Jabra Enhance Pro 20 - Any Issues with Android phones?

Have been wearing Resound hearing aids for almost 5 years now, and taking a couple of showers with the hearing aids still in my ears (oops), time for an upgrade. And, I am a Costco fan.

My understanding is that the Jabra Pro 20 requires a newer android phone than my ancient Note 9 to use the hands free capabilities. So, once I upgrade my Android phone to a Samsung Galaxy S23 or S24 within a month, I will be looking to purchase the Jabra Pro 20. I assume the newer Samsung phones provide the same functionality as the newer iPhones with regards to hearing aids. If that is incorrect, what functions are not available on the Android phones?

From those of you who already have the Jabra Pro 20 from Costco, any issues encountered, particularly with Android phones? Are these waterproof at all? In particular, can I wear them while riding a bike (would need an excellent wind noise filter), or playing pickleball or hot yoga (sweat)?

There’s a few posts been made about these great HAs, check them out as I’m sure just recently that someone was complaining that they weren’t working well with his latest Sammy.



As for “waterproof” don’t think there’s any that are truely waterproof, but IP68.

See here for all features etc

Jabra Enhance Pro 20 Hearing Aids at Costco.

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I have the Jabra 20 and a galaxy s23 and using the phone has been an unpleasant experience (I’m going to Costco tomorrow to see if they can be of any help). First, as I look at it, I don’t think it would be classified as waterproof. For phone calls, it is not hands free like the old KS9. I think this is only true for Apple. Phone calls will test your patience. Even if you keep the HAs paired with your phone (not always an easy feat), you never know if a phone call will be successful. I have learned that every morning, you need to turn your bt off and on again to have the best chance of getting a call. even then, it’s a crap shoot as to whether you win. Sometimes, the phone rings and you hear the calling party but they can’t hear you and sometimes you hear the phone in your ear but you can’t hear anything. You go back and turn off bt and then on, make a test call and everything works as it should. later, another phone call and your back to one side or the other not hearing. Sorry to be so windy but you would think HA manufacturer would “bullet proof” their devide before they sell it. All I can say is I hope you have better luck than me!

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My last Samsung was a s20. Moved to Google pixel 7, and now pixel 8.

The 7 was far better at connecting to my HAs (Starkey Evolv), the Pixel 8 is even better. It has dual BT antennas and Android 14, for the latest HA compatibility and function.

Look at the specific version of BT (5.1, 5.3, 5.4 ect.) built into the phone you are considering. New Android features can’t take advantage of old BT chipsets (versions).

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The EP 10 allowed talking hands free with my Samsung S20 5G, but I couldn’t control the phone by tapping the HAs, which I think the KS9s allowed.
The EP 20s have BT LE Audio and(?) Auracast, which is pretty new. The S23/S24 claim to be compatible, but people have reported problems here. MFI is older tech, with a long history of working well.
I was so frustrated with Android and my EP10s that I switched to Apple. I installed a new version of the app, and the problems continued on my S20 5G. I doubt that the app is better on the EP 20s, if only because the Apple screens seem to be more sensitive than Samsung screens. Pixel may be better.


Ouch. After your visit to Costco I would REALLY REALLY like to hear what they say. On my existing phone/HA setup, on almost 5 year old devices, I never turn off the BT. I will have a chat with the local Costco HA when I go there next, too.

For clarity, you used the EP 20 on the S20 and had issues, and then you switched to Apple phones with the Jabra Enhance Pro 20, correct? And no problems with BT connectivity, hands free, or _____?? And what version Apple phone do you have?

Switching to Apple is a possibility, just have been with Android a long time.

I thought that the Jabra 20 with a S23 (and soon to be announced s24) would support hand’s free operation, per the Jabra website (I believe).

This hands free issue is confusing. You are correct, there is one place that says android hands free calling while info on Costco website just talks about ios hands free calling. I have never been able to do hands free with my s23

Yes but only with LE Audio, which they have but…it doesn’t seem to be working quite right.

I have the Pro 10’s that I use with my Samsung S21 FE. The hands-free technically works as long as the phone’s microphone is close by as it does not use the HA’s microphone. The only problem that I have had with the bluetooth is if I have walked out of range from the phone and sometimes only one HA will re-connect.

Samsung is to announce the new S24 models on Jan 17. Based on what I have read, only the models with the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chipset will support Bluetooth LE 5.4, which is needed to fully support Auracast and possibly true hands-free calling on the Pro 20. Have found nothing in relation to the cheaper Exynos chipset and Auracast or 5.4, which is a shame as the S24 Ultra is rumored to cost about $1,300.

Not exactly - I have EP 10s. The app was upgraded to handle the EP20s but still was highly annoying with the EP10s. The problem with Android was/is unpredictability - works most of the time, but 20-30% of the taps fail. What I particularly hate is that I often want to mute the TV streamer, and too often it mutes only one HA. That’s not a problem if you don’t want to mute the aids very often.

My bet is that the problem is in the app and relative lack of responsiveness of the Samsung screen. Pixel may be better. My wife’s iphone SE 2nd version almost always worked fine when I used it for testing, so my choice was between an iphone that I knew worked well enough and an unknown Pixel, so I went over to the dark side. And it IS the dark side - the Samsung is better in every respect I use the phone for except for controlling my HAs.

I don’t know what constitutes ‘hands-free’ with HAs. Most of the time, people hear me well enough when I use the EP 10s mics, with the phone beside me, but I still have to use the phone itself to answer a call or to hang up. I believe Phonaks allow answering and ending a call by tapping a switch on the HA, which is a lot closer the hands-free, IMO,

Well, I have never claimed to be a bluetooth expert but my s23 shows it as having bt 5.4 and has a switch to turn on le audio but I still have disconnect problems whatever all that means.

For what it’s worth, I talked directly to Jabra to ask them about the differences between using an iPhone and Android with the EP 20s. Their customer service rep, who told me he was an iPhone user, he said that the Android Samsung s23 with the EP 20s was actually a little more advanced than the iPhone due to their implementation of Auracast.
Jabra hasn’t yet seen the Samsung s24 so they haven’t tested that model yet, but they expect it to be as good as the s23 or better for HAs. The s24 Ultra will have the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chipset.
Argh…confusing to this guy. Will try the Jabra EP 20 and if it does disconnect randomly and causes call issues, will return it to Costco and go with Plan B (to be determined).

Also, it seems that the EP 20 has a wind noise mode. Anyone try using this while bike riding? I usually take my old HAs out due to the wind noise.

With EP 10s on my bike, the outdoor program has been great shutting down wind noise while letting me hear sounds around me, and the wind noise suppression is not maxed out in the app. In fact, I often forget to switch to the outdoor program, and I can still hear cars coming up behind me better than I could with my Philips 9010s from 2019. Note, however, that I cruised at 13-14 mph last Summer. If you ride faster, wind noise is presumably louder.

The EP 20s should be at least as good.

Philbob57, thx for the info on the HA and wind noise. I find it difficult to ride in a group without the HA and understand what the others are saying, so this is promising.

Looks like both the Pixel 7 (BT 5.2) and Pixel 8 (BT 5.3) could support Auracast. It seems that starting with BT 5.2 hardware, it is possible, although not always enabled by the manufacturer.

On my pixel 8 I can’t find anything like ‘search/find for/a broadcast’. I wonder if this is a limitation of the Starkey Evolv (BT 5.2)?

Thanks - This is super helpful since I’m on a Pixel 7, soon to be Pixel 8, or Pixel 8 Pro.

My understanding is you need to be connected to a LE Audio device before any of that functionality is exposed. You tap on the LE Audio connection and ‘find Auracast broadcasts’ is on the next screen.