Looking for headset that can amplify sound

Hello I am looking for headset that can amplified sounds without having to wear hearing aids. Do you have any recommendation? I am currently wearing hearing aids but some time I want to use a headset without them but then the sounds are very soft.

I have JABRA work with cord or bt
Has volume adjustment
Used with.phone and chromebook,

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I have used Sennheiser Rs170 headset in the evenings when I take out my HAs for many years now. It provides my ear canals a break and also has much better sound due to better speakers. It connects to the TV through BT.
There has to be better headsets from Sennheiser now because my set has to be over five years old.

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For folks with normal hearing (the people for whom audio products are generally intended), better and louder are not the same thing.

@ahearingaid when you say “headset” do you mean for a phone or do you mean headphones like to listen to audio?

Is there a specific Jabra model that also amplifies sounds?

I want to use it for both headphone and virtual conference.

Hi @ahearingaid,

You’re describing the Holy Grail of headphones and they may be tough to find!

The problem as I see it is that headphones amplify all sounds equally, whereas hearing aids only amplify the sounds you need to understand speech. By amplifying everything, headphones just make speech that is difficult to understand louder. Making the source louder can help a little, but nowhere near as much as a hearing aid.

Instead of purchasing a headset, are you able to purchase a device that will stream sounds directly to your hearing aids? I can do this, and I find it makes a big difference for things like listening to music, audiobooks, TV, and especially video conference calls.

Hope you find a solution!

Hi Alvin,

I do have a streamer but I want something I can use with out the hearing aid.

I think what you are looking for are IEM’s (in-ear monitors)
Here’s a link.
I have a pair of Etymotics, and do not need my HA’s at all with them.
Obviously, you can’t wear HA’s with these.

I use headphones daily for music, TV and computer audio. My high loss of high frequencies leads me to leave my hearing aids in use under the headphones. Aids = treble, headphones = bass.That’s the only way I can enjoy music and easily understand speech. I can’t live without my hearing aids with or without my headphones. I’m 84 and have had very successful cataract surgery, at this time I could more easily live without my glasses than my hearing aids. The eye surgery put my vision back equal to my eyes in my 30s, my hearing sucks @ 84.

Can’t get it, what you mean by amplifying sound, try looking something at primesound, they review different musical instruments, headsets etc.

If you don’t need portable and you want to use headphones without your hearing aids, you need a preamp with an equalizer to correct for your hearing curve, unless it is flat. Your audiogram is not posted. As someone said, volume is not the only thing going on.

Here is a really good one with a four channel equalizer. You can get more and less. Google away.


You can also get a simple USB powered digital amp with bass boost. A very popular one:


FiiO has a full range of headphone amps. All of these enhance the sound of earphones. You can also put on earphones over your HA’s and turn done the HA’s to stop feedback.


Thank you for the link to those portable headphone Amps. Do you know if they can be use as a headset also?

No, you can use them with any head phones.

I’m extremely happy with the Bose HeaRphones. Read about them here and elsewhere. One month trial with money back. I wear them most of the time now, in preference to my expensive ReSounds.

Thank you. Never know this exist.

Found another headset that amplify sounds.

Yes these are said to be quite good also. I’ve not tried them. Read some reviews of both and good luck!

Thank you. Just ordered the Bose Hearphones. Thank you so much for the tip.

Hi Alvin,

Another member suggested Bose Hearphones. I am going to try that. I also hear good thing about the https://www.nuheara.com/products/iqbuds-max/