Jabra Pro 10 (or the new Pro 20) M&RIE (3rd mic)?

No that’s not it, I’m sure a number of forum members have been using the software on their Mac OS, but they then run into the Noahlink wireless ARM issue and it’s not just Mac machines, it’s ALL ARM based PC’s which includes windows using ARM.

If you look at the 2nd paragraph of the post you’re quoting, I said precisely that, quoting PVC. If Smart Fit requires the Noahlink Wireless driver that only works on Intel/AMD-based PCs, then that effectively restricts Smart Fit only to running on those chips under Windows. Without the Noahlink, the program can’t connect to GN HA’s, so you couldn’t program a real HA (I guess you could practice programming a simulated HA, though, as Smart Fit allows you to do).

Or you could just use any other programming device (HiPro etc) so long as the HAs supported it,then no worries about ARM based PC’s.

FWIW, I was just talking to Costco fitter about the M&RIE (for my probable upgrade from KS9 to Jabra Enhance 20) and he suggests not - his experience is the in-canal mic clogs and clears too much in most people and results in localization artifacts (he made in/out motions at his ear like a trombone player), says most get returned. Another Costco fitter (same store) said too many people find them uncomfortable. Both agreed “great in the fitting booth but often a failure in the real world”

I also asked him to distinguish between the Jabra and the Phillips and the Rexton and he summarized to: Jabra wins for most speech clarity in noise and for app control capabilities (“it’s like driving a stick shift where the others are on auto”); Phillips is better for musicians/audiophiles (“amazing for music”); and, Rexton is for specialized situations (“like after facelifts where the pinna lies really close to the skull”)

But before he sells me the Jabra 20 he wants to redo the hearing test and REM/setup on my KS9 then use that test to set up the Jabra for compare: “don’t want to sell you something that isn’t enough better” and he pointed out “you get 6 months to return”


Sorry, but does anyone know when the Pro 20 will be available? My local Costco doesnt have it yet and they act like its some top secret when asking if they have a release date. Tnx

See this other thread, starting about here: Costco to get Jabra Enhance Pro 20 - #13 by AlanFriend My Costco in San Antonio, TX has them in stock and on display as of Friday, 11/10/23.

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The clogging hasn’t been my experience. As I mentioned, the M&RIE mic filters are replaceable. The standard mics don’t have any dirt filters, and I can see the standard mics on my Omnias already have some debris in the mic openings. I’ve been wearing my Omnias for almost a year, and the M&RIE mics have performed very well. I also clean my HAs under a table stand magnifying glass with extremely bright LED illumination daily. There is always some debris on my HA bodies. I hardly ever see any debris near the M&RIE microphone filters on the receivers, and these openings point down and away from my head - so it’s hard to see how debris is going to fall into them. Every day, when I boot my HAs, I do a finger/thumb rubbing test by each ear. With my Quattros, where I had problems with the standard external mics giving out, I would get a diminished sound from that rubbing test as the standard mics were giving out. With the Omnias, when they boot in the All-Around program in a quiet environment where ~all the input should be from the M&RIE mics, I hear my fingers rubbing around each ear loud and clear every day. Perhaps the Costco you’re referring to is in a city with very dirty air or some such thing, but I’ve had zero problems with the M&RIE receivers as far as dirt and sound quality goes. With my relatively steep ski slope loss, I probably couldn’t wear M&RIE receivers without an occlusive fit. So I can see that could be a problem for some if they try to wear M&RIE receivers with a more open fit than appropriate for their loss; those folks will likely suffer feedback issues. My audi has something like 40 years of practice experience - so possibly the fitters at Costco are not so experienced in making impressions, adjusting fits, etc. My audi did a great job, and the Costco talk might be a reason to keep forking over the $$$ for my audi’s skills. She did not try to discourage me from trying them but did tell me if I didn’t like them, she’d be happy to exchange them for standard receivers at no cost. One would hope Costco would be so generous to users who want to try M&RIE receivers there…


Thank-you, Jim Lewis for that guidance. Since it is very likely I will be buying the Jabra Pro 10 or Pro 20 at my local Costco this week, your description of how you check and maintain the M&RIE mics is very relevant for me.

Jim G


You might really want to go with the Jabra Enhance Pro 20’s.
This is from Jabras website. You will have the very latest bluetooth tech in them so you will not have any problems in the future in that regard. According to what it says at the bottom of the page you can get them at costco now.
Jabra Enhance Pro 20 is equipped with the latest Bluetooth® Low Energy (LE) Audio along with Auracast™ broadcast audio”
It doesn’t make any sense to me to go for the 10’s when these 20’s are available.


Rather than rambling on as I did, I think a much shorter reply would have been better. That is, we should average over the experience of all reported Costcos and user experiences with the M&RIE receivers rather than rely on a particular Costco or Costco fitter or me for advice. On the forum, there certainly has been a wide range of experience at Costcos, audis, and with users, e.g., different Costcos favor the Phillips vs. the Jabras, or vice-versa, etc.

The M&RIE mics reside just inside the opening of the ear canal on most users, so undoubtedly, the filters are there to guard against stray wax, especially in inserting and removing receivers. But in my experience, the worst opportunity for wax to spread around is in my Omnia plastic case, which is provided for disposable battery versions of the Omnia. I think it must be from static electricity as I walk across the floor holding the case or maybe just the vibration and rubbing of the receivers on their wires as I walk. After overnight air drying, wax debris is all over the place in the case when I go to open the case at my cleaning table. But since the M&RIE mics still basically point down with the receivers pointing up in the air on their wires, the mics remain very clean, I vacuum up as much wax as possible with a consumer-version Jodi-Vac (bought on Amazon), but then I have a blower that I bought on Amazon (to blow dust out of computer insides when I take the opened case outdoors). https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B082XR3987/ I wet our kitchen sink bowl with the sink sprayer and try to blow out any remaining wax debris from the case down into the wetted bowl so I’m not blowing it all around the kitchen (too much of a hassle to go outside as for a computer/electronic device cleaning). (using a can of compressed air might be an alternative to the blower).

Air dry? Whoa. Wow. I’ve been closing the case in which I store my Jabras at night, even though nothing short of a big earthquake will cause me to lose them on the 340 days of the year that I’m home. At 79, I sweat a lot less than I used to, but allowing the aids to air dry makes sense.

Thanks for mentioning that, Jim.

.You never can tell what words will have impact… :slightly_smiling_face:

I mostly close the case but prop open the latch side of the case (opposite the hinge) with the handle end of an old toothbrush. So the HA’s are mostly covered by the lid of the case, but air can circulate in and out. It’s very dry inside a house in San Antonio, TX. Rare for inside humidity to go above 60% whereas outside at night, strangely enough, it’s quite humid, often well over 80% humidity much of the year despite daytime dryness.

Thanks, guys! Jim Lewis, I have copied your post on cleaning into a file in my “Hearing” folder!

Jim G

Ron: Naturally, I prefer the Jabra Pro 20, but only if availability is now or very soon. neither me or my wife are willing to wait some undetermined availability date.

Jim G

It seems it is available for order at some Costco’s since Nov 8. Here is a thread about them at Costco’s.
I would be patient since you are spending a lot for something you will have for quite a few years.

From the thread:
" [AlanFriend]
11/8/23 - I just got home from Costco in Wenatchee, WA. Had a hearing test and ordered the new Jabra Enhance Pro 20. The HIS said they became available this past Monday for order. Mine will be fitted on November 20th."

Just fyi, I went yesterday to my local Costco in the Los Angeles area and they now have the Pro 20 in stock for trial and ordering.


I upgraded from Pro 10 to Pro 20 yesterday and requested the M&RIE receiver but they said I was not a good candidate due to my hearing profile and that the standard receiver would give me better results. After reading several positive experiences from people having a similar hearing loss, I went back today and told them I wanted to try the M&RIE receivers anyhow. They agreed to a trial and I got it with the tulip domes. I am totally blown away with the results. I can hear much better, especially with speech recognition and TV viewing. I use TV streaming a lot and discovered that with the M&RIE I can adequately watch TV at normal volume without steaming, although I still use it since the audio quality has totally spoiled me. It’s only been a day but I already know that I will not go back. I experienced no feedback or any other negative results so far using the tulip domes.


Did you notice any improvements of the 20 over the 10?

I appreciate this posting, as I too ordered the Jabra Pro 20 with M&RIE from Costco on 11-15, and am expecting to pick them up 11-28. They will be my first hearing aids.

I realize that many audis tell their clients that the M&RIE does not work for some people, despite the Jabra / ReSound claims. But, I suspect that may be because many users do not understand how important getting the right ear fit and venting is when those 3rd microphones are present, and don’t know how to accurately describe their issues when they occur, or because some audis might not “have the time” to troubleshoot a fitting that is exhibiting problems, and just recommend removing the M&RIE. I can see this occurring especially in a high volume selling and fitting environment.

I hope I am wrong about that suspicion. I know that I will not easily “give up” on the M&RIE feature and will work with my audi to troublshoot and solve any issues that might occur for me. If the beenfits are there, it is worth being persistent.

Jim G

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No, the 20’s seemed to provide the same level of hearing assistance as the 10’s until I got the M&RIE receivers but I did like the smaller size and tap control feature. Also I am looking forward to the Auracast TV streaming. You can get the TV Streamer+ for $300 but Costco doesn’t sell it yet. Instead I bought an Auracast streamer called VOCE Bluetooth Broadcast Transceiver from Walmart for $70 that transmits Auracast but it hasn’t arrived yet so I’m not sure how well it work, but since Auracast is universal I hope it will be OK.