How to disable automatic Bluetooth in Target?

When I’m at fitting > fine tuning > program options, for partner mic and roger I have option to choose between automatic or manual program switch for those. However, for BT phone call, I can’t.
Also, for streaming for tv connector, again manual option is there, but for bluetooth streaming, nope.

Putting tv connector on manual works fine, I can click in app to activate it, and leave the device permanently on, without hearing it connecting, or having a sound when my hubby is watching something and I don’t (if I forget to switch off the connector). Phone is always beside me, so that’s perfect remote for the purpose, plus it works with HA’s buttons as well :slight_smile:

I want BT, but only when I want it, not be connected all the time and getting various notifications in my ear. However, I use BT on phone for other devices, so, turning it off completely (which would be one drag and one click), isn’t feasible option.

Any suggestions about getting similar ‘remote’ option for BT? I don’t know where to look at anymore. Google isn’t useful, I get mostly advertisement about BT on marvels :rofl:

Currently I’m thinking about checking if Tasker can disconnect it on unrooted phone, so that I have only one toggle widget-button, but would rather have it directly in the HA.

If I understand what you are saying, have you turned off all unnecessary notifications? That will stop all disturbances in your aids except phone calls and texts if you want.

I don’t want any notifications in my HA. But I do want them on my phone and watch. Some of them at least.
I don’t get unexpected calls, and if I call, I can turn it on :slight_smile: basically I don’t use ordinary phone function that much, and watch vibrates for calls anyway :slight_smile:

But I follow philosophy that nothing is that urgent. If it’s a real emergency, call 911/112, not me since I can’t help anyway. Notifications aren’t urgent, everything can wait until I look up my phone. I do that often, but I don’t want to be interrupted if I’m doing something. And sound in ear is definitely significant disruption.

So, my question isn’t about notifications, it’s about me having control what HA can do. And ability to turn it on when I want it. I’d expect not having constant bt connection to help with battery life as well, no?

My question is in subject - is there a way to set up bt on manual in target?

If not, I’ll find my own, and I can share it here for people who don’t want such sounds either :wink:

Can you not just turn Bluetooth off on your phone or put your aids in fright mode when you don’t want sound / notifications coming through?

If I kill BT that kills it for other devices I use.
If I put HA in flight mode, then I guess I can’t use app for adjustments either.

From the fact that so far everyone is suggesting workarounds, I guess there’s no option hidden somewhere in target. Otherwise you’d say it :wink:

I took a look at Target a while ago concerning your question. I do not see a way to turn Bluetooth off and on as a manual control. The flight mode as zebras mentioned is a good point. It seems you want certain Bluetooth things but not all.

I guess it is like buying a car without power windows, it’s getting difficult to do.


Nah, I think that since many people want to be constantly connected, manufacturers default onto that.

Or manufacturers wants us to be constantly connected so they’ve trained us to be so?

And then we read articles about addiction to the phone, likes and what not, and how bad is it, while we all push for ping here and ping there.

I like tech, but my fridge won’t get internet access, ever, nor washing machine nor anything else that doesn’t really need it. Vacuum cleaner got it but he’s silent until I start him. Or my cat :rofl:

And I restrict notifications for so many apps on phone. During night, only calls only from starred contacts. And I ain’t 40 yet :joy:

It is proven that ping sounds hits our nerves, and we can start react anxiously. In a milliseconds maybe, but combine all in one week, and you become trained.

My mother jumps and stops conversation in the middle of the sentence when phone beeps. I tried to convince her that that’s bad practice, especially for relationship what’s in front of her, but she doesn’t get it. Yet.

Few years ago I started with unsubscribing from many things that wanted my attention, with disabling tone, with disabling notifications at all. Earth still happily revolves around the sun. And I’m not interrupted :slight_smile:

I didn’t check yet what flight mode exactly is, but I sniffed some options in one app I use for automation on phone I might be able to use as an automated workaround.

But you know it would be easier if HA asked me after turning on if I wanted BT connection / offered it as a manual option.


Laptops have an on/off switch for Bluetooth.
I still think turning off Bluetooth on your phone does a good job of stopping beeps and tones in the aids and it is very simple.

As I said, I have other devices which need constant BT connection to the phone. Otherwise, yes, killing BT completely until I need it would be one slide and click. However still annoying that I’d have to do that every time I turn HA on. And I do that several times a day.

Anyhow, thanks for providing second pair of eyes and confirming that I wasn’t blind, but the option really isn’t there.