KS7 and smart connect


You may not need any other programs. The basic idea is to see if the automatic program can “solve” your hearing problems. If there are any special situations that still bother you, then adding programs that may be somewhat better in that situation is a reasonable thing to try, but so is just using the automatic program.


Party, Noise. = when you are in difficult situations
Outdoor = wind reduction
Car = 360 short range
Music = added low range sound


There’s a little more to it then that, especially for music. There’s actually 3 music program possibilities: one for listening to live music (extended highs, directional mic) playing music (extended highs, omni mic (so you can hear fellow musicians) and listening to recorded music


I am a firm believer in the KISS principle. It is easy to over complicate hearing aid “features” offered in the complicated features lists manufacturers promote/make-up. Too many drink their kool-aid.


I did read through the threads linked to above before posting, thanks. I’ve now spent more time figuring out how to use Connexx 8, and finally found what I was looking for. I then found this thread http://www.hearingaidforums.com/showthread.php?21251-Best-programs-to-use-with-Kirkland-Signature-7/page3 which includes the list of programs. I now feel much better prepared for my appointment later today!


I’ve read through this and several other threads. I currently have a pair of KS7 hearing aids and I’m considering the Smart Connect. I’m curious about how the phone pairing experience and clarity results you may have encountered before I buy the device. Any updates?


Put the easytek into pairing mode and search for easytek from your phone.

The clarity on both ends is good. Suggest you set the phone program to turn the mics way down. The easytek make your phone use really hands free.


I’m just reporting back that I’d been using a Smart Connect with good results since I’d originally posted in this thread. Curious if the firmware get’s updated?


Is anyone else having this issue with their KS7 and Smart Connect Bluetooth device? Mine is version 2.0 hardware and version 6.0.0 firmware, and I just purchased it the end of October 2017 along with the KS7s. Whenever I try to stream music from my phone to the hearing aids via the Smart Connect, the sound is very choppy, and kinda’ like a stuttering effect. It’s definitely on the Bluetooth side of things, and it’s not a range / signal strength issue since this happens even if my smartphone is like 1 inch directly in front of the Smart Connect.

It happens with phone calls too.

I can fix the issue, making the sound streaming flawless with the following procedure:
While wearing the Smart Connect and leaving it turned on,
Close the Smart Connect App on the smart phone
Turn off Bluetooth on the smart phone
Open the Smart Connect App on the phone
Answer Yes to dialog for Bluetooth permission request Allow app to turn on Bluetooth?
Bluetooth turns on, and Smart Connect App connects to the KS7s
Switch to music streaming app on phone.
Select Play button to play music.

The music starts and plays just fine at this point, no stuttering and everything is great.
…Until I stop the music playing (either pushing the center button on the Smart Connect, or just hitting the pause in the music streaming app (doesn’t matter what music app or podcast app I use, the result is always the same).

When I go back to listen to something streamed from my phone to the Smart Connect, the stuttering sound begins all over again, and I have to go through the procedure above.

If I directly connect an audio cable to the Smart Connect, the audio plays in the KS7s flawlessly every time. I only get this issue when using Bluetooth.

My phone is the LG G4 and is running Android 6.0.

I think I’m just going to return the Smart Connect and get a new one, and ask to get the Version 5 hardware that I’ve read about on this site somewhere. I don’t know why I would get a Version 2 hardware Smart Connect in the last 2 months from Costco, unless that’s all they are offering.



I also have the version 2 hardware. However it’s been working pretty well for me. The only time it’s stuttered is when I’d worn it under my shirt during exercising and it had accumulated a bunch of sweat.

After letting it dry out thoroughly, it was back to normal operation. However the symptoms you describe and the method to fix it sounds like you should consider swapping it out at Costco. You have a 1 year warranty with them.