Kirkland KS10.0 wire broken

I have had my KS10s for a few of years and today the right wire broke off near the receiver. It looks easy enough to replace. I have custom ear molds.

Is this something I can do or take them to Costco. The closest one is far enough for me to mail it to them instead of driving there. TIA, Mark

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You can do it yourself if, 1) you get the right receiver, power, length, and 2) you have a small tool to push out the pin. The Samsung tool to release the sim/micro sd tray works.

The receiver is the 3-prong 4.0 receiver, not the 2-prong 3.0 receiver. Plenty of videos online.

Left out one thing.

Also get the correct side, left or right.

If you have custom ear molds such as cshell, I do no believe that you can change the receiver, the mold is made around the receiver/speaker portion.Will need to be remade by Phonak which can be done without you going back.Just call Costco and order new and pay with card and hopefully they will mail them to you when they come in.

Upload a couple photos of the damaged receiver. Forum members will recommend the right receiver for you.

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Here are a couple of photos. It appears to me that the wire can easily be removed from the “custom mold” as it is hollow. Costco sent out the left one to replace when the mold became broken while cleaning it. I’m not thrilled with the new one because it is bulky compared to the right but getting used to it.

BTW We are snowbirds and at our winter home that is at least a couple of hours to a Costco one way so repairing it myself would be ideal.

EDIT: 1M is on it.

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If the receiver is not enclosed inside the shell (mold) then you can pull that part out of the custom mold with a small pair of pliers.

And vice versa you insert (push) the new receiver with the complete cable with the pliers into the red holder inside the mold.

Note: The receiver and wire are non Phonak parts. your Phonak receiver wire look different.


My KS 9 will be 4 years old and it is out of warranty. The Ks10’s came out maybe 4to six months after I bought my KS9 in 8/2020. I’m thinking your KS 10 might still be under warranty. I’m saying this because if the hearing is still within the 3 year warranty period the receiver and wire should be no charge to you. Once you fall out of the warranty period there will be a cost for the receiver wire. Costco most likely will have your receiver wire in stock, they still had them for my KS 9 back in November so they probably won’t need to order. Now the shipping and the cost of it I don’t know. If you are under warranty, in order to avoid cost, they may need you to come to the store.

Costco will replace receivers after the warranty is up for free. Did it one month ago for my KS9’s. Ended up the receiver was not the problem and the random clicking came back before I was done shopping.
Was worth the drive.

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Thanks all, I found one that looks like an exact replacement on Ebay for $37 free shipping. A tooth pick popped the little release and the old wire (just a stub) came out.

My custom ear mold is hollow so it looks like and easy fix. Waiting for delivery.


The new one works fine and was easy to replace. If Costco would replace it for free the closest one to us is far enough away so gas would cost as much as the $37.

As (bad) luck would have it, the left wire broke two days before I received the right replacement so that is on it’s way.

Thank you all for the help.

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