Jabra Pro 10 (or the new Pro 20) M&RIE (3rd mic)?

The Jabra Enhance Pro 10 is currently the lead contender in my search for a set of HAs.

If any of you forum members have any experience with the Jabra Pro 10 with the M&RIE (3rd microphone) option, can you please post about whether you like it or not, and why?

I SUSPECT it might be more likely to get feedback, especially if the dome is not sized correctly (too small), but being an HA novice, I am looking for experienced advice on the 3rd microphone option.

Jim G

Hi there, lots of posts about these receivers, I got this hit from using hearingtracker search button.


@tenkan that search link didn’t work the way you intended…at least based on my smartphone app. Clicking on the link only gets “ReSound M” as the actual search result. @JimGnitecki can just type in the search field “ReSound M&RIE” if he has same issue.


Yeah that’s strange, I just done it again and it’s working as it should, must be the cut and paste I used, thanks for pointing it out.

The M&RIE gave me indistinct sound. I heard the frequencies OK, but the start and stop of sounds was a bit fuzzy for me, and ‘a bit’ fuzzy was too fuzzy.

I’d wait for the Jabra Pro 20 to hit your Costco and skip the Pro 10.

True I didn’t like them either, audio artifacts I was getting with multiple people speaking at the same time was one of things I remember, plus some kind of delay at odd times, I gave up and went back to the standard receiver’s.

Hmm. I wonder if that’s why one of the firmware updates on my Jabra’s changed how the specific M&RIE program worked. It used to silence all the mics other than that specific mic. Now it doesn’t seem all that different from the all around. I think they have tweaked how that mic works over time

narenkona: Interesting possibility that Jabra tweaked the software over time. Do they show software version numbers?

Jim G

Yes they do for SmartFit software, but you may mean the firmware version being used?

BOTH software and firmware revisions are possibilities.

Jim G

Not quite the same, but I have the ReSound Omnias with M&RIE receivers, and I’m quite happy with them. I do have occlusive custom-made ReSound molds with Select-A-Vent, and I choose to fully block my vents - but I could have anything up to a 4 mm vent size with Select-A-Vent. I think the sound is great, but you can get feedback if you’re not careful. The OP does not post his audiogram, but ReSound says M&RIE does not work well with steeply sloping ski slope loss because one part of your frequency range will be highly amplified and the other not. I solve this problem with my occlusive molds. Besides liking the sound, I think, as advertised, the M&RIE receivers give you better spatial sound localization. My audio was willing to let me try the M&RIE receivers and go to standard receivers if they didn’t work out for me. But I paid her $200 for my own custom molds designed to hold the “trial” M&RIE receivers. Don’t know if Costco has a trial policy on receivers, but custom molds through Costco are much cheaper than from an audi. So if you were willing to blow ~$100, maybe Costco would let you try the M&RIE receivers, at least to wear around the store. I’m wondering if a hidden benefit of M&RIE receivers is that since the mic openings are rather hidden a few mm inside the mold openings, whether the M&RIE receivers are less likely to clog from debris from your ears, scalp, and hair. The M&RIE receivers also have “microphone guards/filters,” which can be changed out. So, my theory is that as time passes, the microphone input performance will deteriorate less from accumulated gunk than the unprotected microphones on the HA bodies behind your ear lobes. It seems like HA OEMs should put user-changeable microphone filters on all HA microphones, just like wax guards for the receiver speakers. I’ve changed the M&RIE filters myself, and it’s not much harder than changing wax guards.

I agree with @philbob57, though, if the 20s are imminent, I’d wait and give those a try instead, or at least ask Costco what the possibilities are for trading up. It seems to vary from one Costco location to another.

Thanks, JimLewis. I haven’t posted my audiogram yet for 2 reasons:

  1. I don’t yet have a CURRENT one. I have several old ones as I have an 18 year history of hearing issues due to my tubes being ouritnely congested. It has up to now required me to use aPulmicort nasal flush every morning to alleviate the symptoms notably, and I have tarcked my hearing via audiograms over the years, Recently my hearing has deteriorated notably, much more at the high frequencies than low, but my WORST spot is at about 4000 hz and is -75 db, so within the workable range for MARIE, I have a hearing test appointment at Costco on 11-15, and so will have a current audiogram then,

  2. HOW does one post an audigram here atatched to a posting? I don’t see any obvious button for adding attachments.

You have done some great work on your HAs, Jim. I too am willig to be an innovator, BUT, I use only a Macbook and iPhone. No Windows computers, and no desire to rejoin the Windows community, so no DIY HA adjsutments.

Jim G

@JimGnitecki , yes you can see current firmware version from the Jabra app on phone (they call it software version in the app). Below is a couple of forum discussions that might be of interest. If you look at my audiogram, you’ll see my loss in my right ear - I use a custom mold on that ear ($30 at Costco for one mold). My Left ear is not bad at all. However the combination makes it very hard for me to determine location of sound. The M&RIE receivers have helped that. I previously had a Resound Quattro, and going to the Jabra Enhanced (Resound One) with the M&RIE, was a great improvement.

It looks like Costco in the US is now able to take orders for the new Jabra 20, I’m intending on calling my Costco tomorrow and ordering one - I live 90 mins away from my closest Costco, So I’m going to buy over the phone if they let me, and go in just once for the fitting.


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JimL, I paid $30 for a single custom mold from Costco - they come from Resound, so are ‘the real thing’. They actually ended up first using the serial number from my mold from my older Resound Quattro, when I bought my Jabra Enhanced Pro, and then later on, We decided to do a new mold, and that was replaced twice to get it ‘just right’ all for $30 US.

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JimG, when you are in the forum, click along the top “forum”, then “My Hearing Tests” … You can add your audiogram there. And in case you’ve missed it, you can view other’s audiogram within any discussion if they have “audiogram” as a link next to their avatar on the discussion.

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I just posted my last audiogram done in February 2020, so over 3.5 years old now. New one shceduled to be done next week at Costco.

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It’s been a long time since I’ve used a Mac (Mini). And I had Parallels and Windows at academic discount prices. Perhaps the problem is that Smart Fit only runs on Intel/AMD-based computers, not an Apple M-chip design?

Although I see in this post by PVC, summarizing what @drcrandon and @narenkona have found, that the ultimate problem is that there is no Noahlink Wireless driver for ARM-based chips - emulation won’t work there - the driver operates at the pedal-to-metal hardware level: Noahlink on a Mac using Windows emulating with Paralles - #9 by pvc

No that’s not it, I’m sure a number of forum members have been using the software on their Mac OS, but they then run into the Noahlink wireless ARM issue and it’s not just Mac machines, it’s ALL ARM based PC’s which includes windows using ARM.

If you look at the 2nd paragraph of the post you’re quoting, I said precisely that, quoting PVC. If Smart Fit requires the Noahlink Wireless driver that only works on Intel/AMD-based PCs, then that effectively restricts Smart Fit only to running on those chips under Windows. Without the Noahlink, the program can’t connect to GN HA’s, so you couldn’t program a real HA (I guess you could practice programming a simulated HA, though, as Smart Fit allows you to do).

Or you could just use any other programming device (HiPro etc) so long as the HAs supported it,then no worries about ARM based PC’s.