Keep TH Advanced 6 LI RIC or keep shopping?

New hearing aid user and I’m baffled. These are the ones that my Medicare Advantage Plan will ‘cover’. I’ve had them almost 3 weeks and have 60 days total to return them. I’ve tried listening through previous posts but, so far, haven’t defined my issues sufficiently to find responses
I don’t have a lot of loss but I do have auditory processing disorder plus no usable vision. These are helping but I’m not certain if they are helping as much as possible. The app/connection wasn’t set up correctly until today (when I broke down and called the hotline - I’d emailed the audiologist office a few days after I picked them up with a list of questions and she finally suggested I call them to try to get answers when I sent another list with a reminder the first ones hadn’t been answered) so I feel like I’ve wasted a chunk of my trial period already with Voiceover (screen reader) app issues.
It seems like I should be able to adjust some settings to make a program myself but all the app lets me do is adjust volume, direction, and sharp vs soft sounds. I have a LOT of trouble focusing on speech (human and my screen readers) when there is background noise (loud televisions are the bane of my existence but running water, appliances, etc. also cause issues) so I’d like to be able to limit the increase of those in favor of the things I DO want to hear.
Is that possible with any of the hearing aids (with or without another app but any apps will need to work with Voiceover)? If not, how do I get the programs that help me in specific situations (a dog show grooming area for example - 50 to 100 or more force dryers, clippers, dogs of various sizes batking occasionally, etc.) programmed in her office?
I have my audiogram in a photo but cannot hear the specific information requested for my profile in it. The description says chart and then reads it all without specifying which information is mine and which is just the chart as far as I can hear.
Sorry for the length of this post, I can’t even shorten into a tl:dr