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Chalk up another good experience for self programming

I switched my KS9 to DSL i\o from NAL-2. The sound is far more natural. I admit the clarity of speech was slightly better with NAL but everything sounded synthetic.

I like to hear the sound of coins and keys in my pocket. The speech is only slightly less clear but is way better than unaided regardless.

I’m considering buying the Noahlink to self program my KS9s . Can the HAs be adjusted while one is wearing them to sense the changes being made or are the aids located just in close proximity to the Noahlink as aids were when using wired connections? Hopefully adjustments can be checked immediately while wearing the aids then saved if desired.

The aids can be programmed while wearing them.

So, what are the differences between those models (NAL-2/NL, Phonak Adaptive, etc)?

Dsl adult emphasizes clarity over comfort, it seems to use less compression. Nal2 and phonak adaptive i think use the same prescriptive targets. The phonak formula uses less compression in speech relavant frequencies.

These can be changed without re-fitting exercises, such as REM, etc?

If your the one using the software of course. Dont know what procedures an audiologist would follow.

How has that noahLink worked out for you?

Over here in the DIY area terminology is important.
There is a Noahlink and there is a Noahlink Wireless, two different devices.
All the programming devices with different names gets confusing. Using the right words is important to all of us.


So you weren’t able to figure out what I was talking about? In reference to your post? If posting about something sure - to be exact is important . But asking in response to a post, I think your wrong and just being silly. Thanks for answering my question?

How did you do the switch? Yourself or at Costco?

Works perfectly. I am able to use Phonak Target 6.1 with my KS9s. Tweaked them to perfection.

I watched very carefully what both the Phonak person did when I tested Marvel 90s and the Costco person did, recognizing it was the same software, as they adjusted. And I asked questiions. AND I programmed my own America Hears aids for the last 10years. With due-diligence, a little humility, and a curious demeanor, one can find their own way.

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WOW, that’s great. So you used the NoahLink Wireless? Where did you buy the NLW? And did you download the Phonak Target 6.1? Was it a free download?
Thanks for any info. you can provide.

Thanks again,

I bought it from eBay. From this seller:

Thanks Bob. What about the Target 6.1?


That’s all I have. When you launch it, I BELIEVE there’s a mechanism for updating it. Explore the app and you should find it.

Is the Target 6.1 an APP or is it software that you download from phonack?

It’s not an app, it’s the software that the audiologist uses to program Phonak hearing aids.

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