was last updated and a new version is available in the App Store, as that can sometimes mess things up. If you’re using an iPhone and the HAs are MFI compliant, Apple could change something and the app may need a new patch.

The latest iOS version is 14.4.2 and it cleared up one little remaining glitch I had on auto switching between streaming and normal settings.

@eskie227::grin::+1:t2:Welcome to our great Forum. Thank you for your contribution - that’s what makes this site so pleasant and helpful.

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I’ll back up @eskie227 's comment above…

FWIW, I also just installed iOS 14.4.2 in my iPhone.

Prior to this installation, my Oticon OPN S1’s would sometimes not automatically connect to my iPhone. Turning the Oticon ON app to off and back on again, or rebooting the iPhone was my workaround fixes.

There is forum history starting I think around a year or more back where the MFi function of the iOS 13.?.? started malfunctioning whereas it had previously been trouble-free…

The latest iOS 14.4.2 seems to be going very well without disconnecting…or not connecting when the phone rings.

Perhaps this iOS fault was also affecting the Signia Charge&G0 X?

Anyway on the basis of what I have just experienced try the latest iOS and share your experiences.