iPhone can only detect one side of the HA

I had the audi switched my right aid back to the previous setting today. When I got home, I noticed only one side of the HA can be connected to my iPhone. I have tried everything I could for over 2 hours already. I even upgraded the phone to the newest iOS hoping it would fix the problem. It didn’t work. It’s either R or L shows up on the device list for me to pair. I read some of the post about Firmware update that would fix the problem. But those posts were all from the end of 2016. I got my OPN in the beginning of 2017 so the firmware should have been upgraded since? Does anyone know how the issue can be fixed?

At first I thought you were talking about the Widex Mind per your signature, but then it looks like you’re talking about the OPN.

For the OPN, the firmware became available around Dec’16. If you got yours around Jan’17, there’s a chance it’s from old stock with the old firmware. So make sure you have your audi check on the firmware anyway and don’t assume.

Even with the new firmware update, mine still get one of the 2 disconnected from my iPhone from time to time. Some forum member (forgot his name) said that turning on/off Bluetooth fixed it for him, but that never worked for me. When I lose connection in 1 of the 2 HAs, simply open/close the battery door to reset does not help. What I need to do is click on “Forget this device” on the iPhone (in the Hearing Aids page at the very bottom, you may have to scroll down to see it). After I “Forget the device”, I then power cycle both HAs (because Forget this Device causes both HAs to be forgotten), then it would ask me to Pair or not. I click Pair and it finally can connect both.

So that was the key trick that did the work for me -> “Forget This Device”.

I would say that one of my 2 OPNs would get disconnected a few times a week. Very disappointed that the firmware update didn’t help in my case. I also get artifact noise (clicking sound) fairly often when the iPhone connects to my OPNs, especially when connecting for a phone call. The only recourse there while on the phone is maybe to try to switch out of the Hearing Aids mode to Speaker or regular Phone mode, then switch back into the HA mode, all the while still on the phone call. Or disconnect from Bluetooth and reconnect.

I would give the OPN direct streaming to the iPhone a D if I could grade it due to all these issues. It’s weird that many other folks don’t have my problem. One member suggested maybe trying out the PowerOne battery brand to see if it may be battery related. I use the Costco Kirkland brand. I don’t know who the OEM is for the Kirkland brand.

Volusiano - do you just connect to an iPhone and no other iOS device? Also sounds like you connect to an Oticon TV adapter, which is proprietary Bluetooth connected correct?

I lost connection in one aid but not the other today. It appeared that the iPad had control of one aid and the iPhone the other. So a turn off and on of Bluetooth on the iPad (didn’t want) and then the same on the device I did want (iPhone) cleared the problem and streaming to both aids. If only using one iOS device, call Oticon and see if the tv adapter could be holding onto one of the aids. I know they are different protocols but who knows. Try to keep track if you lose connection after using the tv adapter.

Thanks for your suggestion, gdba. I don’t have any iPad or other Apple devices except for the iPhone. So we can rule out the contention issue between multiple Apple devices out.

I do have the Oticon TV Adapter 3.0, but I’ve lost connection to the iPhone at work when I had connection earlier on, far away from the TV Adapter which is at home only. And after using the TV Adapter, I’ve been able to switch over to stream from the iPhone just fine without losing any connection. So I don’t think that it’s an interference between the TV Adapter and the iPhone either. I never notice any situation where there may seem to be contention between the iPhone streaming and the TV Adapter streaming. And the TV Adapter streaming is rock solid compared to the iPhone streaming. I never lose connection on one of the two OPNs when I use the TV Adapter.

I have tried everything you mentioned but it didn’t work. The problem is, either R or L can be detected one at a time. When I paired R and chose forget this device, L will be detected next for me to pair.

I guess I will have to walk-in again today for a solution. I have been to the office at least twice a week since November. The reception was being very sarcastic yesterday when we chatted a little bit. She’s like… OH, DID YOU COME THAT OFTEN? I DON’T THINK I HAVE SEEN YOU THAT MANY TIME… I was telling myself not to show up at the office until the next appt in 2 weeks. But against my will, I have to go in again.

Sorry to hear that the Forget This Device solution didn’t work for you. It must be a more serious issue than I thought. The only thing I can think of is that perhaps your OPNs don’t have the December’16 firmware update yet, hence the connection issue. It’ll be interesting to see if your audi can confirm whether they already are on that firmware update or not.

I wouldn’t be shy at all about walking in to the audi’s office as often as I need to. It’s them that should be ashamed that they have taken that long and that many visits to get you set up properly with the OPN.

pui106 - I had a similar problem with my OPN1s. They started losing connection with one side or the other. I tried forgetting the aids, rebooting the iPhone, tried my iPad and my wife’s iPad. All devices would connect as two separate hearing aids (R on one line and L on another line, instead of R+L on one line). I could pair with either R or L, but not both. For hearing this was OK as the two aids are connected together (ie Volume change would happen on both). Streaming would only work on the single paired aid. I was out of the country at the time it failed. Upon retuning I went to my audi and she called Oticon Tech support. They instructed us to create a new client in the Genie2 software and read the aids in and then reprogram (no changes were made to programs). That seemed to fix the problem and it has not re-occurred in the last month. My aids had the Firmware 2 update, prior to this happening. My current problem is that I didn’t forget the single aid connecting from the two iPads and now cannot clear the iPads of the single aid pairing they have (it would be similar to losing or selling your aids without forgetting them, I suppose). Apple has been no help - open to suggestions?

That happened to me. Uninstall everything. App, BT off, settings to no aids. Reboot. Start over.

KenP - I might a little more detail. I deleted the Oticon ON app (the only app I have that is hearing related). I turned of Bluetooth. I rebooted the iPad. I went back into the Accessibility menu, picked Hearing Devices, turned Bluetooth back on. The OPN 1 L (only) still shows up, but I can never get to the pairing option, which is required to be able to Forget. Did I miss something?

I didn’t think you need to be in possession of the HA in order to “Forget this device” on your iPhone or iPad. If I open the battery doors on my 2 OPNs, the Hearing Devices page shows that it’s searching for them, but I have the Forget this device option available to me alright on my iPhone.

In all my Apple devices (software 10.3.1) after tapping Hearing Devices I get a screen searching for OPN1 L (which it never finds). The other choices on this page are Control on Lock Screen, Hearing Devices Play Ringtone, Audio Routing, and Hearing Aid Mode. Nothing else. Forget this device is on the next page that I can’t get to.

Volusiano - If yours is different (as you say), try backing out of settings while the aid doors are open and see if you can still get back through to Forget This Device. I know my situation is somehow unique as I can no longer connect to the L aid on these iPads. Can’t connect to L or R or L+R. It as though they are a totally different aid now.

Yes, I open the HAs’ doors, and the top item (Devices) still shows my name and Oitcon Opn 1 R+L >. I can still go into this page, then I see the circling icon because it’s trying to connect with my L&R HAs which are now powered off. At the bottom of this page is the Forget This Device option.

My iPhone is on 10.3.1 like your iPad.

OK I tried your process on my phone (which the aids are currently paired with) and I can repeat what you get, but the Forget this device is on the second (next) screen which I can’t get to on the iPads. The iPad says pairing failed on the first screen even though it seems to be trying to connect, it cannot pair. Without pairing on the first screen I will not go to the second screen to forget. Since you haven’t had this issue, I don’t think you ca repeat what I am seeing. But I think the OP could.

before trying the iPad, I turned off BT on the phone.

It might be instructional for someone to send a link to this thread to Oticon tech support. I think they need to learn first-hand from those who depend on their so-called Apple iPhone solution that it is simply not ready for prime time. If I depended on this kind of solution for “live” phone calls or streaming, I’d feel anxious about even using this technology. I guess I’ll keep on using my old Agil Pro aids + Streamer Pro from several years ago, or my new low-tech cludge of the Sennheiser headphones plugged into my Samsung Galaxy 6S phone. The frequent glitches and problems with pairing Oticon Opn aids with the iPhone make me wonder if anyone from Oticon actually works with an Apple tech person at all.

There may be a problem with your particular aids and/or phone, but it’s incorrect to say the solution isn’t ready for prime-time. I’m pretty sure the very large majority of owners don’t have problems like this (I’m not aware of any serious issues among a few dozen OPN wearers that I’ve come into contact with. But yes, you (or your audi) should contact Oticon and see what they say. (I tl;dr’d the early part of the thread, but I assume you have the 2.0 firmware on your OPNs)

You need to clear the MFi authentication keys on your iPhone/iPad and then re-pair the hearing aids. Go to Settings, General, Reset, Reset Network Settings. This process will also remove any Wi-Fi networks, passwords, and VPN settings, so be prepared to re-connect them if necessary.

I had previously Googled this problem and did find other users with the same problem (not all Oticon). No confirmed solutions found. One suggestion was to Reset Network Settings, which I tried and it did not fix my problem. I spent an hour+ online with Apple and got nowhere. My only probable solution at this time is to do a Factory Reset of iPad but restore from iPhone (which so far I have opted not to do). I assume restoring from the iPad backup would just re-instate the problem. Before I do that, I will likely call Oticon Tech Support again myself (but it seems more like an Apple issue).

Well, that worked for me with different hearing aids – Resound (KS6). It is an Apple problem seeing that it can affect any MFi aid. I unpaired aid–turned off BT–removed app–rebooted. Then repaired with BT on.

I think my problem was I didn’t unpair the OPN L from both iPads before visiting the audi to get help. I did unpair from my phone at the audi office. After she reprogrammed, I repaired with my phone to R+L and all was well again. When I returned home I noticed I had never unpaired (Forget this device) the L only from either iPad, and at that point I couldn’t (and still can’t).