KS-9 BT Streaming Bass Sound Control

I am testing a pair of Costco KS-9 direct BT hearing aids to replace my 6 year old Brio-1 aids and have a question about BT streaming with the KS-9. When streaming from my Samsung S10 Android phone or my Windows Tablet a video (ie: music) that has some bass in it the bass volume is so loud that it is “booming” and almost distorted. On the myPhonak app a program is automatically started called Bluetooth Streaming + mic 2 but the only controls are for volume and a slider to control Balance of Surrounding and Audio. There does not appear to be someway to reduce the bass input and correct the “garble” sound. I have also experienced the “garble” sound on BT phone calls and the Costco tech is not sure how to correct this. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

vtuser, I would start with your phone. Besides any settings in your audio program you s/b able to go to settings/sounds & vibration/sound quality and effects. You should find an equalizer where you can adjust the sound to your liking.

I have an S9 with android 10 so hopefully the setting will be similar. Changes made in the equalizer do have an affect on the sound for me, also with KS 9.0’s.

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Thanks for that information. I also have the S9 Samsung.
I haven’t seen that screen before. Really nice.

Ks9/marvels have separate program as you noticed. The program can be adjusted by your fitter. And then you don’t have to have equilisers. I don’t know if samsung ones affects all sounds or music only. But most of equilisers I’ve seen are music players. Which is ok if you want to play music from the phone. But that won’t cover YouTube for example.

Adjusted HA program affects all media sources.

Just mentioning in case you want one but not the other.

Thanks for your replies and I did on my S10 phone reduced the equalizer for the low frequencies which did seem to help the “booming” sound with phone calls and streaming.