Is Costco Brio 5 similar to Naida Paradise?

I believe Costco’s Brio 4 is similar to the Naida Marvel model of Phonak.

Naida Paradise is the latest model from Phonak, and the BTE device Naida P-UP (“Ultra Power”) delivers up to 141 dB SPL peak output which seems to be close to the highest available for BTE devices. I wonder if anyone knows whether Brio 5 is updated to be similar to the Paradise model.

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I just found the following thread in this forum dated last July where Kevels55 mentioned his use of Paradise P90 BTE model:

I would love to hear from him if he is satisfied with the performance of this device. I may choose this one rather than another like my present model Resound ENZO 3D 98 (which is also very powerful but is about 4 yrs old, and does not have Android Bluetooth connection, only iOS).

If Brio 5, which has the maximum power output of 134 dB (compared to P90’s 141 dB), has incorporated the main improvements of Paradise over Marvel, then I will choose this model as this will work out to be much cheaper than the Phonak device.


Love the naida paradise. I feel they are superior to the marvels

Good to know.

Do you use the Roger device? I am not sure how this works nor any idea of its cost. Will like to know if I would need it as well.

No my hearing is a profound loss and my speech comprehension is terrible. Audiologist says Roger’s really wouldn’t help me

@hass5744 Not sure why the Audio told you that, but I don’t think that is right.
If you are happy with Naida then adding roger on or select will most likely help you hear speech better (I would think).
@kevels55 might be able to give you some feedback.

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I appreciate your response but I’m retired and my need for something like that is pretty limited and I probably couldn’t justify the cost. Unfortunately I know nothing about the brio which really was the point of this thread

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Brio 4 is Marvel,Brio 5 connects simultaneously to 2 bluetooth devices, so yes Brio 5 is based on Paradise, I believe it would be the same as Naida, based on the exact same fitting range between the two and has the 675 battery.

I couldn’t find a spec sheet for the Brio 5, where did you find the 134dB figure, that sounds like the SP (super power) rechargeable version not the UP.

I’m sure @kevels55 would be more then happy to share his P90 experience with you.

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The 675 battery version offers two different hooks (damped vs undamped) with different MPO’s:

HE11 (Undamped) = 141dB MPO
HE11 680 (Damped) = 134dB MPO

The BTE Li-Ion Rechargeable version also offers two different hooks with less MPO than its 675 counterpart.

HE11 680 = 130dB MPO
SlimTube 4.0 = 129dB MPO

Spec sheet found here:


Good point/find, i hadn’t thought of that, although the output would be the same for Paradise and Brio 5, so I guess the OP will be wanting the standard damped hook going by his audiogram, @akaybee what models are you using at the moment?


Thanks for the informative comments.

I do not have any technical background of hearing aid tests, so do not know the difference between HE11 2cm3 Coupler Data and HE11 680 2 cm3 Coupler data or that between damped and undamped. However, I note that both for Brio 5B-675 and Phonak Naida P-UP (P90…/Trial) the maximum output pressure level is 141 dBSpl for HE11 test and 134 dB SPL for HE11 680 test, the corresponding Acoustic Gains are 84 dB and 78 dB. Since the numbers are exactly the same for Brio 5 B-675 and Naida P-UP I have to assume that Brio has been updated to have the same specification as Paradise. This answers my original question, unless I am missing something.

I would like to understand the meaning of damped or undamped tests delivering different MPOs and how I should choose one or the other. I do not have a recent audiogram and will have one when I visit the local Costco for trying Brio 5-675. I will of course ask the “Specialist” dispensing the device but it will be useful to know beforehand about the “hooks”:
"The 675 battery version offers two different hooks (damped vs undamped) with different MPO’s:"

Currently, I use Resound Enzo 3D High Power 98 hearing aid which is about 4 yrs old.


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Don’t sweet about which hook to use, most are damped, you can check which you are using now, look for the little white bit of plastic inside the hook.

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l have the Naida Paradise P70-UP aids and it came with damped earhooks. Due to my severe profound hearing loss, l used a memory wire to remove the damper in earhook and l get more gain. l also got new silicone full earmolds so l get no feedback issues.

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I did some search with Google and found the following information on Earhooks and and Dampers:

Earhooks and Dampers.

I do not see any damper inside the earhooks for my Enzo hearing aids.

I came across a couple of articles on dampers, one said that the users liked the damped device for clarity of speech but another found the opposite effect.

I have leave it to the Specialist to decide.


Hi @akaybee, Naida Paradise 90 UP BTE’s are indeed excellent aids for severe/profound loss, I also use, double walled tubing, gives me around, an extra 5db MPO, and I believe this helps with feedback? I had never heard of double walled tubing, until I was speaking to my A.uD last year, so I ordered a pack, every little helps :smile: Naida UP P90’s, are by some distance the best aids I have ever owned, closely followed by Naida M70’s SP BTE, a Super Power aid, for severe/profound loss, smaller and slimmer in overall size, with the 13 batteries, you may well like these, but REM is imperative, as it makes a big difference! I would say, my main reasons for liking Naida P90’s, in a nutshell, Clarity & Connectivity, the Bluetooth is excellent, I think you can pair, up to 8 simultaneous connections, and if you are an anorak/geek like me, then that is awesome…… But, as always, your HIS/A.uD is the single most important part of the equation, in order to get a good fit. Personally, I dabble in DIY, and I basically know enough to get reasonably good fit, and I know this works for me, but DIY is not for everyone! We all hear differently, and what works for you, may indeed not work for me, it is all about compromise, and reasonable expectations…… Try the Naida P90’s UP, or indeed the Naida M70/M90 SP, you may like either or you might like both? Good Luck, cheers Kev :wink:

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Thanks kevels55 for all the info.

Assuming I am correct in thinking that Costco’s Brio 5 BTE is almost identical to Phonak Naida Paradise 90 UP I wish to try this one which will save me at least $1000 even after discount from Medicare Advantage plan.

If not or if the Specialist does not do a proper REM fitting (-- He adjusts the setting of the devices on a computer remotely reading the device response - not by inserting any additional microphone in my ear canal - I accepted whatever he did passively so far which I must change during my next visit–) I may visit a local outlet for the hearing aid.

@akaybee I believe you are correct that Brio 5 is almost the same as Naida Paradise, you might need to check before you commit, but I think it is worth it.
Maybe worth checking Roger on in as an added support for the Brio 5.

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@kevels55 Any chances you could share a link to the double walled tubing?
Do the hooks need to be double walled?
Do the hooks need to have dampers?

kevels55, I just viewed a video by Dr Cliff Olson showing how REM is performed. Definitely my AuD at Costco (where I bought KS 8 RIC, by Rexton) or at the local outlet, Hear Again, (where i bought the ENZO BTE device) did not use REM. I remember to have asked but was told they had alternative ways of fitting.

I guess they use the software supplied by the manufacturer to fit the response of the device to the audiogram (“prescription”). The fit may not be exact. I am not sure how the REM will give a better fit and how will the AuD achieve that.

Maybe too technical!

Sorry @Baltazard, that should have read around an extra 5db of gain, I am half asleep :upside_down_face: unfortunately, I ordered the double walled tubing via my A.uD, so I don’t actually know where she got them, they basically look like normal tubing, but the walling is twice the thickness, have search via the web, I will have a look later :wink:

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