Is the Resound Multi Mic unreliable?


I got some Resound Linx 3D aids from the VA, and they are awful. I purchased a remote which has proved useful. I thought I would try a Multi-Mic to see if I could get any improvement in performance. I have bought two off eBay and both would pair, but had no audio whatsoever. I was able to return them and get a refund, but I have to wonder if this is a common problem with them. All of the ones on eBay that are reasonably priced are from the same seller. I suspect that they bought a quantity at auction of unknown condition. They say they power up and take a charge, which is true, but without aids, they have no way of knowing if they really work. The Multi-Mic is supposed to add telecoil capability to the aids, and if it does that, I might start going to movies again, as I understand that our local theater is looped.



I got my ReSound Multi Mic through Costco for $267 (with sales tax, $289). Works very well. So I think that you should edit the title of thread to “Is eBay Unreliable?”

My only minor quibbles with the Multi-Mic is that unlike the Phone Clip+ streamer, you cannot use it within one of your four standard HA programs and apply your already existing settings for that program to the transmitted Multi Mic sound. The Multi Mic becomes a 5th program, effectively, in the Smart 3D phone app and then within the Multi Mic program you can tune the various standard Smart 3D adjustments: equalizer (bass, midtones, treble), noise, wind reduction, Multi Mic volume vs. volume of environmental sounds heard thru HA mics on your ears, etc.

The other minor quibble is without adjustment the sound transmitted from the Multi Mic microphone to my HA’s sounds “tinny” (not enough bass or too much high frequency). In the Multi Mic program, the two Quick buttons are Bass Boost and Treble Boost. Hitting Bass Boost increases the relative amount of bass and makes the sound pretty natural. Voices picked up in omnidirectional mode come through very clear but if someone clanks something right in the vicinity of the Multi Mic, that comes through loud and clear, too.

It take two people to tango, too. My main motivation for getting it was so that I could have my wife use the Multi Mic in unidirectional mode while we were driving, with her as the front passenger, and have her voice come through loud and clear above road noise. It works even better in unidirectional mode (hung vertically from someone’s neck or clipped to their shirt or blouse). But the wife doesn’t like wearing the device and most of the time I hear her very clearly through my Quattro’s directly, especially if I hit the Speech Clarity Quick button for the All-Around program before we start driving.



I bought mine from the E Bay and have had no problem. Did you call resound to make sure you paired them correctly? You also might get the multi-mic for free from the VA. They gave my husband any accessories he asked for. They might even pair and test it for you in the office.



I’m skeptical that two didn’t work from ebay, although it is possible. I’ve had great luck with eBay. I’m just wondering if there’s a pairing issue or otherwise. Are you sure you’re activating the multi mic streaming mode on the HA after you turn the mic on? Consider hitting the volume up button on the side of the multi mic once you enter the multi-mic mode. I’ve had 3 multi mics when I was with resound - for various purposes and reasons - and they were all great. Sometimes I had to increase the volume with the button on the side, which is a different control than on the smartphone app. Hope it works out for you as the multi mic is a great device and, IMO, a must have for resound wearers.



Thanks to all who replied. I downloaded the Multi-Mic manual in order to find the pairing button, which wasn’t all that obvious. If I remember correctly, you press the pairing button on the Multi-Mic, then open and close the battery doors on the aids. I did get the the pairing tones through the aids. I wasn’t aware that there was a different program for the Multi-Mic. Are you saying that I have to create a program for it? I don’t remember seeing that as a choice in Smart Fit. With the remote, I had to get it recognized in Smart Fit before it would pair with the aids. When I tried to do that with the Multi-Mic, Smart Fit said it wasn’t paired within the program. It could be that I was making some kind of rookie mistake and those two Multi-Mics were actually good. I also tried the telecoil and external settings and got no audio that way either.
Jim, from what you said, it sounds like the Multi-Mic might be useful for me. I sure would like to give it a try.



Hope it works for you, John. A limit that @focusandearnit and @efigalaxie are familiar with is that you can only use ONE Multi Mic. They and others got Phonak FM receivers for their Multi Mic in order to accept input from multiple Roger pens (the receivers and Roger pens gotten on eBay, too).

When you have successfully paired, the Multi-Mic program will “automagically” appear in the Smart 3D phone app. It will be all the way over to the right in the horizontal list at the top. You might have to scroll/push the other program icons to the left to see it.

I don’t think it shows up as a PROGRAM in Smart Fit (and I am at my limit of a total of 4 programs - maybe that’s why I don’t see it). So I’m not sure how the Multi Mic chooses a gain table to use, etc. Probably missing something here.

Nevertheless, if you have successfully paired the Multi Mic to your HA’s, besides showing up in the Smart 3D app, it will also show up in Smart Fit under the main Instruments tab and the Accessories subtab. Here’s what my view looks like: (Multi Mic is “Channel 1” on right center)




it should show up once you have pa ired the aids. it will be another program. ie all round, restaurant, multi mic

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Automagically! :joy:



You should copyright the term before it starts showing up in hearing aid advertisements!



Unfortunately, I just learned the term somewhere in my nerdy past… (lost in the fog of “war”-and still am! :upside_down_face:)

P.S. the link that I dug up to show that “automagically” has been around for awhile has a somewhat pejorative condescending usage associated with the term - when I’ve seen and heard it used, the speakers/writers that I’ve heard and seen use it usually just mean roughly the equivalent of “stupdendously amazing.” That’s all I meant when I used the term above.



I finally figured out my problem. And, it was a headspace error on my part. After carefully re-reading the manual for the Multi-Mic, I realized that merely pairing wasn’t enough. I had to also enable streaming with the remote. The audio quality through the thing is awful, but I was mostly interested in the t coil and external input jack anyway. I found the app rather useless. It would only let me change volume, and after a few times using it, it quit working. Even after I uninstalled it and re-installed. I like the remote better anyway.