Kirkland Signature 9.0 is not locked

Hey everyone,
When deciding to make a purchase I couldn’t find a clear answer, but I took the risk and it was worth it. You CAN program the ks 9 using target and a noahlink. It is not locked.


Thanks for sharing this, that’s great news indeed.

Thanks for the update.
Were there any updates for the KS9 aids?

There were no updates, so I don’t think I’m getting the marvel 2.0 update unfortunately.

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So, is it Phonak Target software with their nomenclature rather than the Costco customized version (Feedback Reduction vs Whistle Stop, High Frequency preserve vs Sound Recover) etc? If so, when you launch, does it pick up the programming in the KS9s as the starting point? Also, I presume it runs only on a PC, and not a Mac? Finally, perhaps someone can PM me with a place to acquire it? I see that NoahLink Wireless is $175 on ebay from a US seller right now.

Honestly, I dont have the answer to most of those questions. I just took it home and programmed it. the programming did seem to be saved but I don’t think the real ear measurements were carried over with it.

Spending some time reading, searching and learning will answer most questions. This forum is full of helpful information to help you understand what hardware and software you need for your aids along with helpful tips on how to program them.

I personally enjoy helping those who help themselves.


I can confirm this too. Just reprogrammed a set of Brio 3’s I got CHEAP, with standard version of Target

Wow. Got my attention too.
Does it have to be with Noahlink. I have a Hi-Pro knockoff. Can one program the KS 9’s with a Hi-Pro?

I do it with an Icube 2 you can also do it with the mini pro hearing programmer and the right cables

Marvel users are shit out of luck with Icube 2 though

No you cannot. You need the NoahLink Wireless to program the KS9s.

To clarify, you program Brio3 with Icube 2, not Marvels?

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Just to confirm, the real-ear measurements were in fact saved

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Curious if the audiogram was saved or if you had to enter it?

I’ve ordered a NoahLink Wireless. Will be here next Tuesday. Someone PMd me a link to the 6.1 Target software, which runs in VM Ware Fusion in a Windows 10 session on my Mac. The test will be getting the NoahLink to work with the virtual machine…

Good luck with that.
Let us know how that goes.

Audiogram is saved along with REM

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It’s always a good idea to save the original prescription. Something you can always go back to if you mess things up.

I like to add a client to do my testing. I might have 3 or 4 clients while experimenting with tuning the same aids.


This is my experience too. Target and Noahlink Wireless work well on the Kirkland Signature 9.0. Glad I read this thread as I was extremely unhappy with the Costco aids and the technicians there couldn’t make it better.

The problem was that the Costco technician set my fitting to NAL-2/NL. I changed the fitting to Adaptive Phonak Digital. The latter is a much, much better fitting for me. More natural. Equal or better clarity.

As of now, I’m very pleased with my Costco Kirkland Signature aids.