INTENT Smart charger

I was just looking on the Oticon site and download documents for the VA and government services and I found a document for the Oticon Smartcharger INTENT, then I double checked and there is another separate document for the Smart charger for the Real, More, etc aids.


Great find. Thanks for posting. This is the link i also found for reference… Oticon SmartCharger for Intent


I think the smart charger is different for the MORE/Real & Intent.

The smart charger for the intent is definitely different than the ine for the real and more aids.


That’s for sure because the More and Real uses induction contactless charging while the Intent has contact charging. So a new Smart Charger for the Intent will have to be the contact type of charger.


Hey, thanks for this info! Did it by any chance say when the Intent Smartcharger is coming out? I just asked my audiologist for it yesterday and he called, but Oticon couldn’t give out any answers.

It is already listed as part of the VA contract so it could be any time, but I expect it will be in the October to November time frame.

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Fellow veterans the VA is receiving the INTENT smart charger now.


Maybe there’s a chance it will come out sooner then, I hope!

The VA is giving the INTENT smart chargers out now.

Regarding the USB cable that we can see at the back of the charger in the picture. Can someone thet has access to the charger confirm if that is a loose standard USB cable or a cable that is attached permanently to the charger?

It is detachable, according to Oticon. I own the previous version (More) and it is detachable as well.

Excellent! Thanks, Let’s hope they release it in Norway also quite soon

On the smart charger for the Real, More and INTENT aids it is removable, and on the INTENT desktop charger it is removable. Now the Real, and More charging method is different from the INTENT so the chargers are different.

Thanks, trialing the Intent from mid-June, the charger is maybe not available yet here in mid-June but at least I know it is coming, and has a non-proprietary cable.