I lost my remote control

I have Phonak Audeo which uses the “key pilot”. For the life of me I cannot find it. What are my options for replacing it. It will not be cheap. If I buy on on line will it need to be programmed or will it be ready to use?

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I thought I read somewhere that the hearing aid would have to be sent in if bought online so that it could be programmed. I could be wrong though

No “TraumaDoc”, I don’t mean you personally… but those here on this web site that keep proclaiming the advantages of carrying around a remote to adjust their HA’s. Well problems occur when one loses their remote, the batteries die, the dog chews it up or buries it in the back yard, etc., etc.

At least with my Starkey J13 Cierra BTE HA’s I don’t have to worry about any of that… and YES, I can still increase/decrease volume, change programs, or turn them off… all without a remote. :wink:

You know… there are some advantages to simplicity!

Shi-Ku (Who sure does love his Starkey’s) Chishiki

Just like a TV remote. You can never find it when you need it.

Hi Roy, I’m not an expert, but I have the Phonak fitting software and in order for it to work it looks like your AuD will have to enter the serial number of the new key pilot 2 into the software. It looks like it should just take a minute. According to this PDF the Audeo (not Audeo YES) works with the WatchPilot2, MyPilot2, and KeyPilot2 and PreciseHearing.com has the later two for $240 ea. Occasionally you can find these items used on eBay or CraigsList. Just verify with the seller of a used device that the serial number is readable as the sticker with this number can get badly worn. I had to learn this the hard way, I recently bought a used Oticon remote/streamer and it was completely missing the sticker with the serial number.

I keep telling my Audi I don’t want the Phonak Audeo Yes because I don’t want to carry a remote around with me, for fear of losing it. She is also charging me $475 for the remote.

I will check with the audiologist Monday. I am expecting the $400 range as well.

There is a new MyPilot remote for sale on eBay right now. Item #180476689580 and has a little over 2 days left on it.

I have one I never use and should sell it.

You have choices to get another remote.

Good luck

I work in a very challenging environment and really need my volume adjusted. Ever try to suture a screaming child for 20 minutes with hearing aids at full volume? It’s down right nerve racking!!! Something has to give. 3-4 clicks is the difference between torture and serenity.


Ask the kids–they won’t know :mad:
Look under and in the sofa. That’s where our remotes for the TV hide.

You’re right Liz. The kids do always seem to know where the remote is.

Because I think over 200$ it’s a crazy price for a remote control I would like to build one myself. Anybody who own a Phonak remote could tell me if it’s working over audio signal or is trasmitting on RF?

My price for a keypilot is only $145cad so do some shopping if you do need to purchase a new one. Also it is possible that there was a loss warranty on the remote so it may be worth asking. I do not believe that for most products you would need programming to link the keypilot to the hearing aids. As far as I am aware they all operate on the same frequency. May be worth asking your audiologist if they have a spare you could try. Other option would be if you know anyone with the same type of remote and just borrow it for a few moments to see if it works with your hearing aids. I try and keep a few “extras” on hand for my clients in the event these types of situations arise.

Canadian Hearing aid Fitter.

The Keypilot should work without adding the serial number to the programming…

The MyPilot will need to be synced with your instruments to work properly as it has more features than the keypilot.

One sure way to find the remote is to purchase another one. After you spent at least another $200 the old one is sure to show up!

Audiologists just love to sell hearing aids that require remote controls to operate them. Because patients are constantly losing their hearing aid remotes, audiologits can always count on obscene profits selling them replacements. Some audiologists could probably make a nice living doing nothing more than selling hearing aid remotes to their patients. TV remotes typically cost less than $20, but hearing aid remotes, which use the same technology, cost more than ten times as much. Just another example of how the unwary hearing aid consumer is being ripped off big time. Gerald

A lot of aids will mute if you press and hold the program button. The other option to have one of programs set up “mute”.
I feel for you about screaming children, Traumadoc. I’m in Peds and rarely touch anyone under 3 without hitting mute.

And if somebody else finds it, they won’t know what it is. Always put your name and phone number on it. Too late for me–I’ve been looking for it two months. So now I got a watch remote. Love it.