iPhone vs Android



My current Samsung Galaxy S6 is several years old and no problems. Their current model is the S9 and they don’t introduce a new model every year, so it’s been a few years.

I think the Apple people don’t really know how stable Android is. They may hear some other Apple person make an outdated claim and it gets perpetuated.


Don you have your right to use what ever you like the same as I have to my free will choose. I have used all different phones from all different companies over the years including android, windows and even Linux and I have made my choice. My hearing aids work with my iPhone and my iPhone works with my hearing aids. I am happy and until I am not happy with my choice I am not changing.


How recent is your Android experience? 24 months doesn’t sound like the norm for the hardware or OS. I suspected that was old information. What brand/model was it?


My wife has a year old Samsung that has been great for my wife but I truly hate it. I can’t find my way around it and it will not work with my hearing aids the way the iPhone does. So I am not changing.


My Sony android phone will stay connected along with an Apple iPad at the same time. This works even if though the seemless software on iOS devices is sometimes preferable. Compromise.


Which is what this thread was supposed to be all about.

Which is what this thread was supposed to be all about.


I need Bluetooth for streaming purposes. My first iPhone was a 2G in 2007, 12 years ago. I now have an iPhone 8 and it’s taken me all this time to work out how to work this wretched thing properly. My daughter has an android and she tells me “not to bother as I won’t be able to cope with it”… That statement says a lot for my IT skills. As I’m booked in for a CI and the CI app works best with iOS I’ll stick with the iPhone 8, the iPhone X has too many problems with the CI app at the moment.


OMG - this is a really long thread LoL! I hope this post adds to it… If this has already been said - my apologies! I’m new here (1st post) and I haven’t read all of this thread…
I’m considering buying a new pair of HAs (I had Oticon Epoq before some 5-10 years ago). The connectivity seems to have leapt forwards but is rather one sided atm…


From what I have gathered so far - If you wish to use Android - then be either prepared to compromise or wait another year or so… Either way - you’ll likely be buying an new phone anyway!

Personally, I’m in the 80% who uses their phone for the 5 things you listed. So swapping to an iPhone is mostly about the extra expense of buying a new (un-needed) handset than the ‘Toolbox’ situation you are in…

On that note, I was looking at buying an iPhone 7 Plus until I found this article:

Have the issues with the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus been resolved now - especially with regard to HA connectivity?

If not - which iPhones work best? (with the Oticon Opn 1 HAs or other HAs?)

I REALLY appreciate any guidance you can offer before I blow thousands on a pair of HAs and then find it has connectivity issues. Same goes for the iPhone - I’d rather not buy an iPhone 7 Plus and then find out that the 7 models still have connectivity issues!

Many Thanks in Advance!



I have the 7+ and don’t have any issues with my phone other than it is larger than I would like.


That’s good to hear cvkemp!
May I ask which HAs you are connecting your 7+ to please?


I have the Oticon OPN1s ITE half shell hearing aids with full connectivity. I love streaming without a streamer. And I love or should I say my wife loves that I no longer have the streamer around my neck.


Apple was first to the connectivity game with the Made For iphone (MFi). Most brands offer that. And kudos to them. You need the phone mic to be heard.
Phonak is currently the only HA that can connect to just about anything (disclaimers here :slight_smile: ). It uses the mic’s on the HA to be heard so truly hands-free (with the phone in the vicinity of course).
Resound Quattro is in a real-soon-now status with connecting to Android.


Hi z10users2,
I presume you are referring to the Phonak Audeo Marvel HAs?



Yes I was. Their prior model B-Direct could also connect to Android but only one side for the phone and no streaming other than an external device.


I use an Android phone with Phonak aids, using a Phonak Compilot 2 device. The iPhone and Android direct connects are, to me, just getting started and they have limitations. In terms of function, neither can compare to the Compilot 2 or the Resound Phone Clip+.

With the Compilot 2 I connect to two phones and an additional tablet or laptop, at the same time. I answer whichever phone rings (office phone or cell), and the streaming from the third device pauses until the call is finished.

I can also connect to generic Bluetooth transmitters and I have a Phonak TV transmitter.

I have an external lapel microphone attached to the Compilot 2 and I wear the Compilot 2 under my shirt and I never take it out. Yes, I get some looks sometimes when my phone rings and I tap my chest and start talking. :grin:

The Compilot 2 is very solid, with no connection issues.

None of the last few paragraphs would be true for the direct connects. The MFi thing doesn’t connect to anything else and the Phonak Marvel connects to only one device at a time.


But my wife and I both love the fact I don’t have a device around my neck all the time. I feel like I have been released from jail by not having my streamer around my neck all my waking hours.


Some don’t see it as a compromise. See this thread.


Thanks for the link BlueCrab!
I’m new here so I have a lotto learn :smile:


Don has been very clear that those are his needs and what works for him. You find that the iPhone works for you. I would just as soon like to be like in Star Trek and tap a little button and start talking/listening. Oh look I already have speakers in my ears so I’m half way there. Now I just want them to connect to any source PLUS amplify people talking in my vicinity. Phonak is now about there except I have to tap a button on the aid and carry around a phone. But I would have the phone anyway so that’s moot.


Then stop using them. Simpe as that.