How to normalize TV volume? (reduce loud ads, etc)


Does anyone know how to do this? Are there any sound bars or third party products that may be used with any TV model that allow for a normalization of sound level?



I wasn’t exactly sure what you meant so I googled it…
(The goal of loudness normalization procedures (like IHAFF) is to present the amplified frequency-specific and overall loudness of sounds for the hearing -impaired client so that those sounds replicate the loudness levels perceived by normal- hearing (unaided) listeners.)

great question, how about not just for TV… also normal every day environment …

I’ve been wearing HA’s for about 7 yrs. and actually needed them 10 yrs. sooner… when my audi is tweaking my sound/volume settings he then will ask me how does that sound?? I tell him that I wish I knew how someone with good hearing actually hears different sounds


Actually, I’m referring to the more traditional definition:


Yeah in my book Normalization just raised the volume of the selected audio so that the maximum is at the true maximum (like, uses all the bits so to speak). What commercials do is compress the heck out of everything then make sure that the result is normalized. So basically, everything is loud. This is akin to the “loudness wars” in music.

Ironically, the compression that’s used to make commercials louder is also the primary algorithm in hearing aids to help us hear better: reduced dynamic range, and in general the boosting of volume … so in a sense we are living our whole lives in a commercial. :slight_smile: That should get us some sympathy haha.