Looking for Connexx 7 fitting SW



I’m new around here. My audi knows about connexx 7 as my 2 year old son;) I’m very disappointed.

Currently we are testing pure Micon 7mi but my audi really have no idea what is it with this appliance settings. I have reviewed all the video and study guide, and if I’m not convinced the audiologist to sit down in his chair and himself set the settings I have to really kind of get to connexx 7

I need to somehow get this software. What kind of ideas? Hardware will somehow get it.

Sincerely, Tast

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Connexx is the most involved of the HA software out there. ask your AuD to have the Siemens rep on-site for your next visit.


I’m also looking for connexx 7 software.
I have connexx 6.54 but need the upgrade to 7.1 or 7.2


You may find help in this thread.


Christal, unfortunately, not yet. I’m still looking.


Still looking.

Anyone one else find it odd that connexx 7.1 with the rexton database is freely available for download on the rexton site but connexx 7.1 or 7.2 with Siemens database is nowhere to be found?


you do understand that you need to have 6.5 installed before installing 7.x?


There was a guy here a couple months ago that could help. Not sure who he is now or if he’s around. A couple months ago PM’s didn’t work so I cannot look up who he was so that I could direct you to him. Searching similar threads should help you break down the info and possibly help to find him. There’s a Ha vendor here that might help but I WON’T point you to him…sorry.


I have connexx 6.54 with sifit db installed and have had good success in programming my Pure Carat aids. I have Pure micon aids coming soon and need the newer version.

I have uploaded the 6.54 version with sifit, rexfit and elecfit databases to a couple file sharing sites for anyone that needs it. See http://www.hearingaidforums.com/showthread.php?15595-Connexx-6-5-4-3452-with-sifit-rexfit-and-elecfit-databases


I have pm’d those members that indicated that they had version 7. None have replied, most haven’t posted in months. I have been given the impression that the ha vendor that you’re talking about will supply the software if you order the hardware from him but I already have the hardware and cables.


Did anyone have any luck getting hold of the connexx 7? I’m super keen to get a hold of it. Also I’ve tried bidbybid on ebay (mentioned in other threads) and they didn’t get back to me. Does anyone have any other vendors in mind that might be able to assist with the whole package (i.e. Hi Pro, Cables & Connexx).

I’ve never found it so hard to get a piece of software.




For Connexx 7, go to: www.rexton-online.com/upgrades/connexxUpgrades.asp
For HW, ebay


If you need Connexx 7 to program your Rexton aids this link is good. This version only includes the Rexton aids database though so
if you have Siemens aids don’t bother.


Ah I need the Seimens version. I should have mentioned I’ve got the new Aquaris 5’s. Thanks for posting the link JFS I do appreciate the assistance!.

The hunt continues!


Sorry Jake, but that’s incorrect. Connexx 6.5 and 7.x can be installed independently, Connexx 7 only supporting miCon products onward, Connex 6.5 products prior to this. You don’t need the latter to install the former.


well shit… I should have called you before checking with Siemens. Sumbit
Fitting with Connexx 6

Connexx 7.2 is used for programming and fitting micon hearing instruments. All other Siemens Hearing Instruments should be fit with Connexx 6.5.5.
Connexx® intuitive software uses your PC to to fit Siemens advanced technology programmable hearing instruments. The most important benefit of programming with Connexx is the exceptionally quick adaptation and acceptance of the hearing device by wearers. With Connexx technology, you’re delivering an unmatched, first-class service.
To ensure XCEL and micon products are fit with the appropriate programming software, install Connexx 6.5.5 before installing Connexx 7.2.
Connexx 7 Does Much More.Connexx 7 is used for programming and fitting micon hearing instruments. All other Siemens Hearing Instruments should be fit with Connexx 6.5.5.
Use Connexx 7.2 software for micon to program micon custom hearing instruments.Connexx 7.2 allows for quick, simple programming of Siemens micon™ hearing instruments. Connexx 7.2 offers an optimized workflow for faster, straightforward navigation and direct access to all individual fitting parameters. The user-centered design provides fully customized First Fit defaults, screent contents, and program settings. Functions include InSituGram and product details overview. The Counseling Suite is integrated in Connexx 7.2.
Connexx 7.2 makes your workflow faster, simpler and more intuitive than ever before.Connexx 7.2 is programming software for Siemens micon hearing instruments. It combines the latest functionality with straightforward operation. It can be customized for your individual fitting process—no matter how (or how much) you use Connexx.
Connexx 7.2 also opens up new possibilities for your consultations with the Counseling Suite.
With Connexx 7.2 every functionality is at your fingertips—a bonus for experienced users. It is also the perfect tool for new users who benefit from the simple intuitive workflow provided by the new structure.
IMPORTANT: To ensure XCEL and micon products are fit with the appropriate programming software, install Connexx 6.5.5 before installing Conexx 7.2.


Siemens’ statement doesn’t mean that you have to install one piece of software before the other. Products fit with connexx 6.5.5 don’t appear in Connex 7.x. If you have a micon product you only need to install connexx 7.x. The difference in our opinions is only in the interpretation of the above statement. Having run connexx 7.x without installing 6.5x in a clinical environment I can verify that it’s not a pre-requisite.


I am also looking for Connexx 7 to program my Siemens Pure 7ml.
Any help wold be appreciated.


Oh, and for Hansaton aids - Connexx 7.1 and 7.2 with Hansafit is available for download at http://transfert-audiomedi.fr/ClientsDownload/espaceclients.htm

Still haven’t found Connexx 7.1 or 7.2 with sifit.


If you install Siemens Connexx 7.0


and then Connexx 7.2.2 from the Hansaton site


you will get Siemens Pure 7ml support.

I found that when just installing the Siemens software the Hi-Pro usb wasn’t recognised

But the version of SiFit in the Siemens Connexx 7.0 is a little old as it doesn’t support my Siemens Orion HA

Looking for Siemens Connexx 7.3.1 with the latest SiFit.