Induction stovetop makes my hearing aids buzz

My hearing aids (Phonak P90, non-rechargeable) buzz pretty noticeably when I use my new induction stovetop. Does this happen to other people? Might it be the t-coil? Can anyone suggest a way I could test that? My audiologist took the t-coil program off, but I know the hardware is still there. Muting the HAs stops the buzzing, though turning them down does not.

Thanks for any thoughts or info.

We have the induction stove and I haven’t had that issue with my Oticon More1 aids. With my wife having her right arm in a cast I have been doing more of the cooking.


I don’t have an induction stove but I have had buzzing from light switches and power points. It depends on what is being used, sometimes it’s the fluorescent bulbs or the old vacuum cleaner. I have the Paradise P13’s.


I’d suggest that if the field density is great enough, the receiver wires will act as aerial and you’ll hear the signal demodulated by the receiver when it’s powered. When the aid is muted the lack of power possibly means that the signal isn’t strong enough to produce an audible output.

The other option is a sensitivity from the mics/wires that’s being amplified at the input stage of the Amplifier.


I have the Phonak P90 rechargeables with a t-coil and an induction stove for the last 6 months. I have not had any buzzing at all. I hope you fix your issue.


@eek: If it’s anything like guitars, any internal fraying or resistance in the receiver wires will turn them into antennas, as @Um_bongo has suggested. Like @cvkemp , I’ve had no such issues with my Oticon Mores, however.

[Also, I tend to experience more spurious buzzing from my HAs when the Mother :rocket: Ship is close at hand.]