Looking for Phonak 332 XAZ

I know we don’t have a ‘for sale’ section in this bulletin board, but I’m going to try this anyway. I’m looking for at least one Phonak programmable model 332 XAZ hearing aid. Must be in working order. Please email or PM me if you have one available or if you know of somebody who has some that are not being used anymore.

I would like to stockpile several, the more the merrier.:wink:

Thanks in advance,


I will work on this for you

I checked on this Phonak discontinued them 7 or 8 years ago and no one in my company has any of them good luck.

I appreciate your looking. Yes, I’ve known they’ve been discontinued, but I still hope to find some and expect they’ll probably be used. I wonder if any dispensers might have had patients who used them and have since gone digital, and maybe I could arrange to purchase their redundant previously owned units.

Do you think it might be possible to advertise in a trade magazine/industry publication? I’m determined to acquire a stockpile of these devices, NOS or used.

I would say this is a good place to start. I can’t really think of another venue for acquiring a set of hearign aids that have been off the market for so long. Maybe e bay? We have over 40 locations and not one of then has your aid. Why is it that you are so set on that on in particular?

due to the inherent inadequacy of the D/A converters of an all-digital hearing aids to process, without audible artifacts, the normal transient peaks of live music. Even unamplified acoustic guitar and the human voice cause this defect in my all-digital aids to manifest itself. Tragically, I broke one of my 332s last year, and have since found nobody capable or willing to repair them. I wish to stockpile them so I can have a lifetime supply, and parts to salvage for repairs.

I have spent 2 and a half years, over 6 thousand dollars, innumerable visits to my audi, and am on my second model of all-digital HA, without satisfactory resolution of this issue. I have one 332 left, and I want to find more. As a musician and live music lover, this is of very high importance to my health and mental well-being.

Some people just don’t like/do well with the digital hearign aids. Especially if the hearing loss is severe to profound. However there are other analog aids available that should do just as well as that one if you can’t find anymore of that exact same model.

that’s the rub, I can’t find anybody who will sell anything but digital. Everybody and their brother thinks digital is automatically better than analog. I really wanted it to work, but it just doesn’t work for me.

It has gotten to the point that I’d wear a body pack with wires to the ear transducers, if it meant a good analog audio signal.

What other analog devices are out there? I need a significant amount of power, hence the 332.

Hi there
I’m in the same predicament as you. I have been wearing ananlogue hearing aids for 39 years and can not get replacement superfront pp-c2-d phonak hearing aids. And…yes I love music too - I play the piano and the flute and digital is terrible with music - why is it that no-one takes any notice of us and just tells us to keep trying digital hearing aids when ananlogue were perfect…and they tell us to train our brains to these terrible distorted noises that we hear when listening to music? I really want to get a campaign going so that people from all over the world can be given a choice of analogue or digital. Sorry I don’t have an answer for you- I’ve been trying all sorts of hearing aids fot the last 4 years! Perhaps someone would be kind enough to help us out there?

Kind regards Julia

let em do some research for you to find out which ones are the best I will try to get back to you tomorrow sometime

just following up, to see if you’ve heard anything?

so far, the only places I’ve found anything that might resemble the phonak 332 XAZ are in Hungary. Anybody know hungarian?

dan have you try mexico?, costa rica or any of the caribean countries?

I found about 8 or 9 places in Mexico/SA that are Phonak distributors, but none of their sites had any matches for 332 XAZ. So far, the only sites with matches have been hungarian.

thanks for the information on no more analogs being sold. I had better take good care of my analog aids
I have a Siemans Phoenix 313 sounds like analog to me. I also use a Superfront for my Bone conduction aid . I bought the superfront just last year.

I have the phoenix 313 for a back up aid

was using a siemens centra SP with i guess with it set up to be linear and have some of the features turned off. sounded real good… recently lost it while trialiing anadiia V UP.

now have a siemens Intus SP set up to be linear and have some of the features turned off. sounds good, not as good as analog

trialling a phonak nadia V UP —sounds terible …going to try to have it set up to be linear and have some of the features turned off.

are you still looking? I just had mine refurbished and am looking to get new hearing aids. I may want to sell these if I do.
Let me know

Hello, sorry, I hadn’t been checking my forums lately, and didn’t see this.

Hi Dan,
How are the Unitron Breezes going, particularly with your music?
I have still been watching out for Sonofortes for you, also.

I could be out-of-date but the last time I had to find a pure analog circuit for a client the only product I could find was the Unitron US80 (PP and PPL as well). They may still have these in stock.

Hi analog searchers. I know that there is a manufacturer out of new orleans that still manufactures analog instruments. Their name is General Hearing. Be aware though that there are several types of analog circuits and not all are created equal, Although i don’t have a ton of experience with their products but I know them more on a personal basis and they seem like great people and have been in business for a long time.

If you have old broken analog aids and the professional you’ve chosen to work with doesn’t want to repair them then you may want to seek a different professional. There is no reason an analog can;t be repaired. I have sent several in for patients this year already.