Meniere's disease triggers

I am suffering from the Menire’s disease past several years. Most disturbing is the hearing level which varies on a day to day basis without the Verigo. It gets so bad on some days that I have to use HAs on both ears. I have yet to ascertain what the triggers are. Any clues?

I’m not an expert on this but according to the pathology, the evidence is that Menieres (endolymphatic hydrops) appears to be caused by the saline ‘pump’ (stria vascularis) into the cochlear duct overproducing the saline or making it too salty and causing osmotic influx to swell this cavity. As this normally flexible structure and which contains the basilar membrane becomes turgid, the ability of the basilar membrane to vibrate, especially at low frequencies becomes impaired. Though the HF seems to still work OK as the salt Ion supply is still good which allows the hair cells to function normally.

The Stria Vascularis itself is like renal tissue (kidney) and performs an osmotic function through graduated capillaries in the transmission of the sodium salt ions over other substances.

So, there’s a few things you might want to consider - medication that specifically affects your renal function/fluid levels especially diuretics, some heart medication, anything designed to either thicken or thin the blood.

The salt balance in your diet can be a major factor - I use the term ‘salt’ loosely here as there are sodium salts, potassium salts etc. Incurring an imbalance between any of these may yield a potential problem as the kidneys are required to do more work.

In addition, it’s been reported that diet, caffeine and other stimulants like alcohol, chocolate and tobacco can cause issues as well. Though I’m not sure about the knock-on chemistry involved in these.

Broadly speaking (though don’t undertake big changes without consulting your doctor) some people have found that relatively small dietary changes have helped - even in some cases reversing some conventional ‘lifestyle’ changes that make conventional dietary sense.

That’s the sum total of my Menieres background - I can’t give you citations for most of it as the cases seem to be very individually subjective as to what works and what doesn’t.


I have had menieres disease for a long time. Left ear almost deaf .Avoid salt .Never eat pepperoni. I take 5 mg. Valium 2 times daily. I also wear hearing aids. Phonak marvel 70r.

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Thanks Stephen. You do sound like a doctor. And thanks for the inputs. I would like to restate my problem:

My right ear problem is hereditary and I have a loss of about 80% since the past 15 years or so and related possibly to hair cells, whatever that means. The left ear problem emerged about 3 years ago and diagnosed as Meniere’s. On some days the hear loss is very severe and phone calls are difficult to handle with a hearing aid (even with direct like Phonak marvel - recently introduced). There is a heaviness on the left ear as if it is blocked and wants to open. No such feeling on the right side.Tried Otovent for temp relief but does not work.

Incidentally, am very conscious of salt intake and diet. Restricted to sea salt only.

I am a total loss in trying to figure out the triggers. No cure for Meniere’s but any med for temp relief that one knows about?

Thanks again for your valuble inputs

Thanks Wyatt. I am using Phonak V 70 but shifting to the Marvel version. Not much help in case of severe loss on some days. Does Valium give temp relief re hearing or for vertigo? Please do see my reply Stephen - detailing the kind of problems I face.

Once again thanks for your inputs

Dr. told me valium causes your brain to ignore balance signals from your inner ear .My body uses my sight for balance. I know what you are going through. Almost deaf in left ear. Have dealt with it many years .Meclizine also helps with dizziness.

“Sea salt” is still sodium and if you’re trying to avoid sodium should be avoided. Also most processed foods have considerable sodium.

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I have had vertigo problem since my days as a youth. It comes and goes. I cannot lie in my back without being dizzy for days. If I roll over from my back to face down before rising, the dizziness is usually minimal. If I fall asleep sitting up and slide down, I have several days of torment fighting to stay upright.

I have glaucoma so meclazine is a no-no, but in emergencies I have been known to take them. The single thing I have found for me is Guaifenesin. It makes a tremendous difference for me.

Do you have open angle or closed angle glaucoma? There is a difference in what medicine you can use .

As a former Meniers sufferer you have my extreme sympathy as it is a terrible affliction… salt avoidance is your main aim, along with caffeine in any form, process foods are loaded with salt and they should be avoided as much as possible! Avoidance of visual triggers also helps, like large shops or malls with distinctive parallel flooring would and did send me into a vertigo attack… In my case I got mostly severe cluster attacks which lasted approximately 8 years or so and the Meniers eventually burned itself out, the downside was that it took most of my residual hearing with it!!! Good luck in your efforts, Kev👍

If you can, try Zofram (generic - Ondansetron ODT) Developed in Switzerland for cancer patients. I’ve talked to medical people about it and most think is it the "top-of-the-line for nausea caused by vertigo the # symptom of Meniere’s , although some patients have tried both and a few preferred Meclizine.

Mine seems to change with weather patterns or changes in barometric pressure or humidity.

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I thought at first it was perhaps weather related. But not so in my experience. Have been unable to find a trigger. My problem is more hearing fluctuation rather than vertigo. My hearing loss gets pretty severe at times.
How does your vary with the weather conditions - up and down

From what I have read, Meniers’s does not go away. It merely goes into a “rest” and can reappear after several years. My affliction is not so much vertigo intensive as it is hearing loss, at times very severe and even the hearing aids (the best ones available today) do not work! I take stemitel for mild vertigo events.

I do not have glaucoma nor do I suffer from frequent vertigo. My problem is hearing loss which becomes very sever at times. But no triggers found yet

I thought sea salt was better that the normally consumed table salts. Perhaps less sodium. Nevertheless my salt consumption is considerably low now.

so what helps for restoring your hearing - even temporarily?

Nothing helps restore my hearing on demand. It just goes up and down sometimes based on the barometric air pressure. I’ve found that when that happens it is usually a pretty good indication that another attack is coming!

I take meclizine three times daily and zofram as soon as an episode begins. Sometimes they work but in most cases it’s too late by the time an episode begins. Very debilitating. Had to start taking meclizine even at bedtime now that I recently had an episode in the middle of the night.

I’ve been on a low sodium diet for 26 years and took a diuretic for 24 of those so I’m not real big on either one of those as helping. The problem is that nobody knows the true cause of this disease. Lots of scholarly articles out there about it but not really any known help, only conjecture as far as I’m concerned.

It’s so bad that even though the VA says it is rate-able at up to 100%, they rarely approve it because there is no known cause of this disease.

We tend to dream up home cures when the attacks cease for awhile but they invariably come back! My current ones are since mine is in my right ear I try not to sleep on my right side. So far the episodes have slowed a little but that’s happened with everything else ive tried also. I also limit my time in my garden so I don’t have to bend over too much. Not sure about that one either.

Dr. has me on valium, 5mg 2 x a day .