KS9 battery life has changed

For the first year or so my KS9 batteries would last for 4 days consistently. Now they last 3 days and occasionally I have a one day or 2 day lifespan. They have never received any kind of service. Does anyone have ideas as to what could cause the battery life to change?

Are you talking about disposable or rechargeable? (I assume disposable, but you may havé rechargeables you only wear a few hours a day …)

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Disposable. I have two different brands of batteries and they have similar lifespans.

What phone and operating system are you using with the KS9’s? I have a Pixel 6 on Android 12 that has excessive battery drain on my rechargeable KS10’s which appeared with the January update for me.

Pixel 3a XL and Android 12.

I think that Android 12 is the cause. I’ve lost ~15% of my battery life since I got the upgrade. KS9s and Costco batteries before and after.

Thanks! I wouldn’t have thought of that.

I am also having the same battery issues with my KS10 and Pixel 3aXL. However, my problems didn’t start until two weeks ago and I had version 12 for two or three months or more on my Pixel 3aXL. Costco sent in my right HA and came back four days later is a completely new item. Still had/have the same problem. My guess, after reading posts on this forum, that it is a Pixel problem with version 12. No other phone users are complaining. Pixel has been very tiny part of the market.

Now my right aide is down to 2 days battery life. The left one is holding at 3 days. Do you think I should try for a warranty replacement?


Right Aid is the master Aid so you’ll always get less battery life.

What were you getting before?

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For a good while after they were new I was getting 4 days consistently. Then the left aid starting dying after 3 days and occasionally 2 days. Now it’s normally 3 days for the left and 2 days for the right.


Has your audiogram changed at all? That might be the reason?

Nope. No change in audiogram.

How much do you stream? I get about the same but I stream a lot. Seems the last 48 pack did not last as long but I have not documented that. I will be opening a new batch in the next few days.

There is some concern on other (KS10?) aids about phone upgrades causing short life. I have an older pixel1 so I don’t think that is my issue. I have KS9 too.

I don’t stream at all. Only take very short telephone calls about vehicle warranties and occasionally make a call. I do get notifications about texts and emails which wasn’t working when I originally got my aids.

I’ll try turning off media audio and contact sharing to see if that has an effect.

My first batteries after turning off media audio and contact sharing lasted 2 days both sides.

Is decreased battery life something that would qualify for warranty repair or replacement?