Is this the same forum?

Hi guys. I was a member of the forum back in 2009. It now resolves to this forum so I joined again. Is this the same forum.

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I thought I remembered the old one as hearingaiduserforum. It moved here many years ago.
If it is familiar, @rasmus_braun is an admin here. Um_bongo, an expert provider is here too.


Yeah, it’s the same forum… Changed name, and ownership a few years back… Cheers Kev :wink:


I didn’t mean to miss you. I actually recently returned to get caught up on the latest hearing aid information.
@Revhead is there anything we can do to assist you?

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Yes, it morphed into this place. You can probably still re-use your old username. I don’t recall if there was a time limit on changing over. All the old stuff is still here anyway.


Yeah, but Doc Jake ain’t here anymore!


Thanks for the info.
I had HA’s years ago. I lost them.
Just starting the process to get new ones before my wife kills me.
I’ve seen one Audiologist who has recommended More 1’s. I didn’t realise if you worked for Audika you worked for Oticon though. He recommended Oticon MORE 1 miniRITE-R.
The Oticons review as probably the best available. Now seeking an independent assessment (and hopefully a better price).
Greetings from Australia.

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I currently believe that the skill and care of the hearing professional is possibly more important than the aid selected. I just spent much more ordering from a skilled audiologist after wearing Costco aids for 10 years.
Costco hearing professionals are usually better than average but I felt I needed something better.

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Well although a skillful audiologist is essential to getting the most out of a hearing aid, getting the right hearing aid for the loss is essential before and audiologist can show how skillful he is.

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I assume part of their skill and care is directing the device selection after considering the customer’s preferences, environment, and finances.

I wouldn’t assume. There are plenty of audiologist who are loyal to a particular brand, for whatever reason. And may not be the best aid for you.



is it due to volume of sales like in the HVAC industry? Walk in off the street it costs $100. Buy a lot, same item is about $50…found that out after doing a friend a favour and buying a furnace from him.

Ontario Canada

Yeah - same bunch waiting for the Holy Grail.

So I’m thinking I’ll have to upgrade my Samsung Galaxy S8+ to work with the Oticon More 1’s?. My reading is that you need at least A12?

I expect my iPhone to work. Actually, several years ago, I switched from Android to iPhone, partially due to my MFi hearing aids.

The only issues I have had is when manufacturers are either slow to release updated compatible firmware or, like my current Rextons, refuse to update the firmware.

It may only be my own experience…but…I am rapidly finding out that I have to do a LOT of my own research now. My original Audiologist and his staff were great but that business has changed ownership twice since then and it seems the only information I now get from them is: What is Best for the Business rather than What is Best for me. Sad to say but I am learning slowly.


Android is a little tricky. Ideally it would be nice to try out the phone with your hearing aids and see what you think. My take from this list from Oticon is that A12 wouldn’t work but A13 would. Any S version from 10 on up should work. Compatibility An iPhone would likely be simpler and a better experience unless you like messing around with tech.

Yeah, I’ve been using custom ROMs for a long while. But I’m not sure whether BLE and ASHA are hardware dependent?

It would be a combination of hardware & software (for Android, modem & OS), likely. For iPhone, most any recent iPhone should work, I think the earliest phone I tested years ago with BLE made for iPhone aids was an iPhone 5.

For custom Android ROMS it may be best to inquire on forums or in documentation for your particular ROM flavor.

They are both hardware and software dependent. ASHA requires BT 5 for hardware and Android 10 at minimum for OS. BLE alone (no audio) just requires BT 4

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