KS7 and smart connect


My current BTE HAs are 6 years old so I plan to replace them at Costco next month in Colorado Springs (a 4-hour drive) – hope their KS7 will do the job. My brother has a pair and and he says they work great for him. I’m also thinking about the Smart Connect for both the hands free phone function and TV streaming. Anyone who has this setup please advise how it is working for you and does anyone know the price of a Smart Connect at Costco? Anyone have problems connecting their Smart Connect to the Android app?

Thanks for the help.


The Smart Connect is $229.99 at Costco here in Virginia. It works fine with my iPhone, though I’d like a bit more volume for music streaming.

I picked up an Avantree Bluetooth transmitter from Amazon for $44.99 and it works well with my Dell laptop or Vizio TV.

It’s also less than the $89.99 for the Rexton transmitter. I have that too, but haven’t opened the box yet. I’m trying the KS7 after wearing ReSound for years, and the Cala 8 since late December. So far I prefer the KS7. It’s overall automatic program works well. The TV program enhances dialogue well, and the Music program for speakers is nice for music listening. The KS7 with the initial programming sounds as good or better than the Cala 8 with a few tweaks. The domes are much more comfortable for me too.


Since it is no small task getting to Costco, I’d go in with the Smart Connect app loaded on your smart phone and make sure it works before you leave. If you’re undecided about Smart Connect, load Smart Remote too, although I understand it’s not a great idea to try to use both. At least with Smart Remote, to take advantage of all of the features, you need to scan a code with your smart phone. Getting this all set up while at Costco could save a lot of frustration. Enjoy! Great hearing aids!


I found going through the KS 7 user portal useful before my fitting.



Yes, great resource. Depending on how into this one wants to get, it’s kind of neat to go to the DIY forums and download the Connexx 8 software and Rexfit database. Run a simulation on a Rexton 80 S (6c) and it will let you see all of the options of different settings that are available (with the exception of tinnitus setting which is not available on KS7. There’s a lot to it and it helps to go to audiology online to understand the software, but if you really want to understand possibilities, it’s the only way I know. Then again, just working with your hearing aid fitter is also a fine approach.


Please don’t come backing bitching and moaning about adjustments because you have to drive so far.


Thank you all for the helpful information. I’ve downloaded the KS7 manuals and will load the two apps on my phone and android tablet tomorrow. I’ve started a list of questions to ask when I get the hearing test and hopefully HAs fit. Because of the distance involved I agree that the better prepared I’m the greater the chance for a good outcome.

Doc Jake there will be no bitching about the travel needed for adjustments as we enjoy the area to visit and if need be there is a Costco closer in Albuquerque. In addition, we are retired so our time is more open.

Thanks again all for the help and links.


I may be wrong but if this is your appointment for an audiogram you won’t be leaving with aids.
The ks7, smart connect and tvlink are solid. The app installed on the wife’s Samsung phone and on my kindle are work great. If you set the rockers correctly you can get along fine if you forget the smart connect.


Agreed, he won’t be leaving with aids the first visit.


It might be worth a call to explain you situation maybe they can work something out and have a pair on-hand. Talk to the dept manager not a receptionist.


The Costco stores in this area stock the KS7. I scheduled an appointment with the express intent of buying them and wearing them after that fitting, and did just that.


Neat that it happened that way for you. That was not how it happened for me. I was tested and fit, but aids needed to be ordered and I came back in a couple of weeks to pick them up. I think calling them as DocJake suggested is a good idea considering the 4 hr drive.


When I set up the appointment I let them know that my intent was to buy KS7 if they will work for me, as I had to make a long trip to get there. I also mentioned my interest in a Smart Connect for the same reason. I asked that the appointment have enough time for the hearing test and to be fitted for a pair of KS7s. If need be I’ll set up a second appointment for adjustments a week later, if they have an opening. When my brother, who lives in the same Colorado town as me was in Arizona he was able to get the whole thing done with one long appointment at the Tempe Costco a month ago.

Again thanks for the advise –


Cool! People coming from long distances may be a common issue for them and they’ve learned to accomodate. Nice.


I would like to learn a lot more about the options on my new KS7s, so I downloaded the Connexx 8 software, as suggested, but when I open it I don’t see an option for Rexton 80S (6c). There are choices for Emerald XS, Emerald S, Emerald M, Stata and Charismo. Am I doing something wrong or did I download the wrong software?


I’ll look on mine later, but I’m pretty sure you want the Emerald S. Should be options for 80, 60 and 40. Choose the 80. If that doesn’t work, let me know,
and I’ll go back into mine and get back to you.


I chose Emerald S 80 6C. I wasn’t sure about the numbers in the brackets but I chose 119/60 M for no reason that I recall. Remember that the KS7 was made for Costco to be slightly de-featured from a full-on Rexton that you see in the simulation. It will figure itself out if and when you actually connect the aids and will show all that’s available in the KS7’s.


I was hoping to find a list and description of the different programs available, so I can ask for specific programs when I have my follow-up appointment. Does such a list appear on the Connexx 8, because I couldn’t find it. Or better yet, is such a listing available somewhere more straightforward? (Feeling like a real dolt about this!)


KS7 programs
Have you read the 14 page thread and the other 7 page thread? Those are the two primary threads for the KS7’s. Maybe you don’t realize that the KS7’s are a de-featured Rexton brand.

I’ve only had mine for about a month but I currently have (in addition to the required Automatic that takes up one spot of 6) Telecoil (MT), Listening with speakers, Telecoil (T) and Noise/Party.
I found the music program to be quite good (obviously not perfect). Although I can also just adjust my audio output EQ to something to match my audiogram. I just have mostly middle-aged hearing loss. Some bass and dropping highs and generally less capable hearing.
I made my own hearing loop for my desk area and so use the Telecoil (MT) while working at my desk job to enjoy music in my ears. It sounds like a tinny old AM transistor radio of days gone by but it’s not like I need a concert hall in my ears when I’m at work.
I haven’t used the other programs very much at all yet.


For something more straightforward, I agree that reading the threads is the way to go. The list is available on Connexx 8 under program handling.