KS 10 Charging issue blamed on user error

So I’ve had my KS10s A year and 6 months…Here’s my issue untill about month ago during the snow blizzard that hit a lot of the states I started to have issues with my hearing aids charging previous to that date I’ve had absolutely very few charging problems maybe once in every few months then then suddenly increased to the point one night I had charging issues right off the bat with my left aid then then over the course of a week the sound dimmed to the point I had it on max volume and had
very little sound thought at first thought it was probably an ear infection I hadn’t been feeling 100% but noticed it was getting quieter despite no ear issues seeming to appear I tested my other receiver by putting it near my ear and did a aha it’s a sound issue as could hear relatively clear with right receiver near my canal. Wasn’t sure if it was a charge issue causing a sudden sound failure or if there was a power surge due to the insane weather that hit causing a short in the hearing aid or if the actual receiver had failed it could’ve been one of three things. My charger is on a surge protector that was specifically brought just for the hearing aid charger we don’t usually have powercuts but I figured better to be safe than sorry added the apartment building I live in doesn’t have the greatest plug systems.no offense but the American plugs but they suck compared to the UK ones and seem far more prone to being flimsy.

At same time I was noticing I was starting to also have reoccurring charging issues more gradually with my right hearing aid that has since increased to now nightly like it did with my left aid. Husband admitted he thought I wasn’t putting them in charger right so kept doing the reset protocol unknownst to me as I showed him if he saw red lights just take it out and replace into charger hook happens periodically it’s no big deal as it was only happening every other month if that during.first year odd. So I can’t be 100% súre how often it was truly happening previous to when I noticed it Increasing to almost nightly as my husband admitted he thought he was being helpful by doing the reset protocol for me in the morning as he didn’t want me to wake up to dead hearing aids. He works very early morning shifts so stated he’s often forgot to tell me if he’s done that unless it was on a day off or remembered when I’ve complained they aren’t fully charged like normal at x time so I had to ask if you see them on red do not remove and reset so I could keep track of how often it was truly happening.

Took hearing aids to Costcos along with the charger for the sound issue Costcos sent the one hearing aid in for repair saying that has little sound and that the receiver seemed to be intact and it definitely was quiet so it could be a microphone issue, hardware failure or the receiver she wasn’t sure usually other fitters can tell immediately if it’s the receiver which surprised me. I thought the usual go to test was to use a spare receiver and see how sound was if it sounds loud like normal receivers okay, if can’t hear or still quiet something else is suspected which with that comment I was sure may be more than a receiver problem but then she said if it was the receiver I may have to pay for the mould since that part isn’t covered by the warranty anymore,

Also mentioned that the tiny wax guard ring on the same side had suddenly dropped off the week before when I was changing guards hoping it might be a wax guard being full issue vs a mechanical issue. I had the same thing happen with the right wax guard ring holder the previous year yet I don’t need to change them often untill summer months hit. That didn’t happen with my previous Phonak brios so parhaps it’s something so so with how the mould is made. Specialist said she deep cleaned both hearing aids and cleaned contacts on the charger and stated everything was actually very clean anyway and followed up that she did a “test” charge and the charger worked fine. Tried to say it was me not putting them in charger right. Odd but I find it wierd that I haven’t had major issues before last month so I thought hey maybe she’s right or they just needed a deep clean they were due one

Heres where I’m now pissed off despite the Costcos deep clean and religiously making sure my current hearing aid is seated properly it charged fine until I go to bed i.e acts normal charging during yellow flashing stage yet I was still nearly daily waking to a either dead hearing aid that hasn’t charged or it’s doing a solid red light. I’ve tried charging in the opposite empty port it still has the issue whichever side I use. What isn’t helping is I have to wait an extra few hours every day for it to properly charge and that was right when it’s when I usually use the hearing aid the most for bluetooth i.e calls and and video chatting right now I only have one working aid I shouldn’t have to do the reset protocol darn thing to charge enough to use them!!

My go to method for now is charge it early evenings when my husband sleeps so I can make sure to immediately pull it out once it states it’s fully charged i.e green static light or watch for the red static light this seems to hit during the yellow charging phase then i just place in the lid part of the charger untill I need it for company or in the morning
What’s annoying me the most is i want to wear them the whole time I’m up but if I have to fully charge it for an extra 3 hours every day to make sure it’s actually charged right I’m using them far less than I want to be just due to trying to make sure they don’t die during the charge if that makes sense or die mid use resorting to the short boost charge and hoping it doesn’t do the static red light again during boost charge.

I’m hoping I get to see my usual fitter at Costcos and let her know this is not user error at this point they are seated correctly appear to charge ok for a period of time then boom dead aid. I’ve known for a while that KS10s had charging issues thanks to these forums but until very recently it didn’t impact me and admittedly I’m slightly pissed off that they tried to blame it on user error full well KNOWING this is the reason they were pulled from the shelves. If they did it to me and I’ve worn aids nearly 35 years so I’m not exactly stupid when it comes to what to do how many other people have they done that to at my store? Rather than dealing with it honestly and saying hey we’ll give you a new charger as it’s a known issue it makes me curious as how many new hearing aid users got duped onto thinking it was just a their fault to avoid returning them or like in my case the charging issue happened almost a year and a half AFTER my trial period ended and told the charger isn’t faulty despite it obviously being faulty on a daily basis.

When I go to pickup my repaired hearing aid I will be kicking up a stink if my usual fitter is available she has always been amazing, she’s talked me through the fitting software and has always answered and fixed any issues quickly added she wears hearing aids herself so she understands what I mean when I describe something.

The one I dealt with on the day seemed very wishy washy. She was polite but beyond that seemed a bit clueless about hearing aids and didn’t truly listen which is so unfortunate as I raved about Costcos and my KS10s until this past 2 weeks.Truly if you have a great HIS/Audiologist stick with them and appreciate them I can see why so many get disheartened or have a bad experience because the audiologist or HIS isn’t a good it truly impacts the experience.as I saw myself and leads to deep frustration.

Lastly do I ask for a replacement charger when I go back? Or ask for a New cable or a New power block? I haven’t seen whether the actual fault was pinpointed. Or do i.ask them to send them in to Phonak I was trying in all honesty to avoid doing that untill closer to the end of my warrenty.

If you read the whole thing thank you. I am a long time lurker that doesn’t post as often tend to use the fb site more

Definitely not a user error.

Reported charging issues.

Many people say the actual Phonak chargers work better.

@Zebras it’s good to see your still about! I’ve seen other users on the FB side comment the Phonak chargers work better. Admittedly when I first heard of charging issues I was under the impression it was for certain ones made after a certain point from release date. Didn’t realize it was for all the KS10s themselves so I wasn’t too concerned ugh. I was hopeful I was among the lucky few who wouldn’t experience it yay me ever the optimist!

I’ll nag my Costcos again on a call tomorrow and have a look at Phonak chargers please excuse the ignorant question do you know which ones would work best with ks10?

Thanks for the reply too and Happy New year as well!

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Thank you for your kind words @LoubyLou

Apparently the Phonak Mini Charging Case and Phonak Charger Case works from what other posts say on here.

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Your welcome and thank you for the link. There’s definitely a call in the morning I read through several threads been trying to charge for the last 3 hours and it’s been stuck around 20% mark.

The Phonak Charger must be compatible with the Phonak Audeo Paradise to work with the KS10. for older Phonak chargers I think they are incompatible.

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Marvel travel charger works with my KS10s. Voltage at the pins is the same. Can’t really tell if the fit of the aid in the cavity is the same, might be a bit tighter with the KS10. I only use the old chargers occasionally.

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Little update so this morning after I woke it was still stuck on amber. I jiggled the hearing aid in the seat thinking maybe the connector wasn’t in place popped out for about 30 minutes while waited for it to maybe charge and have come home to a completely absalutely dead hearing aid. Won’t charge at all refuses to turn or or even reset while in charger same while holding button down swapped ports, swapped where the plug was charging from nada dead as a dodo made a Prompt call to Costcos albeit it a very difficult
one when I’m so used to using blue Bluetooth to make calls. I couldn’t hear the person well at all but she said to bring it in ASAP and they would send it for repair due to the charging issue and that it definately should not be draining while charging which is what was happening last night despite trying for almost 15 hours.

ok ok :slight_smile: , regarding that tighter. I have a unitron blu hearing aid, it uses the same charger as the phonak audeo paradise.
Now after a year or so, I noticed that the tighter has eased, because before I had to pull the hearing aids a little harder, now it has become milder.

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Just wanted to update I took my remaining KS10 hearing aid to Costcos today they tried as well to see if it would charge or turn on with a spare charger they had and said it definately would not charge or boot up for them either. Explained that I had been there just a week ago about the charging issue and that it was dismissed as user error at the time I actually saw my normal fitter and she did not look amused at the one who dismissed me last week I feel bad for the young lady as she avoided interacting with me i hope she wasn’t in trouble for making a mistake as it can happen My fitter Said it’s a known issue and that it should’ve immediately been sent in for repair when I first visited and not ignored.

I asked if there was any chance of a loaner pair since I hadn’t planned on having no hearing aids at all less than a week apart and while I can use live transcribe it wasn’t really helping as it’s hit and miss on picking speech up added my husband is having to shout to be understood and we have neighbors below who might complain to the rental office if this goes on for weeks like predicted vs a few days like I had hoped.
She knows I’ve been a Costcos hearing aid user for almost 5 years and knows my history previous to that of being a almost lifelong hearing aid wearer I said I’d never normally ask but usually I have at least one working aid so it’s a bit of a difficult situation to go from one to no aids and not through choice either.

She kindly programmed some loaner Jabra Pro battery powered RICs with some domes as a temporary measure just to allow me to at least hear something vs nothing at all. I’m thankful for that as they said the wait due to the newly added battery issue would mean 3-4 weeks without much sound.

While the Jabra’s are lovely I was warned they would have feedback due to my HF losses and no mould on the receivers like I’d normally have I said I’ll work with it as it’s better than nothing at all. They do sound very sharp compared to the KS10s and I’m resorting to the speech clarity the one thing that spooked me was how loud my cats meowing was next to me I’m not sure if it’s the programing for speech clarity or the aid themselves I must’ve jumped sky high going Jebus had to ask my husband is he normally that bloody loud :joy: I got told he can be so I’m wondering if thats me having to adjust to the aids or just that my KS10s dampened his meows and made them seem quieter. Added the fitting the receivers with domes in my ear is taking some getting used to vs my moulded receivers and they are a little bit sore but I put that down to a different style than I normally wear.


My KS10s are now fully showing charging issues and go back for servicing today. Is there any indication of how long this takes (or is this ‘how long is a piece of string’? territory…,)?

Whilst they’re away, my local Costco have a pair of demo aids for me to use, which is really good of them. A weekend with 2017 era (preBluetooth) NHS HAs proved a little challenging.

Curious as to what I’ll get to try out…

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Are you sending the charger too? I have heard their current solution is to send a matched set of aids and charger.

Audio wasn’t today, unfortunately. I was intending on giving them the whole shooting match - HAs and charger - as I’d heard similar.

Be interesting to know what the return rate is like on Phonak’s made for the NHS HAs is like. Freedom of Information request in the making there…hmmm…

It’s unlikely that they’d have as much comparison data for the NHS yet - the widespread step to rechargeable hasn’t really happened to the same extent as the private sector.

That sounds very questionable. I have no doubt that some sales person at Costco might have said something like that but it’s very unlikely to be valid info. It would be best not to share it unless and until it’s documented by a knowledgeable source.

It was mentioned here in the forum.

I can’t answer about the NHS Phonak rate k have no clue,

My Costcos fitter returned the aids, charger and all cables for repair. My left hearing aid is hittjng the 3 week mark waiting for repair and my right aid and charger is heading towards the 2 weeks mark. So they were right so far on how long the wait is for Indiana at least…

I’ll be honest I haven’t fallen in love with the loaner Jabra’s despite daily wear usually I adapt quite well with new hearing aids within days but these sound off to me and high pitched in general I’m not disparaging them at all as I truly understand my fitter did her best to get me something usable with what was available I definitely know that domes are just not for me I was always curious as to whether I’d notice the difference and boy do I. The experience so far shows I definitely need moulds for that closed seal to feed sounds properly otherwise it’s almost tinny/high sounding and almost.allows those low sounds to escape. Upside to them is I’ve so far gone 10 days on a size 13 battery so far. I would love to compare the Jabra’s with a mould though to see if that makes a difference.

I miss Bluetooth streaming something fierce at the moment and speech which I put down to the domes is terribly hit and miss I’m constantly mishearing my husband or asking him to repeat what he said FAR more than I ever do with the KS10s.

At least I know my Costcos does indeed do loaner hearing aids when they can, it never hurts to ask as I heard mixed results some do some don’t.

There are different domes available perhaps a more closed dome would help. Costco would need to adjust the programming for the new domes though. They select that within their software.

Thank you for the reply! My fitter used power domes or as I called it double domes for my hearing losses I have very small canals so even these are tiny and only just fit she explained they are the smallest ones they do it’s a struggle to even get them to sit in the ear. My fitter resorted to power domes to try and get as much sound to feed as she could. It’s also different as I’ve worn moulds for 35+ it’s why I say I prefer them over domes it sounds better for me personally.

These are temporary loaner hearing aids so I’m not really wanting to ask for constant tweaks I was grateful to even be given anything while repairs are being done my fitter is not the first to say I would struggle with domes and it’s one of the reasons I couldn’t trial in the store during a walk around and I appreciate her honesty she’s been my go to for 5 years and I trust her opinion she’s never been wrong so far vs some of the other fitters in store. If I’d trialed in store with just domes like I’ve been loaned I would’ve come away feeling dejected as it just doesn’t sound good for me at all and would’ve put me off buying from Costcos completely as well.

Previous audiologists have said the same thing when I asked if domes would work or suit and frankly for me in my experience they have been right between the lacking of clearer sound and the constant feedback even with the program to try prevent it realise I just love moulds and will stick with them unless there’s some new technology that makes domes work and sound exactly like my moulds do!

It never hurts to try something else though and I’m glad it answered some questions I had about what it’s like to use domes vs moulds.


I had custom silicone molds made by ReSound so that I could wear my Omnia 962s (size 13 battery) with M&RIE receivers. The molds are rather large, but they work very well to control feedback and to enhance bass by not letting it escape my ears when streaming. IIRC, a Costco HCP told me that their molds are also made by the respective HA OEM. I had my molds made with Select-A-Vent and am currently using a no-hole vent plug. I don’t mind the occlusion, and I really enjoy being able to block low-frequency noise as well as possible - less of a concern with your greater low-frequency loss.

Your loss seems a bit outside the fitting range of the M&RIE receivers at 2 kHz. I’m very happy with the Omnias equipped with the M&RIE receivers. I’m entering day 9 running on my initial set of 13 batteries and hope to make it to 2 weeks!