Insurance Submission for Costco KS9

Anyone have any issues submitting their KS9 in for insurance reimbursement?

We have BC/BS and they are asking for codes and other information. I am going to stop by Costco and ask for help, I assume they should have all the information I need.


I also have BC/BS but haven’t submitted my claim yet. Please update how you make out. I wasn’t able to get any codes from Costco although I know what the codes are supposed to be.

Good luck with that! They may. But remember, CostCo does not deal with health insurance. You may have to find out what the needed codes are, and then TELL CostCo what you need them to put on the paperwork. That is what I had to do 5 years ago.

I have BCBS Federal Employee’s Program and in 2017 I had to supply the diagnostic code 389.10 and list my ENT doctor along with my receipt from COSTCO. BCBS did not need any procedure code at that time; don’t know If the rules have changed since. I received a $2500 check from BCBS in just a week.

I didn’t use an ENT. I hope that’s not going to be a requirement. BC/BS did pay for a hearing test on an audiologist I used on a previous Oticon trial a few months ago. I’m guessing she must have provided a code saying that I needed hearing aids. Hopefully that will carry over to the need for the Costco aids.

There is another thread about paying for heaing aids and insurance codes last week. After that discussion I went searching Goggle - found this.

costco_HAtest_codes.pdf (103.1 KB)

Remember the ICD (International Classification of Diseases) Codes are for the tests that show you have hearing loss, not for the hearing aids themselves. Those are the Procedure codes, note the KS9 are - V5261, hearing aid, digital, binauarl, bte

I just purchased hearing aids at Costco, Harrisburg, PA. I simply asked for a document for my insurance claim and was given a form with dates, Procedure code, Diagnosis code, Product code, and Information on the Hearing Aid Specialist along with a license number. While I have not yet submitted this to BC/BS I believe it has all the information required. Of course you also have to submit receipts, etc.
If you still are concerned I suggest you contact your insurance company by email or phone and ask for the specific information to be included with your claim along with the specific form required to submit. I did that and got a prompt response with a link to the form and the information that the claim could be submitted by secure email at the site I had submitted the original inquiry, or could be submitted by US mail…

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Is it the same as the one I posted directly above?

In my practice in Sam’s Club, I’m not allowed to file insurance. We can, however, give the patient a letter with all the necessary information. This includes:

Date of Test
Date of Service
Patient name / DOB
Procedure code
Diagnosis code
Product/Service Code
Device Model
Cost for device
Service Provider (Company) Name
Tax ID#
Address of Company
Phone of Company
Hearing Specialist (Audiologist) Name
State Licensing Number


@teejayess. The form I received was personalized to refer to me and was similar the the information posted by @shawn.garza

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Wow. The specialist in my Costco seemed clueless to the codes and therefore unwilling/unable to provide any. I was tempted to just write in the codes on the receipt but I’m not sure BCBS would accept that.

I would ask for your specialist’s NPI number. (Not every specialist has one, so keep that in mind.) Barring that, I believe you can use the NPI number of the Costco pharmacy. After that, I would just type up a document with the codes, and attach it to a copy of your receipt. BCBS Federal is pretty awesome with this stuff.

If you don’t have BCBS Federal, but instead have another plan from BCBS, be aware that they often require the NPI of an audiologist and will not reimburse for services provided by a specialist who is not an audiologist. Often, there just has to be an audiologist in the local area employed by the same place. For example, I live in Oklahoma City. In order for BCBS to reimburse for any aids I fit, I have to use the NPI of my company’s audiologist who is in Tulsa. To make sure everything is on the up and up, I will forward the audiogram and my recommendation to the audiologist for review and approval prior to the fitting.

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This is great information. Thank you so much. I do indeed have BCBS Federal so this is very encouraging to hear.

All - thank you for all the great feedback. The posted codes were very useful.
I went to our Costco. The specialist I normally used was not there but the head specialist was. She immediately gave me a pre-printed form, added some codes, stamped additional information, and all looked good. I just resubmitted by entire claim reimbursement forms to BCBS - will let you know how it goes.

I do believe my hearing specialist should have volunteered the available form when I first took delivery of my new KS9s.

Thanks again


Damn. I wish my Costco would offer a form like that. As I said earlier they were clueless as to the codes and any forms.

Remember that as a Member, you can call Costco’s corporate customer service and ask for the forms that you are entitled to. Just because the dispenser either didn’t know how to prepare the documents or was too lazy to do them, does not negate your need.

The worse thing that can happen is you have to work through the Costco customer service until you find someone with a clue. Remember that the Hearing Center has it’s own management hierarchy.

Good luck.


If you need the codes to fill in, just hit me up on private messaging. I’ll ask some questions then get the correct codes for you. Happy to help.

Why does the Costco document with all the codes, procedure, hearing loss, Costco International Provider Number, etc.,etc. not work for what people are seeing from Costco? I am not complaining, I am just genuinely curious why people are trying to find new info still?.

In my case it’s not that the document isn’t/won’t work with my insurance. The document I received from Costco doesn’t list ANY code information. It’s just a receipt and contract for the hearing aid purchase.

That sheet I posted was like that where I found it, it had 4 pages. Audio gram, receipt, contract, that code document. The post showed all (personal info redacted) and stated that they retrieved those 4 pages from Costco and submitted to their Blue Cross insurance with success.

Why can’t you do that? I guess I do not know how your insurance works, but it seems to me you are making more work for yourself needing them all on one sheet.

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